Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 268

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Chapter 268: News From Both Sides
_Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

Feng Yan once again announced that he would take part in the martial arts tournament and would defeat and kill Ling Han during the tournament.

The restrictions for the participation in this martial arts tournament were already confirmed, and the final battle would definitely be the battle of the titans between Feng Yan and Ling Han. However, Feng Yan’s announcing that he would kill Ling Han in such an unrestrained manner still very vividly showed his usual arrogant attitude.

Ling Han, on the other hand, was a bit passive.

Because the Rain Emperor only wanted him to defeat Feng Yan, but did not say that he could kill the latter.

…No matter how forceful and domineering the Rain Emperor was, he was also the ruler of a nation and so had to think of the bigger picture. In that case, he definitely could not allow a life-or-death enmity to form between Rain Country and the Winter Moon Sect. If Ling Han really killed Feng Yan, then the Rain Emperor would definitely imprison Ling Han and deliver him to the Winter Moon Sect without the slightest hesitation.

There was no need to doubt; that was the only result.

If Ling Han was only one person, that was fine. Even if he committed murder, he could directly enter into the Black Tower and hide for a while. After that, he would naturally be able to leave safely. How could it be possible that the Rain Emperor would stand guard outside the Black Tower all day?

Moreover, he would have no idea what means Ling Han had used to disappear!

The problem was that Ling Han had his family to think of. He could flee, but how were Ling Dong Xing and the others supposed to flee?

Ling Han could not help but be troubled. How could he kill Feng Yan, and still ensure his own safety?

He kept thinking over the matter, and came to the conclusion that it was impossible.

Because the Rain Emperor would definitely not allow something like this to happen. He would definitely stand by during the tournament, so that he could act to resolve any dangerous situations at any time—whether it was Ling Han or Feng Yan that was in danger. One of them was the disciple of a Spiritual Infant Tier elite, whereas the other was an alchemist that close to Earth Grade. Whichever one of them died, the Rain Emperor would not be able to make a good justification for it.

The current Rain Emperor was practically in the Flower Blossoming Tier now with the aid of the power of the nation and his ability was far from what could be imagined… to commit murder in front of his eyes? There was no way it was possible, and Qiu Ku was the best example of it.

Since that was the case, Ling Han also let out the news that he had become an Earth Grade high level alchemist, and caused some gloom to Feng Yan as well. Moreover, he had never lost in his opposition with Feng Yan before. Feng Yan, on the other hand, lost a brother and a cousin, so he should be even more displeased.

After the news was released, he did not know how much mental gloom Feng Yan was experiencing, but the whole Imperial City completely boiled over because of this news.

In comparison with Feng Yan, who was taken as a disciple by a Spiritual Infant Tier elite, something that would only cause envy, jealousy, and hatred and make others say that Feng Yan must have been so **** lucky, Ling Han was completely different. The status of a Black Grade high level alchemist could only be obtained through one’s own personal capabilities, so it was a hundred percent genuine ability.

Moreover, the Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion and the Spirit Treasures Pavilion both testified that those nine Foundation Building Pills were concocted by Ling Han!

An alchemical pill that was close to Earth Grade, and the quality had reached a shocking thirteen Stars, what kind of concept was that?

Ling Han was definitely going to become an Earth Grade alchemist!

There had never appeared an Earth Grade alchemist from Rain Country, but this history was about to be changed, because as long as Ling Han did not fall, then it was a sure thing that he would become an Earth Grade alchemist in future.

Within only about half a day’s time, Ling Han’s courtyard had become very lively and crowded.

Previously, most had just been observing. After all, in the battle to the death between Ling Han and Feng Yan, the majority were more optimistic about Feng Yan. After all, he was the disciple of a Spiritual Infant Tier elite, and could even casually draw out a decree, so who knew how many other treasures he possessed?

But now? Hehe, even if a Spiritual Infant Tier elite was personally here, he would have to consider carefully if he could really act. After all, the status of an alchemist that was close to Earth Grade was much too sensitive. A slight change would affect everything else. If a colossal body like the Alchemist’s Association was roused, what would be the result?

With these thoughts, they naturally wanted to flatter Ling Han and form an amiable relationship with him. Moreover, the fact that Ling Han had created a great commotion at Liu Yu Tong’s wedding had spread all over the city, a further motivation for many to come with marriage proposals, wanting to marry their daughters to Ling Han.

This young man did not only have a brilliant future, he was loyal and faithful too. He was definitely a good son-in-law material.

In the beginning, Ling Han was still polite, but as time passed, he grew impatient and closed the doors to his courtyard. Who would dare barge in without an invitation? Black Grade high level alchemists would be considered as a Big Boss of alchemy in Rain Country, and there were only two such bosses in the past. Moreover, these two now seemed to follow Ling Han’s lead.

However, it was easy to make these people leave, but when Qi Yong Ye and the others came, Ling Han could only choose to receive them.

After all, though they were not able to become Ling Han’s best friends, they had all come from Da Yuan City after all. They had all helped to rescue Ling Dong Xing previously, and Ling Han still remembered this kind deed they did for him.

He had arranged two banquet tables in his courtyard as celebration for his becoming a Black Grade high level alchemist—to him, this was naturally a joke. The one and only Alchemy Emperor would need to celebrate for such a paltry reason? However, he could not resist the others’ passion, and so could only reluctantly concede.

He withdrew some ingredients from the Black Tower, and hired a cook from a restaurant to cook at the last moment. Soon, delicious dishes were prepared one after another.

This was really the most delicious food, as the ingredients themselves were extraordinarily fresh. They had just simply had a taste before getting into a battle for the food, making for a battered picture. The cook watched all this happen with confusion. One had to know that though he was quite a good cook, but to see people coming to blows because of his food… this was really the first time!

Could it be that his cooking had greatly improved in recent days without his knowledge?

After preparing the next dish, he himself had a taste, and instantly felt as if his tongue was about to melt.

Delicious, definitely delicious, indescribably delicious, unimaginably delicious!

After tasting one bite, and another bite after that, unconsciously, he felt like he was half-full. It was then that he suddenly realized that he had eaten half of the dish!

When the others discovered this, he was naturally thrashed, and could only continue to cook with a bruised and battered face.

“Oh no, oh no, this taste is too delicious. Once I eat it, I can’t forget about it. After I’ve eaten it, I want to eat some more still. What am I going to do in future?!” someone shrieked miserably.

“That’s right, this is definitely not because of the cook’s skill, but because the ingredients themselves are too fresh and delicious. Ling Han, where did you buy them? Quick, tell me, or I’ll have no way of continue to live!”

“Come on, say it!”

They had all forgotten that they had come to celebrate in honor of Ling Han’s becoming a Black Grade high level alchemist, as they only had the utterly delicious food in their minds now.

Ling Han merely offered a faint smile. He would of course not say that these vegetables were all grown in the Black Tower. As for chickens and pigs, because they had only been reared for a short time, he had not withdrawn any to slaughter. Otherwise, there would be even more delicious ingredients.

When they were halfway through their feast, Liu Yu Tong arrived gracefully.

“Thank you.” She looked at Ling Han tenderly. A man was willing to barge into the Liu Clan and create a commotion at her wedding all for her sake, what courage did that require? Anyone else would not even dare to think of doing such a thing.

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“You’re my little female attendant, so how could I allow you to marry someone you don’t love?” Ling Han said calmly. He had a fondness for both Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan, but it was still a bit far from romantic love.

After all, he had lived two lifetimes. In his last life, he had lived to the ‘ripe, old age’ of two hundred years old. Though he had spent the majority of his time on alchemy, how could his heart be so easily conquered? Additionally, he only had martial arts in his eyes, so if one wanted to create feelings of love in him, it was not an easy feat.

Liu Yu Tong looked as if she had been suddenly splashed with a pail of cold water. The heat in her eyes instantly grew faint, but she very quickly reignited her battle spirit. Since Ling Han was able to disregard his life and ruin the wedding for her sake, then how could she retreat? Worse comes to worst, she’d just have to fight a war of attrition with him.

As long as she continued to stay by his side, why did she have to fear that she wouldn’t be able to conquer his heart someday?

“Hey, little female attendant, what wonderful thing are you thinking about? You’re actually salivating at it.” She was just immersed in her wonderful fantasies, when she heard Ling Han’s teasing voice.

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Chapter 268