Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 267

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Chapter 267: Hundred Poison Jade Ointment
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Of course, Ling Han did not completely trust Xu Ke Xin. As such, he immediately unwrapped the cloth and there was indeed a black-colored box inside. It was not made of metal, but rather of wood, and there was a faint sandalwood aroma coming from it.

He was in the process of examining the box, whereas Xu Ke Xin was naturally examining the Foundation Building Pills, and neither of them spoke.

There was indeed no way to open it.

It was not because it was locked, but rather because it was joined seamlessly together, so there was nowhere one could exert force on. From the looks of it, the only way to open it would be through explosive power.

Ling Han looked astonished, because he recognized the type of wood.

Connect Origin Heartwood.

This was an extremely valuable material. It had two special traits to it. Firstly, it was extremely tough and durable, and secondly, it was capable of preventing the dispersal of Spiritual Qi. Thus, this was a very suitable material to store some valuable medicinal ingredients. Once it was closed, the medicinal ingredients could be stored for a thousand, or even ten thousand years without spoiling.

He gave it a shake, and there was something inside. From what he could hear, there should only be one object inside. It felt very heavy, but it was impossible for him to say what exactly it was.

“Little Brother, Big Sister thanks you!” Xu Ke Xin said with a delicate smile, putting away the jade bottle with satisfaction. Though she wanted very much to know what was contained inside the wooden box, and wanted even more to confirm that it was a treasure, she had studied it for many years and attempted many different methods but was still unable to open it. Thus, she decided that she might as well hand it over to Ling Han so that she would no longer have to worry herself over it. After all, what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.

Ling Han ignored her, so she was a bit unsatisfied. However, because she was in a great mood, she did not take it to heart. She pushed open the door and left.

After she had left, Ling Han instantly gave a swipe of his hand, and the wooden box had entered into the Black Tower. He did not enter into the Black Tower at the first instant, but instead chose to stand up and leave. Since it was already in the Black Tower, it was destined to belong to him, and no one could possibly take it from him.

He returned to his own courtyard in the Academy, closed the door, and finally entered the Black Tower.

If it was in his last life, it would be a piece of cake for him to open a box made of Connect Origin Heartwood with his cultivation as a Heaven Tier elite, but the cultivation of the Gushing Spring Tier was far from enough to do so. Otherwise, how would Xu Ke Xin have been unable to do anything with the box even after so many years of it being in her possession? She was in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, after all.

However, in the Black Tower, Ling Han was a god!

With a single thought, the wooden box was opened, as easy and simple as if he had just merely flipped his hand.

Within the box was a piece of jade in the shape of a strip. As soon as the box was opened, a strong fragrance wafted out that caused his spirit to be roused and feel all the pores on his whole body open up.

A hint of excitement appeared on Ling Han’s face. This was not jade, but a medicinal ointment, Hundred Poison Jade Ointment!

“I never thought that something like this would still exist!” He pressed down with a hand, and all the fragrance was suppressed back into the box. He could control everything in the Black Tower, as if he was a God.

Hundred Poison Jade Ointment was not naturally formed, but had to be blended later. It required up to a hundred poisonous ingredients as well as Seven Fragrance Jade to be mixed with a secret method.

This was not poison—if anyone used this to poison anyone else, that would be a humongous waste.

If any single one of these hundred poisonous ingredients were used on its own, then even elites of the Flower Blossoming Tier would die of poison. However, put together and blended with a wondrous ratio, they would suppress each other’s poison, and what was supposed to be a deadly poison would be transformed into an excellent medicine. The more poisonous they were, the more plentiful this energy would naturally be.

However, if anyone were to directly swallow it as it was now, that would definitely be a direct path to death, because the energy that originated from the mixture of these hundred poisonous ingredients was too terrifying. It would be a piece of cake for even a Flower Blossoming Tier elite to burst from it.

However, if it was added together with Seven Fragrance Jade, then the violent, explosive energy could be released in a calm, peaceful way, and would thus allow it to be absorbed.

Naturally, Hundred Poison Jade Ointment was not to be swallowed, but rather rubbed on one’s body. It would enter into the body by being absorbed through the skin. One could still eat it, but when these hundred poisons entered one’s stomach, they would still cause a corresponding effect on the body.

What was amazing was that one with higher cultivation level could rub in more of it, whereas those with a lower cultivation level should rub in less, and it could be used by people in different cultivation levels. It would allow one to increase one’s cultivation level, strengthen the physique, and was an extremely valuable treasure.

It was easy to find the poisonous ingredients, but Seven Fragrance Jade was much too rare. Even in his last life, when he had had so many resources in his grasp, he had only managed to blend it once, and the amount produced could not compare to this strip that he now had.

Such a treasure indeed needed to be sealed by Connect Origin Heartwood. Otherwise, the medicinal effects would disperse very quickly, and could not be kept for even a single month.

He had no idea who it was that was so wealthy that he actually had a box made of Connect Origin Heartwood and Hundred Poison Jade Ointment buried with him. This was practically a waste of colossal proportions.

“Just in time to benefit me!” Ling Han said with a smile as he removed his clothing and began to rub in the Hundred Poison Jade Ointment onto his body. A cooling feeling gushed out, relaxing his whole body.

“Feng Yan seem to be very sure of himself. He seems confident that he’d be able to defeat me after ten days. Now that I think of it, the basis for his confidence should be that he would be able to break through within these ten days. Cultivation Tiers were a different level before, so there is a big difference between having broken through and not yet broken through.”

As Ling Han sat in a cross-legged position, he continued to circulate the Five Elements Heaven Grade Skill to absorb the medicinal effects. Within the Black Tower, he could even detain the ointment’s effects and ensure it was entirely used on him without the slightest bit being wasted.

This was a very shocking thing. If the medicinal effects could be absorbed completely, this was practically scary.

“There is only ten days left until the martial arts tournament. I can’t possibly break through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier in such a short time, but every little bit of my ability I can increase counts. I am definitely going to get the Eye of Truth.”

After only a while, Ling Han felt his whole body heat up. The ointment was now completely effective, and he felt as if his skin was about to tear as he felt an extraordinary agony.

‘F***, I have no experience, so I rubbed in too much.’ He bared his teeth. Though he had also mixed the Hundred Poison Jade Ointment in his last life, he had used it on his four disciples. At that time, even the weakest of the four of them was already in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

He had decreased the amount, but there was still a very far gap between the Gushing Spring Tier and the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, so it still caused him to exclaim.

Thankfully, he had cultivated the Body of Rock Cliff. Not only was his defence terrifyingly strong, he could even transform into rock and cut off his feelings of pain. When he actively circulated it, the agony instantly disappeared, but he could clearly see cracks appear on his skin and fresh blood seep out of his wounds.

He found a bit of joy in his suffering as he thought that, fortunately, he had not rubbed it on that important place. Otherwise, he would really want to cry now.

Hong , there was a powerful energy spreading out in his body, stimulating the continuous expansion of his Spring, which gushed out waves of Origin Power.

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After about three hours, Ling Han stopped. The ointment that he had rubbed on his body was completely absorbed, and his cultivation level had gone up to the late stage of the fifth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier. By the day of the martial arts tournament, his cultivation should be able to reach the eighth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier.

“If it’s the eighth layer against the Spiritual Ocean Tier, I should manage.” Ling Han nodded. His condition was a bit special, as his battle prowess far exceeded his cultivation level.

With the circulation of the Indestructible Heaven Scroll, the wounds on his body healed very quickly. He summoned clear water and washed off the blood stains on his body, then dressed.

Hu Niu actually did not come pester him today. Instead, she was very obediently sitting inside the Black Tower. Ling Han’s divine sense swept over—the little girl was actually in the process of breaking through to Gushing Spring Tier.

A five-year-old in the Gushing Spring Tier; just the thought of it would make one dumbstruck.

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Chapter 267