Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 250

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Chapter 250: Feng Yan Makes Another Move

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

After chatting for a while with Guang Yuan and Zhu Wu Jiu, Ling Han returned to his room, where he played with Hu Niu for a while. Then, he began his massive shopping trip.

He had decided to move into the Black Tower.

This was the very safest place in the whole world. Moreover, if he encountered any danger, was imprisoned by someone, or was trapped in some kind of dangerous place, he could entirely live for a while in the Black Tower in rest and relaxation, waiting calmly for the danger to pass.

Bed, chairs, table, as well as various kinds of food. Anyways, the first level of the Black Tower was overwhelmingly large anyways, being practically a world of its own.

En, he could also bring chickens, ducks, pigs, goats, and cows in. He could even dig a pond or a stream to rear fish, making it into a self-sufficient separate world.

Ling Han asked Small Tower about the possibility of such a thing, and Small Tower confirmed that this was indeed possible. The space within the Black Tower was indeed capable of becoming just like a Mystery Realm—an independent world.

Because he was busy with his own matters, he did not pay any attention to the fact that Liu Yu Tong had not come by for a few days. Meanwhile, a growing variety of miscellaneous items appeared within the originally monotonous space inside the Black Tower.

Ling Han had not only grown Spirit Grass, but also ordinary trees, grass, as well as a vegetable field. He had originally worried about the fact that these plants would quickly wither since one year inside the Black Tower was equivalent to one thousand years in the outside world, but the reality of the matter was not so.

Time in the space in the first level of the Black Tower was not sped up, because though it was said that one year was equal to a thousand years, it was actually referring to the fact that time could be sped up to a maximum of a thousand years, and not that it would really be as long as a thousand years.

After only growing them for a couple of days, the vegetables here were obviously growing extremely well, and could completely be harvested for food. But afterwards, they did not die of age, and instead grew stronger and stronger, looking like they were heading in the direction of becoming giants.

For example, the carrots directly grew out of the ground as if they had become big trees.

Ling Han dug out some and made a meal of it. Guang Yuan, Zhu Wu Jiu and Hu Niu all exclaimed that it was delicious. Ling Han tried some himself, and the taste was indeed extremely delicious. It was not that he was a very good cook, but the ingredient itself was too excellent on its own.

Ling Han also set out a number of areas in the Black Tower for rearing chickens, goats, pigs, and cows. These animals fed on the plants growing in the herb garden and sometimes would even eat some lower grade Spirit Grass. After rearing them for a short while, most probably these chickens, goats, pigs, and cows would also become extremely delicious.

What a good chance of getting fine food.

Ling Han had killed Feng Luo. Previously, because the Devil Sky Mystery Realm had just opened, it had not created much of a ruckus, but now that he had returned, and the matter of the Devil Sky Mystery Realm had also ended, logically, there should be a lot of people coming to make trouble with him.

However, the truth of the matter was it was as if nothing had happened at all, and everything was astonishingly peaceful.

On the fifth day, a sudden big piece of news exploded in the whole of the Imperial City—the princess of the Liu Clan, one of the Eight Great Clans, Liu Yu Tong, was going to get married!

One of the Two Beauties of the Imperial City, Liu Yu Tong, was going to get married?

Who was the groom?

All of a sudden, the whole Imperial City was stirred up. The young men of all the clans, no matter the size of the clan, were all struck with envy and jealousy, but were at the same time curious about the identity of the groom. Who was the man who had actually managed to achieve the feat of bringing home everyone’s dream girl and dream?

It was actually… Feng Ming!

Who was Feng Ming? And what relationship did he have with Feng Luo?

The answer was very quickly revealed. Feng Ming was Feng Yan’s cousin, and was currently twenty years old. He was a completely ignorant and incompetent guy, previously known as the Two Trashes of the Feng Clan together with Feng Luo. He had not even broken through to the Element Gathering Tier yet, but was avid of all the vices—feasting, drinking, womanizing, and gambling.

How could such a piece of trash be qualified to get married with Liu Yu Tong? And how could the Liu Clan actually agree to marry such a genius elite like Liu Yu Tong to such a piece of crap?

The Liu Clan were not idiots. Not only were they not idiots, they were also one of the Eight Great Clans of the Imperial City, and were only beneath the Imperial Family in terms of power.

Then what kind of benefit had Feng Yan thrown onto the table, or perhaps what threats had he issued, that forced the Liu Clan to make this decision?

The Liu Clan had already spread out the news. Three days from now would be the day of the marriage between Liu Yu Tong and Feng Ming.

All the young men of the Imperial City were absolutely defiant and rebellious upon hearing this news. What right did Feng Ming have to marry Liu Yu Tong? Even such a piece of trash could manage to embrace an extreme beauty; wasn’t that like a harsh slap to everyone’s faces?

However, there were still many who were in the know—wasn’t Liu Yu Tong Ling Han’s woman? Why was she suddenly getting married with Feng Ming? What was going on here?

The enmity between Feng Clan and Ling Han was no secret. He had first crippled Feng Luo’s arms, then killed him off directly. This was definitely considered a life-or-death enmity. It would not end unless one side was completely defeated.

Now Feng Ming was going to publicly marry Liu Yu Tong, wasn’t that a slap to Ling Han’s face then?

Definitely. Allowing a piece of trash to marry Liu Yu Tong… Not only was it a slap to Ling Han’s face, it was a slap strong enough to make his face swell! If Ling Han could still tolerate this matter, then how would he be able to face others in the future?

Interesting, very interesting. There was definitely going to be an exiting show at the wedding three days later.

When the news spread into Ling Han’s ears, he was slightly stunned before he realized that Liu Yu Tong had not come by these few days. It was not because that she was too busy to come visit, but because she should have been placed under house arrest by the Liu Clan, and had no way to leave at all.

She was his little female attendant!

Ling Han tapped the table lightly. The wedding would be held three days later, which meant that Feng Yan had long returned to the Imperial City and was now naturally aware that Feng Luo had died by his hand. However, this guy actually bore with it and did not directly charge here to battle him to death. Instead, Feng Yan called Feng Ming over from Da Yuan City, and had the latter marry Liu Yu Tong to humiliate Ling Han.

In the eyes of others, he should be a romantic young man. He had two such extremely beautiful women by his side, so he definitely had to be extremely fond of the two of them. Thus, Feng Yan arranged for Feng Ming to rob him of what he cherished as a strike against Ling Han.

This was already proof enough of the depths of the hatred Feng Yan held for him. He was no longer satisfied with destroying Ling Han’s mortal body, but instead wanted to drive him to madness first and have Ling Han die in deepest despair.

…What could be more horrible than watching the woman he loved get married with a piece of trash, then rush over to try and stop the wedding but instead be killed?

There was nothing wrong with Feng Yan’s thought process—although Ling Han did not think of Liu Yu Tong as his woman, with his personality of protecting his own people, how could he allow his little female attendant be forced into matrimony?

Which meant that he was definitely going to make a big fuss at the wedding three days later, but the question was: how?

His cultivation was now only in the Gushing Spring Tier and he did not have the right to command the Liu Clan, which was one of the Eight Great Clans. If they really came to blows, even if he had the Black Tower to instill power into him and forcibly upgrade his cultivation level to the Spiritual Ocean Tier, the Liu Clan had a powerful warrior of Spiritual Pedestal Tier on standby—even if he was in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, it was as easy as turning over his hand to completely suppress him for such a powerful elite.

If he revealed the Black Tower, then he would definitely be able to eliminate all in his way. But there was too much involved in that. Small Tower said that it was possible that the true ultimate existences would be drawn out, and the final conclusion would definitely end with his death and the Black Tower being snatched away.

What could he do that would allow him to both save his little female attendant and retreat unscathed?

“Brat, are you planning to attend the wedding?” After hearing the news, both Guang Yuan and Zhu Wu Jiu came over.

Ling Han laughed, and said, “With Big Brother Guang to protect me, even if it was the lair of a dragon or the den of a tiger, I would dare to charge in.”

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Guang Yuan’s face instantly darkened. What kind of place was the Liu Clan? That was a place that had an elite of Spiritual Pedestal Tier on standby. What was the point of a weakling going over then, to purposely look for a beating? He hurriedly waved his hands continuously in adamant refusal and said, “I’m not going to accompany you to your death!”

Yet Zhu Wu Jiu said, “Young Master Han, I shall go with you!” He was a loyal man. When he saw Ling Han was intending to create trouble at the wedding for his girlfriend, his blood started boiling in excitement. Additionally, it was only because of Ling Han that he had managed to obtain his vengeance, and he also owed Ling Han his life. So what if it was the Liu Clan, he would still charge in no matter what!

“You two foolish brats, f*** going! The Liu Clan has an elite of Spiritual Pedestal Tier on standby, the two of you going is practically delivering yourselves up to die!” Guang Yuan said with a roll of his eyes.

“To battle for love, I would not regret it even if I died a hundred times!” Zhu Wu Jiu declared passionately.

Ling Han rubbed his chin and said, “I would of course not do something like delivering myself up to die pointlessly! En, let’s first head to the Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion.”

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Chapter 250