Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 266

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Chapter 266: Deal
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In Xu Ke Xin’s thoughts, a six-layer cultivation technique was extremely tempting to all martial artists in Rain Country… no, all Nine Nations of the Desolate North, because this allowed one to take the most important step, which was to cast off their mortal body and gain the qualifications to become a god.

Of course, the Flower Blossoming Tier was still very far from becoming a god, but it was undoubtedly the first step towards that end.

She tossed out such a bait, and believed that Ling Han would definitely be hooked. She was so certain but had never thought that Ling Han would actually refuse, and what more, refuse without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Could it be…

“Little brother, could it be that you already possess a six-layer cultivation technique?” Xu Ke Xin hence played cute. She was still very delicately pretty, her charms overflowing.

Ling Han asked, “Does Imperial Consort Xu think that’s possible?”

Of course, it was impossible. How could Rain Country have a six-layer cultivation technique?

Xu Ke Xin was thinking in her head, but Ling Han had refused too decisively, so she still felt as if the latter may also have possibly gotten hold of a six-layer cultivation technique. She had never wavered so much in her life, so she really felt like she was about to go crazy.

Ling Han actively answered her confusion, and said, “I am an alchemist, so do I need that high a cultivation level?”

That was logical. At such a young age, he was already an alchemist close to Earth Grade, so he must have boundless future prospects ahead of him! Moreover, a person had limited energy, so if he spread out his attention over too many fields due to greed, that would only lead to him not being able to master any one field.

Xu Ke Xin was still a bit doubtful, but it was not proper for her to keep asking. After all, she had something to ask of Ling Han. She hesitated for a long time, then said, “I also have a treasure that I can put into the trade.”

“Oh, and what is that?” Ling Han asked casually.

“I don’t know either.” Xu Ke Xin shook her head. Because everything was not like what she had expected, she was completely shaken, and so she hid all her seductive wiles and became serious.

Ling Han could not help but break into laughter, and asked, “Are you joking, Imperial Consort Xu?”

How could there be something like this? She said she wanted to trade a treasure, but she didn’t even know what it was. If that was the case, how could she be so sure that it really was a treasure?

Xu Ke Xin said, “Seven years ago, I and a few elders of m-my sect discovered an ancient tomb. We obtained the Shapeless Heart Sutra from there. And beside the Shapeless Heart Sutra, there was also a tightly sealed box that we had no way of opening.”

She paused a moment, then said, “Something that could be placed by the side of the Shapeless Heart Sutra, this box must contain something that is similarly valuable.”

Ling Han smiled slightly, then said, “Does Imperial Consort Xu want to use this unknown object to exchange for the ten Foundation Building Pills then?”

“That’s right.” Xu Ke Xin nodded. “Is Grandmaster willing to gamble on it?”

“All right.” Ling Han said without hesitation. Anyways, he could casually concoct Foundation Building Pills easily and quickly, so even if he had traded them for an ordinary box, that would only be a waste of a few million silver coins and about an hour’s time.

But what if the box really contained some kind of treasure?

“Tomorrow, at this time, bring the box over, whereas I will bring the Foundation Building Pills,” he said.

Xu Ke Xin was ecstatic, but then she hurriedly confirmed, “That’s ten Foundation Building Pills!”

“Agreed.” Ling Han nodded.

“Deal!” Xu Ke Xin was overjoyed at this unexpected turn in events.

Ling Han stood up and left. Since he had already decided to accept this transaction, he would naturally have to go and prepare the ingredients he needed. Unfortunately, the herb garden within the Black Tower was not yet ready. Otherwise, he could prepare his own ingredients. After all, he had only left the Mystery Realm just a few days ago, so how could it be possible that he would have gotten all the spiritual herbs ready so quickly?

He naturally went to the Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion. After thanking Fu Yuan Sheng, he bought all the ingredients needed to concoct the Foundation Building Pills, then returned to Hu Yang Academy.

There was a large number of people waiting for him at the entrance who wanted to develop an amiable relationship with him. After all, he had just been summoned to see the Rain Emperor, and the Emperor’s concern over him was still going strong. However, how could Ling Han have the mood to deal with them? He merely said a few words and sent off these people.

When he entered his courtyard, Hu Niu instantly stuck onto him. Ling Han said a few words to her, then brought her with him into the Black Tower. The little girl very happily began to play around, whereas Ling Han began to concoct the alchemical pills.

This was naturally a piece of cake to him. After arranging all the ingredients he needed, after a mere hour, ten Foundation Building Pills were lying warm in the furnace.

The next day, the Imperial Family released a piece of important news.

The Rain Emperor’s sixtieth birthday was right around the corner, and the whole country was naturally going to celebrate with him. Moreover, there was also going to be a very special martial arts tournament to display the military power of the Empire. The champion of this tournament would be personally praised by the Rain Emperor, and the prize would be a Mystical Power!

What kind of object was a Mystical Power? A large majority of people were not aware, but that did not stop everyone from guessing the incredible value of a Mystical Power—the Rain Emperor had taken it out as a prize, so how could it be anything ordinary?

All of a sudden, excitement was high in the air. Even the powerful elites of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier of the Eight Great Clans were restless, but when they saw the rules of participation for the martial arts tournament, quite a number of people wilted as the tournament was only limited to those below thirty years old.

True, the future of the Empire would naturally fall on the shoulders of the younger generation, so what was the point of old men like them joining in on the excitement?

Thirty years below… then there would only be two, and that was Ling Han and Feng Yan!

Anyone with eyes could see that this was the tournament stage that the Rain Emperor had set up for the two of them to allow them to duel in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Mystical Power?” Within the Cherishing Flower Pavilion, Yan Tian Zhao mumbled to himself. He had a wine cup in his hand and was seated comfortably, filled with an unworldly air. By his side, there was an old woman who looked vacant, as if she had lost her soul.

If one were to look closely, this old woman looked very much alike Lady Yan.

“I was intending to leave Rain Country, but did not think that I would be able to watch such a good show before I left. Now I have even encountered the appearance of a Mystical Power. There are strong and weak Mystical Powers, but no matter what, since it is called a Mystical Power, it must have its use, so I would not mind taking a look at it.” Yan Tian Zhao placed the wine cup down, looked towards the old woman, then said with a smile, “Mother, I will become the champion of a martial arts tournament and show my face in front of everyone. Aren’t you glad?”

She was indeed Lady Yan, but how did she suddenly lose all her beauty and become an old woman?

Lady Yan seemed to have become a corpse. After quite a while, a flash of life finally came back into her eyes. Her voice trembled, and she said, “You are not my son! You are a demon! You are a demon!”

“Wrong. I am indeed your son, it’s just that I have some additional experiences.” Yan Tian Zhao pointed at his own head, and an incomparably evil smile curled up the corners of his lips. “I still have to thank you, Mother, for transmitting all your cultivation to me. Otherwise, if I wanted to possess the cultivation level I have now, I would have to cultivate at least eight to ten years.”

Lady Yan merely shook her head, and said endlessly, “You are not my son! You are not my son!”

Yan Tian Zhao turned his eyes from her, took up the wine cup and began to drink. He said to the skies, “Everyone thinks that the champion of this tournament will be either Ling Han or Feng Yan, then I shall give everyone a slap and let them know, that I, Yan Tian Zhao, am still here!”


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In the afternoon, Ling Han went to the tea house he had gone to yesterday to fulfil the deal with Xu Ke Xin.

“Ten Foundation Building Pills.” Ling Han casually withdrew a jade bottle and placed it on the table.

Xu Ke Xin was very delighted, so she could not help but show off some of her feminine wiles, and said delicately, “Little Brother, aren’t you scared that Big Sister will cheat you out of your alchemical pills?”

“You can try,” Ling Han said calmly.

“Ai, you don’t have the slightest sense of humor.” Xu Ke Xin shook her head, and took up a box that was wrapped with a red cloth from her side and placed it on the table.

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Chapter 266