Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 254

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Chapter 254: Going to the Liu Residence

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The Seventh Imperial Prince was very tactful. He did not show any signs of arrogance as the supporter, and did not make any requests of Ling Han to do something in return for his assistance. He merely continued to talk with Ling Han about tomorrow, and about how he was going to coordinate with Ling Han’s movements.

Ling Han was not reserved, either. If he was truthfully going to accept someone as a friend, then he would definitely not be reserved in asking his friends for help. The opposite was true as well. If his friend needed his help, he would not refuse, either.

The two of them conversed for a very long time. The Seventh Imperial Prince finally begged his leave, and when Ling Han escorted him to the doors, he smiled and said, “I will come find you to share a drink in the future, Your Imperial Highness.”

“So will I!” the Seventh Imperial Prince laughed loudly, knowing that Ling Han had finally accepted him.

There was no exception among the three Imperial Princes. They all wanted to go through Ling Han instead of asking for Feng Yan’s help to assist them on their way to the throne. That was because the latter was absolutely an impractical choice. The Rain Emperor would definitely not allow the Winter Moon Sect to interfere in the affairs of Rain Country, what more when it was a very important issue like the inheritance of the throne. Whichever Imperial Prince actually dared to make an alliance with Feng Yan would directly fall out of the Rain Emperor’s favor.

Thus, though neither the Eldest nor Third Imperial Prince was very optimistic about Ling Han, they had merely come to persuade him not to be rash, and had absolutely no intention of switching to Feng Yan’s side.

No matter what, Ling Han was still a citizen of Rain Country, and as for Feng Yan? Hehe.

The night passed, and the wedding day of the princess of the Liu Clan had arrived.

Anyone with the slightest bit of social status in the Imperial City turned their eyes to the Liu Clan. This day when the Liu Clan would be marrying off one of their daughters would definitely not be a fine and sunny day. On the other hand, a great storm could very possibly happen today. Naturally, if Ling Han was willing to be a coward, then nothing would happen, of course. It would only be a day when a deity-like woman would have to marry a piece of trash.

“Niu Niu, are you ready?” Ling Han asked.

“Niu has to look beautiful, wait!” Hu Niu called from inside the room.

Ling Han could not help but laugh loudly. When he entered the room to take a look, Hu Niu was putting on makeup in front of the copper mirror. She had painted her little face red and green, and looked like a monster. He walked over, took a towel and began to wipe the little girl’s face. He said, “Niu Niu does not need to make up. You look most beautiful when you’re completely clean.”

Hu Niu was very pleased and obediently allowed him to wipe off the makeup on her face.

Ling Han shook his head. This little girl must have learnt this from Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan. Indeed, it was the nature of a woman to want to look beautiful. Even such a little girl had already learnt to show off her looks shamelessly.

“Let’s go!” Ling Han held onto Hu Niu’s little hand and walked out. When he arrived outside the courtyard, Guang Yuan, Zhu Wu Jiu, Jin Wuji, and Li Hao approached.

“I say, brat, are you really planning to go make a big fuss?” Guang Yuan asked, looking very displeased.

“If you are afraid, you can stay behind,” Ling Han said calmly.

“Pei, how could I be one who goes back on his word?” Guang Yuan humphed angrily, pointed his finger at Ling Han, and said, “However, if I die at the Liu Residence today, I won’t spare you even if I become a ghost!”

“From what I see, Big Brother Guang is a very lucky man, and is definitely not one who will have a short life,” Ling Han said with a smile.

“You brat are definitely my unlucky star!” Guang Yuan still looked very displeased.

Ling Han laughed loudly. Guang Yuan still decided to take the risk with him, and he was very glad for this. He had indeed not thought wrongly of the former. Since he was willing to take such great risk with him, then he would definitely not treat him unfairly.

If Guang Yuan really encountered fatal danger, he would use the Black Tower to take him in. He did not care even if this would expose the fact that he had some kind of logic-defying treasure on him.

Zhu Wu Jiu and the others did not say anything. They merely followed closely behind Ling Han. Actions spoke louder than words.

The destination was the Liu Residence!

The six of them walked on, and very quickly, they arrived at the Liu Residence. The crimson front doors were wide open, and a crimson carpet was laid out on the ground. There was a group of servants at the doorway who were receiving the guests. As it was now close to noon, the guests that should be here had more or less already arrived, and it was a very lively scene at the doorway.

There were guests, and there were those who were not qualified to be invited—they were all standing outside, watching the excitement.

Ling Han and the others walked over. Zhu Wu Jiu and the other four very naturally fell behind a single step behind Ling Han. The main character today was Ling Han.

“Young Master, please show me your invitation.” Immediately, a servant approached them, and smiled at Ling Han.

Ling Han smiled, and asked, “What if I don’t have an invitation?”

“If you do not have an invitation, then you cannot enter!” The servant still maintained his smile. Today was a joyous day for the Liu Clan, so if it was preventable, it was best not to make any issue. Moreover, he could not see through the aura exuding from Ling Han at all, which obviously meant that the latter was stronger than him. If they came to blows, he would definitely be on the losing side.

As a result, he naturally hoped that he could coax Ling Han to leave peacefully.

Ling Han smiled, and said, “My name is Ling Han. Would it be possible to make an exception for me?”

Ling Han!

The servant got a scare from that. He had naturally heard of Ling Han’s name. It could be said that the reason why Liu Yu Tong was getting married today was greatly related to Ling Han. If it was not for the fact that Ling Han was an enemy of Feng Yan, how could it be possible that Liu Yu Tong would marry such a character like Feng Ming?

“So it was Young Master Ling, please!” The servant made a gesture to allow Ling Han to pass.

Yi, he was not stopped?

Ling Han had initially planned to fight his way in, but had never thought that he would be able to step in through the front doors so easily. Hehe, looks like the Liu Clan was also indecisive about this marriage, and was not willing to become Feng Yan’s weapon. Thus, they simply decided to have the two of them to confront each other directly.

He strode through the main doors. Some outside had very sharp eyes, and when they saw that Ling Han had entered without needing to display his invitation, they could not help but exclaim at the unfairness of it. However, the servant glared at them and said, “That person just now was Ling Han, Young Master Ling!”

Instantly, everyone around was silenced. However, the silence was only momentary, and they began to whisper to one another. Ling Han had indeed come, and there would definitely be a grand show today.

“Hey, brother, just let us go in and watch!”

“That’s right, we’re not trying to get a free meal. Just having a spot to stand would be fine.”

“At worst, we could pay entrance fees.”

They all began to call out.

The servant glared at them, and said, “What kind of place do you all think this is? The marketplace, or the arena? If anyone of you still dare to spout nonsense, then I’ll have you all apprehended!”

The Liu Clan was one of the Eight Great Clans. It was not a small issue even if it was only one of their doormen who was making the threats. This immediately caused them all to shut their mouths, not daring to say anything more. However, they all pricked up their ears. Even if they couldn’t go in and see anything, then they’d just have to settle for simply listening.

Naturally, the news spread quickly. Moreover, Ling Han was the cause of today’s wedding in the first place. He was one of the main characters. The news that he had arrived very quickly spread throughout the whole Liu Residence. All of them, including those who had come as guests, looked like they were here to watch a grand show.

“Ling Han!” “Young Master Han!” “Mister Ling!”

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A considerable number approached, whereas the Eldest and the Third Imperial Prince stood amongst the crowd wearing slightly dark expressions. They were obviously very displeased with the fact that Ling Han had not heeded their advice and came.

Ling Han clasped his hands together and raised them in everyone’s direction, which could be considered as having greeted them.

“Big Brother Ling!” A young man approached. He was about fifteen or sixteen years old, and had a slightly shy expression on his face, though there was an endless evil hidden in the depths of his eyes.

Yan Tian Zhao.

Ling Han gave a nod. Yet, he was quickly shocked, because he actually could not see through this young man!

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Chapter 254