Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 249

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Chapter 249: Leaving the Mystery Realm

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

Ling Han had already witnessed it previously. When Rong Huan Xuan lost his arm, Asura Demon Emperor still managed to force it to grow back. This recovery ability was really quite incredible. Upon seeing it a second time, he could feel nothing but astonishment.

This recovery ability was already good enough to compare to the Indestructible True Fluid, but his maximum now was only three drops of the Indestructible True Fluid.

But on a second thought, what cultivation level was Asura Demon Emperor at? The God Tier! Though despite being an ultimate warrior of the God Tier, he was trapped in the body of a martial artist in the Gushing Spring Tier and thus unable to display his abilties to the fullest. Nevertheless, he should still have some special skills. Otherwise, he would not have been suppressed all those years ago, but instead killed off a few hundred times.

Additionally, Asura Demon Emperor obviously recognized the Mysterious Three Thousand and even managed to say these three words, Heaven’s Sword Palace.

The Heaven’s Sword Sect and the Heaven’s Sword Palace, together with the Three Styles of Black Origin, meant that there was definitely a close link between these two existences.

“Heng, I did not think that you were actually a disciple of the Heaven’s Sword Palace. I cannot leave you alive!” Rong Huan Xuan declared grimly. He took a great leap, and hong, there actually gushed out a black mist from behind him, making it seem as if he had grown out wings. He was actually able to move as easily and freely in the air as he liked.

The God Tier was still God Tier, after all. Even if he was currently forcibly trapped in the body of a mere Gushing Spring Tier martial artist, he was still able to display shocking abilities.

Ling Han did not feel fear. The Demon Birth Sword once again moved to attack, exploding in an array of bright afterimages.

This was an actual Level Ten 1 Spirit Tool. Even if there was no martial intent to activate it, merely the treasured sword itself already possessed a terrifying might. It was astonishingly sharp, and what would not immediately be severed after being sliced by it? As Sword Qi danced, it was as if the Sword Emperor himself was still alive and possessed an invincible might.

Rong Huan Xuan suffered continuous attacks, and his flesh and blood continued to fly in all directions. However, Demonic Qi possessed a powerful recovery ability, so he would be able to instantly recover and be well enough to fight again.

But his Demonic Qi did not have an endless supply. Previously, he had already expended over half of his Demonic Qi to imprison Ling Han, and taking over Rong Huan Xuan’s body had also expended quite a lot of Demonic Qi. If he continued to use it to endlessly to heal his injuries, even he, Asura Demon Emperor, would not be able to bear it.

“Damn! Damn!” Rong Huan Xuan roared loudly at the sky. “Such a piece of trash, when I was at my full power, merely one look would be enough to kill him off 10,000 times, but now a weakling like this actually managed to wound me. I’m practically going to die with fury!”

“If you do indeed die with fury, I would be quite delighted,” Ling Han said calmly.

Rong Huan Xuan became even more angered. This brat actually still dared to make sarcastic remarks at him!

However, his current body was really too weak, and his Demonic Qi was unable to control Ling Han either, which meant that his greatest weapon was rendered ineffective. Now, what else could he do except continuing to be beaten?

“Heng, I have just escaped my prison, so I will spare you this once. The next time we meet, I shall definitely tear you apart!” Rong Huan Xuan threw down a line that fit the situation and immediately scrambled into the Three Lives Corpse Caskets.

The most important thing now was not to battle Ling Han to death, but to seek out the other eight Mystery Realms that had the parts of his soul suppressed within. The moment he managed to completely reform his soul, he would immediately recover the cultivation level of the God Tier.

Hong , the copper coffin moved and rushed towards the altar, abruptly crashing into the big crack that had formed there previously.

Ling Han could not help but give him the middle finger, expressing his disdain. However, the Three Lives Corpse Caskets was also a Tenth Tier Spirit Tool, so even if he had the Demon Birth Sword, he would not be able to destroy it. Thus, he could only let things go for now.

However, in the next instant, his expression changed dramatically. The earth was rumbling, and one after another, cracks opened up. These cracks were like a spider web that spread all over the ground, but it was a great number of times wider than actual spider’s silk.

…The whole ground was currently transforming into an uncountable number of ravines!


Even when leaving, this Asura Demon Emperor would still not forget to cause trouble. He must have controlled the Three Lives Corpse Caskets and crashed it into the core of the Mystery Realm. Now, the whole realm was about to fall apart! This immortal monster had been suppressed here for millennia, so he had to be more familiar with the situation of this place than anyone else.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

One after another, bursts of fire from the ground soared upwards, and blazing lava was also gushing out. The whole plain had instantly become hell on earth. Thankfully, there were not many living beings here. Otherwise, this would definitely be a great calamity.

Ka, ka, ka . The whole space was no longer stable, and multiple cracks appeared.

This Mystery Realm was really going to perish.

All of a sudden, Ling Han was not able to care about anything else. With a flash, he had entered into the Black Tower. The current him only had the ability to protect himself. As for what the other people in the Mystery Realm would face, that was not something he could control.

Hong , a powerful force burst out and the whole Mystery Realm exploded outwards. The mustard seed 2 the Black Tower had transformed into also gushed out, tossed into an unknown direction.

Ling Han continued to observe from within the Black Tower. The Black Tower passed through void and landed in a forest.

In a flash, he left the Black Tower. His eyes took a casual sweep over his surroundings, but he experienced a great shock from this. Apparently, a gigantic piece of land had crashed down, and the original forest was no longer visible, being completely crushed beneath. He had no idea how many living beings had died in this disaster.

Asura Demon Emperor was really a demon indeed. He obviously could leave the Mystery Realm calmly, yet he still chose to destroy the whole Mystery Realm. That was still all right, but the whole Mystery Realm crashed down from empty air, causing an even more terrifying amount of bloodshed and loss of life.

The whole forest had been crushed into nothingness. What kind of level of loss of life was this? Thankfully, the bigger part of the Mystery Realm’s “body” had been cut off in midair. Otherwise, if the whole Mystery Realm had really crashed down, then the whole country would probably have been flattened, and that would be even more horrifying.

Ling Han shook his head. Only after he had left the forest far behind did he summon Liu Yu Tong and the others out of the Black Tower. When they heard Ling Han’s words about the current situation, both Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan were unbearably astonished.

They journeyed for a while longer, and finally managed to reach a small town. They asked about their current location—thankfully, they were still within the boundary of Rain Country. However, they were over 2,000 miles away from the Imperial City.

Ling Han had no shortage of money. After buying four Iron Blood Horses as their means of transport, they rushed back to the Imperial City immediately.

The Iron Blood Horse was a very good mount as it possessed a terrifying stamina. They were in a rush to get back to the Imperial City, and so after a mere three days, they managed to return there.

There were already some who had returned.

According to them, the majority suddenly felt an unknown tremble in their bodies, and were suddenly forced out of the Mystery Realm—they had not seen that scene of utter destruction. Ling Han finally understood. At the moment Asura Demon Emperor escaped his prison, those who had been on the other side of the thunder river were sent out of the Mystery Realm, but because he had been within the array, he had not been similarly sent out.

These people were really very fortunate. Otherwise, there would definitely not be many who would have been able to make it out alive.

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Because they had departed for too long, both Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan had to return to their respective clan or master to inform them of their safety. Ling Han was naturally not going to stop them, and he too returned to his own courtyard. He saw Guang Yuan and Zhu Wu Jiu come and receive him, saying that they had returned for quite a number of days.

“Yi!” Guang Yuan took a few looks at him, and suddenly jumped up, looking as if he had seen a ghost. He exclaimed in shock, “Why are you already in the Gushing Spring Tier?”

Ling Han smiled calmly and said, “Big Brother Guang, no matter what, you are still an elite of the Spiritual Ocean Tier. How could you act so flustered? Don’t you think it doesn’t match your status?”

“F*** status. Brat, you were obviously in the first layer of the Element Gathering Tier a month ago, but how are you now in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier?” Guang Yuan exclaimed in shock, not bothering at all about the fact that he was an elite of the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

Zhu Wu Jiu was shocked as well. Then, as if he understood the situation, he said, “Young Master Han must have gotten an unbelievably great fateful opportunity within the Mystery Realm. That’s why he managed to complete such a massive leap! Congratulations, Young Master Han!” he said sincerely.

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Chapter 249