Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 265

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Chapter 265: Setting the Conditions
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With regards to the Eye of Truth, Ling Han was determined to get it!

Ling Han thought for a moment, then said, “Your Imperial Majesty, the Eye of Truth involves a Mystical Power, and by that time, there will definitely be uncountable numbers of people participating. Perhaps even elites of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier would shamelessly make a move. I really do not have much confidence.”

Unless he revealed the Black Tower. However, once the Black Tower was out, there would be ultimate elites from godly tiers descending to snatch it. It was much more important than any Mystical Power.

The Rain Emperor laughed, then said, “You don’t have to play the fox in front of me. In the competition this time, I have limited the participants to only those below thirty years old. If you are not able to get first place, then you can only blame yourself for lacking in ability.”

Ling Han thought for a moment. If only those below thirty could participate, then the only one who could stand against him as an equal was Feng Yan.

“You are a citizen of Rain Country. I want you to defeat Feng Yan in public, to show the might of Rain Country,” the Rain Emperor said. Indeed, it was exactly like what Ling Han had guessed.

Looks like Feng Yan had paraded around too much previously, and he had even casually killed off a number of noble, wealthy people previously—the Rain Emperor was angered as well. However, no matter how mighty and domineering the Rain Emperor was, he was the ruler of a nation first and foremost, so he could not simply do anything rash.

If he had killed Feng Yan, then that would definitely attract the real elites of the Winter Moon Sect. By that time, even if Rain Country was not destroyed, it would still have to pay a colossal price to soothe the flames of rage of the Winter Moon Sect. This was definitely not something that a mature Emperor would do.

However, should he just allow Feng Yan to behave so arrogantly and do as he liked?

The Rain Emperor was a very domineering man, he naturally could not allow such a troublemaker to create a fuss right in front of his eyes. Since he could not kill Feng Yan, then he would just have to make it so that Feng Yan was defeated publicly, take the edge off his spirit, and teach him a lesson.

Ling Han nodded. Even without the Rain Emperor’s request, he was definitely not going to have any reservations against Feng Yan. If he had the opportunity, he would definitely not mind killing off this guy.

“Go on!” The Rain Emperor waved his hand, and closed his eyes as if he had fallen asleep. Obviously, he was not intending to speak to Ling Han anymore.

Ling Han retreated out of the palace hall, and left the Imperial Palace under Zai Xiang’s escort. The latter turned around and walked two steps, then suddenly turned back round and said, “Ling Han, do not disappoint the hopes of His Imperial Majesty!”

Without waiting for Ling Han’s answer, he stalked off, looking very forceful.

Ling Han shook his head. The Rain Emperor was domineering because he had the ability to support his domineering ways. Every word and movement that Zai Xiang made was an imitation of the Rain Emperor. However, he had only learnt the appearance, yet had not managed to learn the essence.

He could not bother himself to call him to account, and headed back towards Hu Yang Academy instead.

“Ling Han, was it?” A delicate voice was heard from behind him, enchanting and graceful.

Ling Han turned to look, and Xu Ke Xin was standing right behind him, her shapely, delicate body **********, drawing the eyes of anyone who saw her. However, Ling Han did not give her another look, and asked, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

He was now a Black Grade high level alchemist, so there was absolutely no need for him to speak reverently to an Imperial Consort.

“I had not thought that a minor character would have actually become a Grandmaster Alchemist by now!” Xu Ke Xin shook her head, then lowered herself into a slight bow. Her white skirts fluttered, like a flower blooming. “Ke Xin hereby greets Grandmaster!”

Ling Han smiled calmly and said, “I dare not accept. Imperial Consort Xu, your greeting is much too polite.”

Xu Ke Xin stood back up, pursed her lips into a smile, then said, “Grandmaster, Ke Xin would like to make a request of you!”

“Imperial Consort Xu, you seem to have made a request of the wrong person, right? His Imperial Majesty, the Rain Emperor, is the ruler of Rain Country, so whatever you need, the person you should make the request to should be His Imperial Majesty, the Rain Emperor, shouldn’t it?” Ling Han said.

Xu Ke Xin sighed, and looked a bit sad. If anyone uninvolved had seen, they would definitely be overcome with sympathy for her and touched by her pitiful appearance. Unfortunately, this move was completely useless on Ling Han.

“Grandmaster does not know, but Ke Xin is only His Imperial Majesty’s consort by name,” she said slowly, when she saw Ling Han was looking completely undisturbed and calm.

“Oh.” Ling Han nodded, then turned around to leave.

“Wait!” Ke Xin hurriedly caught up with him, then said, “Ke Xin would like to use a cultivation technique to exchange for ten Foundation Building Pills!”

She was now at the third layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and there was still a far way until the ninth layer. However, for all cultivation tiers below the Flower Blossoming Tier, breaking through to the next layer was not really that difficult. It was only a matter of time. Thus, she would be able to attempt breaking through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier a few years later, so if she had ten Foundation Building Pills in her possession, the chances of success for her would be greatly increased.

Ling Han could not help but laugh, and said, “Imperial Consort Xu has a large appetite. You’re talking about ten Foundation Building Pills, not ten Return Origin Pills!” In truth, in the eyes of an Alchemy Emperor like him, there was not really that much difference between Foundation Building Pills and Return Origin Pills.

Xu Ke Xin was also aware that she was asking for too much, but in a bargain, how could she allow the other to know how much she could accept at the first instant? She said, “That is because the cultivation technique that Ke Xin has offered for the exchange is definitely worth this price!”

“Oh, tell me then,” Ling Han said noncommittally.

“Grandmaster, please follow Ke Xin to a quiet place,” Xu Ke Xin said.

Ling Han was slightly curious, so he agreed. The two of them went to a tea house, requested for a private room, and sat opposite of each other.

“What is the cultivation technique you are speaking of?” Ling Han had no intention to beat around the bush.

Xu Ke Xin could tell Ling Han was impatient, so she did not continue to tantalize him and replied, “Shapeless Heart Sutra, the complete six layers of the cultivation technique!”

Instantly, a few thoughts flew past in Ling Han’s head, and he was able to connect the series of events.

Putting aside the grade of the Shapeless Heart Sutra, the important thing was that there were the complete six layers of the cultivation technique; this meant that it could be cultivated all the way to the Flower Blossoming Tier! And what was the thing that the Nine Nations of the Desolate North lacked the most?

That would be cultivation techniques for the Flower Blossoming Tier. This was what limited the appearance of elites of the Flower Blossoming Tier—those that had depended on the power of nation being instilled in them to break through were not considered. They were not capable of leaving their own countries at all. Otherwise, once they had lost the support of the power of the nation, they would instantly be returned to their original form. Additionally, if their age had exceeded their natural lifespan, they could even immediately die of old age upon leaving the country’s borders.

The Rain Emperor had a unique relationship with Xu Ke Xin. Recalling when she previously said that she was merely the Rain Emperor’s consort name, he could mostly confirm that Xu Ke Xin must have made a similar deal with the Rain Emperor. The reason she had broken through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier in a few years’ time was most likely because she could make use of the power of the nation to aid her in her cultivation.

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Thinking further, Xu Ke Xin fell out with the Falling Flower Court, could it really be because of a Staying Youth Pill? The real reason should have been the Shapeless Heart Sutra, which caused a desire to take it for herself to arise in Xu Ke Xin. Or perhaps the higher ranks of the Falling Flower Court wanted to kill her off to keep the secret, but were instead foiled by Xu Ke Xin making the first move, which led to the destruction of the Falling Flower Court.

Perhaps, Xu Ke Xin had fled to Rain Country after that, and reached some kind of agreement with the Rain Emperor. As a result, the Rain Emperor was able to advance one step further, and have half a step into the Flower Blossoming Tier, and managed to pry open the door to the Flower Blossoming Tier. It would not take long for him to really step over the threshold into the Flower Blossoming Tier.

…Xu Ke Xin would never have thought that while she had only mentioned the name of a cultivation technique, that allowed Ling Han to figure out so many things. If she were to find out, she would definitely be shocked by Ling Han’s deduction ability.

Ling Han was naturally uninterested in the Shapeless Heart Sutra. Putting aside six layers of cultivation technique, even if there were nine complete layers, he could not bother himself to give it a second look. He said calmly, “I am still very far from the Flower Blossoming Tier, so am not interested at this time.”

Xu Ke Xin’s mouth was slightly open, as she was incredibly astonished.

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Chapter 265