Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 260

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Chapter 260: Compel
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Ling Han did not fear the dominating might of a Spiritual Infant Tier elite, but if he was struck by the martial intent of one, that would be like an egg being smashed onto a rock. His only fate would be being shattered into pieces.

Thus, when the decree flew towards him, he could only choose to retreat.

“Run! Run! Let’s see where you can run to!” Feng Yan smirked frostily and chased after him, waving the decree like a whip. When he whipped the decree, the might of a Spiritual Infant Tier became more and more terrifying. Even those elites in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier were sweating bullets, and the others, needless to say, were all paralyzed like pools of sludge.

Ling Han’s figure raced rapidly as he simultaneously thought of a plan.

If he drew out the Demon Birth Sword, even if he wasn’t able to activate the martial intent within it, merely the material used to forge a Level Ten Spiritual Tool would be enough to defend against the martial intent of a Spiritual Infant Tier elite. However, the problem was, if he actually revealed it in public, how much attention would he attract?

If he was merely a single person, then it was fine. If worse came to worst, he could always choose to flee and relocate to a different place.

However, his roots were now in Rain Country, in Da Yuan City, in Gray Cloud Town. He could leave, but what about Ling Dong Xing and his other relatives? The Ling Clan had already experienced one catastrophe, so how could Ling Han bear to draw another deadly disaster onto the Ling Clan, especially when it was because of him?

No, he definitely could not use the Demon Birth Sword!

“Hahahaha, in front of the decree of a Spiritual Infant Tier elite, how long do you intend to keep running?” Feng Yan laughed loudly. His master had given him this decree, so he could be unafraid even in front of the Rain Emperor himself, what more when this was merely a martial artist of the Gushing Spring Tier he was facing now.

“Surrender yourself to death obediently, and don’t think that you will be able to escape!”

Ling Han used “Shadow Wind Motion”. This, too, was a Black Grade high level martial arts technique. Since he had already broken through to the Gushing Spring Tier, the Yellow Grade martial arts techniques he had used previously could of course be discarded, and they were all exchanged for the higher level Black Grade martial arts techniques.

Feng Yan could not catch up.

He was taught a Black Grade high level saber technique, and he had not fully learnt it in over a month’s time, so where would he have the time to learn other martial arts techniques? Ling Han was different. He had used all these techniques in his last life, but even if he hadn’t, with the comprehension ability of someone who used to be in the Heaven Tier, how could learning them be difficult for him?

“Don’t run!” Feng Yan was in a towering rage, but he could do nothing against Ling Han. The later was as nimble as an eel and unbelievably slippery, so he couldn’t hit him at all.

Ling Han merely smiled calmly and said, “Once the decree is unrolled, the martial intent within would begin to disperse. You using it in such a way is only hastening the rate of its dispersal, so how much longer would it last?”

When one was talking about the understanding of the secrets of martial arts, who would understand more than he who had once been in the Heaven Tier?

“How did you know?” Feng Yan was indeed greatly shocked. His master had told him so before. A decree was not a Spiritual Tool, and was only slightly more durable than a Spiritual Talisman, but it was still very limited in use.

“You don’t have to bother yourself with that!” Ling Han’s sword waved and shot out a few flashes of Sword Qi. It was not his style to merely defend without attacking.

Feng Yan did not use his saber. With a wave of the decree, the martial intent contained within was enough to shatter the Sword Qi. However, he became more and more irritable. If things went on this way, he would really expend all the martial intent contained in the decree until it was merely a piece of scrap paper.

In the first place, he was a haughty person, and instantly, a violent light shone in his eyes. He turned back, and pa , the decree smacked onto a man’s head. The martial intent spread out, and that man’s head instantly exploded.

Unfortunately, that man was under the suppression of the might of a Spiritual Infant Tier elite, and so could only shiver as he lay on the ground. There was no way for him to dodge at all, so he could merely watch as misfortune fell on his head.

“Feng Yan!” everyone roared in fury. What was this guy planning to do?

“Ling Han, if you dare to dodge again, I will kill all the people here!” Feng Yan declared coldly, his killing intent boiling.

When these words were heard, everyone was both shocked and furious. Those who had arrived to attend the wedding today were all people in the upper social circles of the Imperial City, and some were even elites of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier! Yet Feng Yan actually dared to use their lives to threaten Ling Han, this was practically crazy!

“Feng Yan, you’ve gone too far!” Many began to roar in fury.

“This is between you and Ling Han. What do we have to do with it?”

“Don’t make us look down on you!”

Feng Yan merely pretended as if he had not heard anything, and said coldly, “You’re all just a group of trash. So what if I kill all of you? Who would dare do anything against me? If I use all my effort, it is not that I am unable to kill Ling Han, but that would force me to reveal my trump card, and that is not something I want to happen! Since I can use a faster way to kill him, what need is there for me to expend the extra effort?”

Everyone was even more furious, and all began to curse and shout. However, there was one thing that Feng Yan was right about. He could do as he liked, kill anyone he liked, but they would not dare to do anything to him because Feng Yan was a disciple of the Winter Moon Sect!

Who dared to make a move against a disciple of the Winter Moon Sect? The most they could do would be to expel him from Rain Country.

“Ling Han, aren’t you going to obediently surrender to your death? Or do you want so many people to die with you?” Feng Yan laughed loudly, looking very arrogant. It was as if he was a cat that was toying with a mouse. With a wave of the decree, another dozen people was smacked into pieces.

This guy indeed had a trump card. For example, he had not used the Mirror Light Body. As a result, Ling Han was even more sure that this kind of special constitution had to be activated consciously. A special constitution that had to be consciously activated would expend energy, Origin Power, or spiritual energy, and there was a limit to all of these. It was impossible to keep it going at all times.

On the other hand, Ling Han’s Body of Rock Cliff was a passive skill. He did not need to activate it for it to be effective. However, even if he actively circulated it, he would not be able to increase the firmness of his physical body.

Additionally, Ling Han believed that Feng Yan must have had some kind of secret. Otherwise, he would not have battled the Eldest Imperial Prince to a draw, and would not have been picked to become the disciple of a Spiritual Infant Tier elite.

“Don’t make me look lightly on you!” Ling Han said. He would of course not wait quietly to be killed.

“Look lightly?” Feng Yan laughed loudly, and said haughtily, “What right do you have to look lightly on me? Do you know that I… hehe, I should keep this secret for the moment. You want to die in vigorous battle? Impossible! I want you to die in a stupid and cowardly way!”

His thoughts turned, and he said, “Everyone, I can spare you, but you have to do something for me, and that is to apprehend Ling Han! I will give you the time of three breaths, and if by that time, Ling Han is still not kneeling before me, then I can only use this decree and kill all of you!”

So evil!

“Do not doubt my determination. Don’t you all forget who I am!” he said frostily.

Their hearts trembled. Feng Yan was not an ordinary disciple of the Winter Moon Sect, but the personal disciple of a Grand Elder. Previously, he dared to publicly oppose the Eldest Imperial Prince, and now, even dared to brazenly commit murder without any kind of reservations at all.

Feng Yan could do as he liked, but who could really do anything against him?

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With such thoughts, Feng Yan’s threat was like a knife held at their necks, making them tremble with uncontrollable fear.

Ling Han did not speak. He was merely trying to find an opening.

“I have given you all a chance, and if you want to live, you have to take hold of it firmly!” Feng Yan said with a smile as he withdrew the decree and toyed with everyone as if they were all in the palm of his hand. He was extremely pleased with this feeling of being superior to everyone else.

It was at this moment that Ling Han shot out like an arrow and instantly appeared in front of Feng Yan. Taking advantage of the opening created when Feng Yan withdrew the decree, he moved as quick as lightning, and his sword smacked onto Feng Yan’s wrist.

Pa , the decree instantly flew out of his grasp.

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Chapter 260