Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 257

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Chapter 257: Open Confrontation
_Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

There were members of the other seven Great Clans who had come to attend the wedding. Although those who were in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, due to their high status, had definitely not personally arrived, there was still a considerable number of martial artists of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, who were naturally qualified to know Lu Zhong Tian’s identity, present.

The Imperial Family was interfering? Interesting.

“Hehe, Brother Zhong Tian and I are old partners. Since Brother Zhong Tian wants to interfere, how could I simply sit by and watch?” Another old man stood up smilingly.

“Xie Chang!”

“Is that really Senior Xie?”

“Hiss, Senior Xie is a genius of saber arts, and has been called ‘Overlord Saber’ years ago. He was in the Hu Yang Academy at the same time as the Rain Emperor, and His Imperial Majesty, the Rain Emperor, has called him the strongest saber wielder that has appeared in these two hundred years!”

“He is the Chief of the Palace Guards, and has been on guard in the Imperial Palace all this time; I never thought that he would be here!”

The spectators all exclaimed in shock. In terms of status, Xie Chang was much higher than Lu Zhong Tian. Not only did the former have a higher cultivation level and a higher battle prowess, he was also the Chief of the Palace Guards, and thus could to a great extent represent the Imperial Family.

The Eldest and the Third Imperial Princes tensed up. Lu Zhong Tian’s appearance could only represent the Seventh Imperial Prince’s individual support of Ling Han, but it was different in the case of Xie Chang. The Rain Emperor thought highly of Xie Chang, and as the Chief of the Palace Guards, he was only loyal to the Rain Emperor.

But now Xie Chang was standing on Ling Han’s side; wouldn’t that mean that the Rain Emperor himself was supporting Ling Han?

When they recalled the fact that they chose to stand by and do nothing, whereas the Seventh Imperial Prince chose to support Ling Han and now it seemed as if the Rain Emperor too had made his choice, how could this not shock them to pallor?

Liu Chuang and Liu Ci’s expressions changed drastically. Xie Chang could be considered as a representative of the Rain Emperor. In fact, most of the time, it was Xie Chang who was tasked with going to the various Great Clans to inform them of the Rain Emperor’s decrees, and the extent to which he was exposed was even higher than the Rain Emperor.

His appearance definitely did not just represent himself alone.

Though Ling Han did not recognize Xie Chang, after hearing the discussions of the people around him, he was made aware of the latter’s identity and could not help but nod internally. This was the Rain Emperor’s move to express his displeasure towards the Winter Moon Sect. It was also a warning.

Of course, Rain Country was not qualified to oppose the Winter Moon Sect. However, Feng Yan was only a mere disciple and his behavior was much too arrogant, and had thus attracted the Rain Emperor’s displeasure. Xie Chang’s appearance was also a knock on the heads of the clansmen of the Liu Clan, reminding them not to forget themselves.

…The enmity between Feng Yan and Ling Han was only limited to the two of them, and it was best that others did not go and join in on the excitement.

There was no way that the Liu Clan could fail to decipher the Rain Emperor’s hidden message. As a result, Liu Ci and Liu Chuang exchanged a look and stepped back respectively. Meanwhile, those clansmen who had intended to step in retook their seats as well.

Xie Chang, Lu Zhong Tian, and Guang Yuan exchanged smiles, and they too returned to their original positions.

This was indeed a great turnabout of events. Previously, Feng Yan and Ling Han had created such a great commotion, and yet there was no sign of movement from the Imperial Family at all. At first, everyone had thought that it would be the same this time, but did not once think that the Rain Emperor would make a move so unexpectedly. This was something that no one had foreseen at all.

“The reason the Imperial Family did not make any move before this was because it had only been a private enmity between Ling Han and Feng Yan, but now that the Liu Clan is also implicated in the matter, the significance is completely different! How could the Rain Emperor allow outsiders to interfere in the internal matters of the nation and shake the foundation of the country!” A man with sharp insight had seen through the present situation.

The others nodded in agreement. The Liu Clan was one of the Eight Great Clans and one of the pillars of support for the Empire. Yet now, they actually publicly sided with Feng Yan and the Winter Moon Sect. Did you still care about the Imperial Family? Or were you planning a rebellion?

This did not mean that the Rain Emperor was taking Ling Han’s side, though. Rather, it was because Feng Yan, or better said, the Liu Clan had exceeded their boundaries and crossed the Rain Emperor’s bottom line.

There had been two voices in the Liu Clan in the first place, and now that the Rain Emperor had also expressed his opinion on the matter, naturally no one dared to interfere further. It would depend on Feng Yan alone whether he could stop Ling Han or not. Ultimately, this was a private enmity between Ling Han and Feng Yan after all.

After taking a few more steps, Ling Han had arrived right in front of the nuptial couple.

“Ling Han, if you’re here to drink at my wedding, I will welcome you. However, if it’s anything else, I have no intention to listen!” Feng Ming spoke. He looked like an obvious hooligan, but the words he said were very high standard, causing the onlookers to be taken aback.

Obviously, these words were taught by Feng Yan… but his following words caused the spectators to frown. “Ling Han, I heard that you have a close relation with Yu Tong. You wouldn’t be planning to cuckold me, would you?”


Quite a number of people choked. How could he simply ask such a question face-to-face, didn’t he think it was humiliating to ask such a thing? Idiot… this guy was indeed an idiot. He was an instrument that Feng Yan had made use of to deliberately embarrass Ling Han with. Anyone would probably turn green with fury after hearing his woman being insulted in such a way, right?

Even the expressions of the clansmen of the Liu Clan turned ugly at this. Liu Yu Tong was the elite genius daughter of the Liu Clan. How could they not feel humiliated after hearing her being insulted so horribly?

“Let us quickly kneel and wed. Such a beautiful woman, I don’t want to wait any longer to consummate our marriage!” Feng Ming said lecherously. He had only seen Liu Yu Tong once, and was captivated under her spell ever since. Even in his dreams, he had never dared to dream that he would one day marry such a magnificent beauty.

The guests all shook their heads repeatedly. They did not know what benefits the Liu Clan had gained from this wedding, but after these words from Feng Ming, the reputation and pride of the Liu Clan was probably ruined completely.

Indeed, all the clansmen of the Liu Clan looked ashen. They had never thought that Feng Ming would actually be this vulgar.

Only Feng Yan was still wearing a smile. He did not look for anyone else except Feng Ming. Wasn’t that precisely because of Feng Ming’s vulgarity and immorality? The more lowly Feng Ming behaved, the greater the insult would be to Ling Han—see, you are only at this level, to fight over a woman with such a lowly, minor character.

“What are we standing around for, let’s kneel! Kneel! Can’t you see that I have restrained myself for a very long time?” Feng Ming urged.


Ling Han moved, and a fist slammed onto Feng Ming’s head. The cracking of bones was heard, and Feng Ming’s entire head was completely smacked into his chest. His body staggered for a few times, and fell onto the ground with a bang. It was only now that blood came trickling out.

Fine, the wedding has turned into a funeral.

When they saw such a scene, quite a number of people wanted to clap and cheer. It was because Feng Ming was really too lowly, and had dragged down their status to his level. Now that he was killed with one strike from Ling Han, they suddenly felt the happy feeling one would feel after finally killing an irritating fly.

Only the expressions of the Liu Clan clansmen were ugly. No matter what, Feng Ming was a son-in-law of the Liu Clan, and now he was actually killed by an outsider like Ling Han. Wasn’t that practically a smack to their faces?

“Ling Han, you are getting bolder and bolder!” Feng Yan finally stood, his hands placed behind his back, and walked towards Ling Han.

Feng Ming was dead, and he naturally did not care one bit about it. He had never cared about this cousin of his, and the Feng Clan did not need such a piece of trash in any case. He had only used Feng Ming to humiliate Ling Han, but had never thought that Ling Han would be so decisive and directly kill Feng Ming with a blow.

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“So what?” Ling Han countered. There was already no possibility of reconciliation between him and Feng Yan.

“Hehe!” Feng Yan did not become angered. Instead, he said to the clansmen of the Liu Clan, “Why did you all stop? Didn’t you hear the groom say just now, quickly kneel and complete the wedding ceremony!”

Yi, wasn’t Feng Ming already struck dead, how was he going to continue the wedding then? Hiss, Feng Yan couldn’t be thinking of having Liu Yu Tong marry a dead man, right?

Evil! That was too evil!

No wonder Feng Yan was so calm. His purpose was only to humiliate Ling Han, and it was not much better getting married to a dead man than getting married to a piece of trash.

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Chapter 257