Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 263

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Chapter 263: Audience with the Emperor
_Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

From start to finish, the Rain Emperor did not even show his face, yet his domineering attitude was enrooted deep into everyone’s hearts. Even such powerful elites like Fu Yuan Sheng and the Clan Head of the Liu Clan felt a deep-set reverence and did not have the slightest intention of resistance.

This was a real ruler. Once the order was given, it would be strictly enforced. All of them were his subjects under his imperial graciousness.

Ling Han’s eyes were turned towards the far-off Imperial Palace, however, as his divine sense had managed to identify that the Rain Emperor’s voice had actually originated from there.

If anyone else found out, they would definitely grab their heads and exclaim in shock, how could this be possible?

There was a distance of at least ten miles, so how could sound be transmitted so quickly and so clearly here? Moreover, there was still a punch from the Son of Heaven Fist Technique that actually punched an elite of Spiritual Pedestal Tier unconscious!

This was practically like a myth; that was too powerful, wasn’t it?

‘Spiritual Pedestal Tier would definitely not have such power!’ Ling Han mused internally. ‘Could it be that the Rain Emperor has already broken through to the Flower Blossoming Tier?’ Though there was only one tier between the Spiritual Pedestal Tier and the Flower Blossoming Tier, the taking of this step was like the gulf between heaven and earth. The Spiritual Pedestal Tier was still considered mortal, whereas the Flower Blossoming Tier would be stepping into the ranks of gods!

Only one in the Flower Blossoming Tier would be able to transmit sound over ten miles as if they were right on the scene. With a single thought, his fist intent had reached its target, and easily suppressed an opponent of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

‘That’s not right!’ Ling Han frowned slightly. He had somewhat captured a sliver of the Rain Emperor’s divine sense, and it should not have reached the Flower Blossoming Tier yet, so this was indeed very strange.

“Ling Han, I shall allow you to continue living for ten days. After ten days, I will personally take your life!” Feng Yan laughed coldly and grabbed Qiu Ku in a single move. He leaped up, and very quickly disappeared from sight.

No one dared to stop him, even if he had killed so many just moments ago.

“Ling Han…” The Seventh Imperial Prince approached, his face filled with delight. He had made the right bet on the Rain Emperor’s personality. This ruler of a nation was a domineering man, so how could he be able to tolerate the Winter Moon Sect undermining of his authority on his own territory? He would definitely return a powerful counter-attack.

However, even he had not foreseen that the Rain Emperor’s attitude would be as forceful as this, so much that he had directly thrashed Qiu Ku unconscious.

No matter what, he had taken the right step, so he would have definitely gained a considerable favor of the Rain Emperor, so he was one step closer to the imperial throne.

“My Imperial Father summoned you, so you had better make a move on,” he said, all smiles. The Rain Emperor very rarely deigned to see anyone on an one-to-one basis. Previously, merely Can Ye and Zhao Huan had obtained such an honor. Even them, the Imperial Princes, very rarely gained the opportunity to see the Rain Emperor alone.

Ling Han nodded at him. A friend in need was a friend indeed. In comparison, the performance of the Eldest and the Third Imperial Prince were far below standard. He glanced at Liu Yu Tong. His little female attendant was naturally being supported by the clansmen of the Liu Clan. He considered it for a moment, but did not go over to say anything, primarily because he was displeased with the Liu Clan.

The Rain Emperor had clearly expressed his attitude. Moreover, he had delivered a fist straight on the heads of the Liu Clan, obviously expressing his displeasure towards the Liu Clan. Ling Han believed that the Liu Clan would not dare to continue to have secret dealings with Feng Yan.

“Young Master Han!” The Eldest and the Third Imperial Princes simultaneously approached, a fake smile on their faces while their hearts were ill at ease.

They were practically ready to die of regret. No matter how much they had calculated, they had not foreseen the fact that the Rain Emperor would actually make such a domineering move! They witnessed the way Feng Yan had paraded around so arrogantly before, but did not see any kind of reaction from the Imperial Family, and thought it would be the same this time. They had not thought that there would be any kind of unexpected accident today.

If they had known beforehand, they would have put their firm support behind Ling Han. They would then be able to have a deeper relation with the latter, and would also be able to obtain the Rain Emperor’s favor. And now, great, they had offended both sides!

Ling Han merely smiled calmly, and said, “I have to meet His Imperial Majesty, so I don’t have the time to converse with Your Imperial Highnesses!” After saying so, he flung his arms and stalked off.

The eyes of the Eldest and the Third Imperial Princes were simultaneously filled with anger. He was a mere humble commoner, and yet he actually dared to show his displeasure in the face of two such Imperial Princes as them. But now was not the time to make a fuss over this. The Seventh Imperial Prince had suddenly acted, and was now ahead of them in the race for the imperial throne.

In view of the imperial throne, whatever else could be set aside.

The two of them exchanged a look and smiled at the same time—their Seventh Younger Brother’s limelight was too bright, so they had to suppress him a bit to ensure that all three of them would once again return to the same starting line.

Ling Han gave a nod to Guang Yuan and the rest, and also signalled for Guang Yuan and Zhu Wu Jiu to bring Hu Niu and return first. He, meanwhile, strode towards the Imperial Palace. The distance of about ten miles was only the matter of a dozen minutes for someone in the Gushing Spring Tier, so he was very soon standing in front of the Imperial Palace.

“Please follow me.” An imperial guard approached. He had an average-sized figure and looked like he was only in his thirties, yet he was already in the Spiritual Ocean Tier. In Rain Country, this was an extremely astonishing fact.

Since the Rain Emperor had summoned him, naturally everything was arranged in order to receive him.

Ling Han followed the imperial guard and asked, “How do I address you, Sir?”

“Zai Xiang,” the imperial guard replied coolly, seeming to share the same style as Can Ye.

“Prime Minister?” Ling Han could not help but blank out as he thought, ‘Your parents must be disappointed that you are now a martial officer instead.’

“Xiang, not Xiang,” Zai Xiang said calmly.

Who knew what kind of Xiang he was talking about 1 , but since he had explained, it meant that his name was definitely not “Zai Xiang” as in ‘Prime Minister’. Ling Han laghed, and did not continue making a fuss over the issue of names. After all, the other was in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, so he had best not irritate him to the point that he would turn around and smack him flat.

This man should be a confidant of the Rain Emperor. He was already in the Spiritual Ocean Tier in his thirties, and once he was fully developed by the Rain Emperor, it was possible that he would be able to break through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier in his forties.

Zai Xiang was obviously not a talkative man. If Ling Han did not ask questions, he would definitely not open his mouth. As he led Ling Han inwards, all the imperial guards on their way paid their respects to Zai Xiang upon seeing him, without any signs of wanting to question Ling Han’s identity.

Evidently, Zai Xiang’s status had gotten the approval of all the imperial guards.

The two of them very quickly arrived at the “Main Heaven Hall”. This was where the Rain Emperor handled the country’s affairs and where the ministers and officials would pay their respects. It was now past the time for the government conference. As a result, the whole hall was visibly empty and spacious.

“Go in by yourself,” Zai Xiang said coldly.

‘What a cold, unfeeling guy,’ Ling Han thought as he walked into the main hall.

This was the largest palace hall in the Imperial Hall. The colossal palace hall was held up by tall stone pillars that were as tall as one hundred metres, giving one an imposing and grand feeling that would cause one’s heart to tremble. Casting an eye over, the whole palace hall was empty. However, Ling Han knew that there was an imperial guard hidden behins each stone pillar, and they were all in the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

At the end of the palace hall, there was a throne positioned high up, and on it was seated a man who looked to be in his fifties. He was obviously seated, yet the domineering aura exuding from him was enough to cause one to tremble in fear.

The Rain Emperor!

…He should be turning sixty very soon, but he looked only to be in his early fifties. He really did a good job in maintaining his youthful looks.

There was a woman seated by the Rain Emperor’s foot, who seemed to be serving him, but Ling Han could tell that this woman was actually in the process of cultivating.

It was actually Xu Ke Xin.

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They all said that this woman was being doted on, and it was indeed true since she was actually able to accompany the emperor even by day. However, didn’t accompanying the emperor mean that she was supposed to cater to the Emperor’s needs? How could she be cultivating? This was indeed odd.

Moreover, Ling Han could confirm with a single glance that the Rain Emperor was definitely not a man that would be easily influenced by feminine wiles. Otherwise, he would not have been able to obtain the power that he had now.

He had half a step into the Flower Blossoming Tier!

No, no, half a step into the Flower Blossoming Tier would only mean that he was close to breaking through to the Flower Blossoming Tier, but in truth, he would still be in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and still a mere mortal. Ling Han’s thoughts flashed by quickly in his head, and he figured out that this was probably related to the power of the nation, which allowed the Rain Emperor to stride over that gap of half a step and truly possess the might of an ultimate elite of the Flower Blossoming Tier.

“Young man, you are giving me a headache!” the Rain Emperor spoke, and boundless might stirred with his voice.

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Chapter 263