Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 259

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Chapter 259: Unbroken Sword Intent
_Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

Thankfully, Feng Yan’s saber was merely a mortal item. Otherwise, even if it was merely a Level One Spiritual Tool, there would be no need for the engraving of any kind of martial intent, as the degree of sharpness alone would be enough to break Ling Han’s sword in half.

“Great Sun Mad Saber, break into pieces and exterminate!” Feng Yan gave a loud shout, advancing with saber in hand. The saber flashed, creating ripples of power. The power behind these ripples was extremely terrifying.

“What a powerful saber intent!” Xie Chang exclaimed in astonishment. By now, the decree of the Spiritual Infant Tier elite had already been withdrawn, so everyone had naturally gotten back onto their feet and all turned to watch this battle between two young geniuses.

However, there were some who had turned to look at Hu Niu and Yan Tian Zhao. This was because these two had actually managed to resist the might of a Spiritual Infant Tier elite that had spread out from the decree, which was something that was both shocking and unanticipated.

Xie Chang was named as Overlord Saber, which clearly showed that his ability in the field of saber arts was definitely in the upper ranks in Rain Country. And even he would exclaim in astonishment, showing that Feng Yan’s saber technique was indeed extraordinary.

“En!” Quite a lot nodded their heads in agreement. Whether they liked Feng Yan was a different matter, but if they were merely looking at his merits, Feng Yan’s ability in saber arts was indeed extraordinary. Otherwise, he would not have easily defeated the Third Imperial Prince, Zhao Huan, and Can Ye.

Ling Han was also slightly surprised, the might behind this saber technique… had reached the level of a Black Grade high level martial arts technique.

The Feng Clan was of course unable to possess a Black Grade martial arts technique. In the whole Rain Country, only the Imperial Family possessed a Black Grade high level martial arts technique, and it was naturally impossible for Feng Yan to obtain such a secret technique from the Imperial Family. Thus, he must have been taught when he had gone to the Winter Moon Sect.

Not bad, not bad. No wonder he had obtained the favor of an elite of Spiritual Infant Tier. Feng Yan should only have practiced this saber art for more than a month, yet he was already quite well practiced with this saber technique. He had at least grasped about twenty to thirty percent of the true essence of this technique, which showed how uncommon his talent in martial arts was.

However, it was only uncommon.

With a whistle, Ling Han waved his sword, and the Four Seasons Sword Technique circulated, heading towards Feng Yan.

This sword technique was something he had taught to Liu Yu Tong. It was also a martial arts technique he had used in his last life. There was no need for him to familiarize himself with it at all. With a thought, he naturally could circulate it smoothly, and create a hazy drizzle as if it was a spring shower.

These little droplets of rain were formed from Ling Han’s Origin Power. As long as they were attached to one’s body, the Origin Power would enter inside and create a very terrifying level of destruction.

“What a great sword technique!” When they saw Ling Han’s sword technique, quite a number of people exclaimed in praise.

In the field of martial arts, the saber and the sword were the two most commonly used weapons. Feng Yan’s saber technique had drawn exclamations of shock from the saber wielders, whereas Ling Han’s sword technique had obtained the praise from the swordsmen.

“This young man’s sword intent is definitely not weaker than Feng Yan’s!”

“That’s right. Honestly, if I suppress my cultivation level to the level of the Gushing Spring Tier, even I may not be able to use such a powerful sword technique.”

“That’s odd. Why do I feel as if this strike is not fully expressed, and there is some reservation?”

“Yi, you have that feeling too?”

With a long whistle, Feng Yan had advanced with his saber in hand.


A crisp sound was heard, creating a sound wave that spread out in all directions. Those martial artists below the Gushing Spring Tier began to bleed from their ears, noses, and eyes, and looked very terrible. There was also a large number of people who were in the Gushing Spring Tier that could not help but cover their ears.

Ling Han and Feng Yan were both forced back, and this exchange of blows gave them both an equal share of the limelight. It was difficult to decide who was stronger.

“I have underestimated you a bit!” Feng Yan humphed icily. With a wave of his long saber, he created a bitingly cold light that raged like a waterfall. “The saber rolls 30,000 feet, and slashes all enemies on this world!”

Xie Chang’s hand trembled, and he could not help but touch the hilt of his own saber, fighting spirit flickering in his eyes.

Such a saber intent really gave him an itch, making him have the urge to battle such a powerful saber intent.

“That strike just now was actually not his full power?”

“Gods, he’s already so powerful, and he can actually still increase his power, he’s really too terrifying!”

“This time, Ling Han would only be able retreat in the face of his superior strength!”

In the midst of the exclamations of surprise from their audience, Ling Han waved his sword and once more the spring rain appeared. However, it was only for an instant before the sword intent changed abruptly. From the gentle spring rain, it transformed into the shocking thunder of summer. Hong long long , the sound of thunder was endless, almost deafening their ears!

“What!?” Everyone was flabbergasted.

“A series of sword techniques?”

“How could this be? The first strike has not been fully displayed, yet he was able to make another strike?”

“Additionally, the switching of his sword intent is so natural that it gives one the feeling of spring moving into summer, which abides by the rules of nature.”

“No wonder I felt that the strike just now was not fully expressed. So it seems as if the sword intent is unbroken, and has not been fully expended at all!”

“This is really too scary, how did this guy cultivate such a technique?”

But was that the end of it?

Ling Han’s sword intent once again changed. An autumn breeze began to blow. It was a bit chilly and filled with killing intent. It changed once again, and became the biting cold of winter. Endless white snow flew all around, and they could not help but hug themselves, feeling cold.

“One sword technique has four sword intents!”

“Gods, what a monster! This is too much of a monster! How is this possible!”

Everyone was dumbfounded. This had completely exceeded their level of understanding. Such a sword technique should not have appeared on this mortal plane at all.

Ling Han smiled calmly. When he combined the Four Seasons Sword Technique into one, its might was close to the level of an Earth Grade martial arts technique. If it was not for the fact that he had a sliver of the divine sense of a Heaven Tier elite, he would not have been able to so smoothly use such a sword technique. And once there was a lapse, there would be a break in the four seasons, and the power behind the combined sword technique would be even lower than simply using one single sword technique.

Spring Rain, Summer Thunder, Autumn Wind, and Winter Snow, Ling Han controlled these four sword intents and boldly advanced towards Feng Yan in attack.

Feng Yan’s expression could not help but change drastically. If Ling Han had only used a single season sword technique, he would be completely unafraid, and could even use the forcefulness of his saber to suppress Ling Han. But now that the Four Seasons Sword Technique was combined into one, it produced the effect of one plus one was larger than two.

This was a sword array. It was equivalent to having four martial artists join forces against him. No matter how powerful he was, how could he be able to stand against four Ling Han at the same time?

He roared furiously, and his saber lowered and stabbed into the ground. His right foot suddenly stamped onto the ground, and he forced his body to fly back in retreat.

Hong , the images of the swords surged, yet they missed their target. Only the tables and chairs nearby were carved into pieces that flew into the air.

Hu, hu, hu . Feng Yan kept panting harshly. Just now, he had forcibly withdrawn his attack, which was equivalent to attacking himself. Thus, he was now feeling horrible. He hurriedly swallowed a medicinal pill, his eyes fixated on Ling Han and a powerful dread flashing in them.

He could tell that one strike from Ling Han contained four Sword Techniques, and four different sword intents. If it was only one, he was not afraid, but when the Four Seasons joined forces, the might was too powerful. Even he did not dare to face such an attack head on.

Damn! Damn!

At first, he could easily crush Ling Han with a single lift of his hand. However, he had not yet obtained the approval of the Winter Moon Sect at the time, so he had been cautious and planned to kill Ling Han three months later instead of doing so immediately.

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He had never thought that his mistake would have caused his younger brother to die by Ling Han’s hand, and the latter had furthermore even obtained the ability to stand against him as an equal!

This brat had really developed too fast, hadn’t he?

Get rid of him, he definitely had to get rid of him!

Feng Yan once again drew out the decree and unrolled it. The powerful suppression was again released, and pa, pa, pa , everyone was compelled to kneel or sit on the ground, all forced into a lower position.

“Die!” Feng Yan used the decree like it was a whip, and whipped it towards Ling Han. There were characters flashing on its surface, and it was for some reason eerie.

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Chapter 259