Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 246

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Chapter 246: Rebirth

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

Rong Huan Xuan cussed out, hurriedly hiding in the bronze casket. He naturally now knew that things weren’t right, but the Demon Birth Sword was not fake, and he still wanted it. However, the black smoke’s presence and the patterns that appeared on his body were completely the same, so he wouldn’t dare to let it come close, naturally hiding in the bronze casket at once.

As for his arm and the Demon Birth Sword, he’d claim it back with time.

His ideas were very optimistic, but reality was too cruel!

The black smoke’s speed was far faster than the speed at which he hid.

Ling Han could dodge in time because he only needed to think to enter the Black Tower, but Rong Huan Xuan couldn’t; he needed to crawl inside the bronze casket, and the two’s speeds could not be compared at all.

Xiu , he still hadn’t diven into the bronze casket, but the black smoke had already bore into his body.

He started, but the black smoke didn’t seem to be as scary as he’d thought. He still managed to get inside the bronze casket, and with a clang, the casket lid closed; he was going to use the old method to expel the Demonic Qi.

With a thump, the casket continued to jolt and black characters flashed on the casket’s body, becoming increasingly fierce as if it was about to explode.

But all of a sudden, the casket settled down, motionless.

Pa , the casket opened, and Rong Huan Xuan appeared again without any change. His severed arm was still bleeding, but his expression was extremely calm. In his eyes was surging black light, and with a close look, it was actually a silhouette of the moon and stars.

A Gushing Spring Tier martial artist could actually have the reflection of the moon and stars in his eyes—just how incredible was that.

“This body might not be really satisfactory, but it can barely still be used,” Rong Huan Xuan muttered and peeked at the severed elbow; black smoke immediately surging from the severed area.

An eerie scene appeared; his right hand grew out at a visible pace!

Ling Han was inside the Black Tower, but he saw and heard what happened outside clearly.

Rong Huan Xuan was no longer the original Rong Huan Xuan, but was possessed by the consciousness within the black smoke.

Such terrifying skill!

At least, to Ling Han’s knowledge, not even Heaven Tier or Shattering Void Tier cultivators could possess someone; otherwise, the Shattering Void Tier warriors in this world would breed like flies, becoming more and more with each generation, because they would never die.

A god!

Ling Han thought of what Asura Demon Emperor had said about the god suppressed here. It seemed like it wasn’t wrong, but the god wasn’t some Chaos Origin God, but Asura Demon Emperor himself!

It was no wonder he urged Ling Han and Rong Huan Xuan to take away the Demon Birth Sword to open the restriction, and in the end, he wasn’t even hesitant on expending Demonic Qi to stop Ling Han from stopping Rong Huan Xuan.

“So you’re Ling Han!” Rong Huan Xuan muttered—apparently he gained Rong Huan Xuan’s memories after possessing his body. He chuckled and said, “Come out, I know you’re still here!”

Pausing and seeing that there was no movement in the surroundings, he couldn’t help but snort and say, “I know you acquired a God Tool. Only a God Tool can contain living things… hehe, based on your experiences, you couldn’t possibly know. Let this lord give you a proper lesson today!

This lord could run amuck in the divine plane back in those days; my knowledge about God Tools surpasses yours infinitely! As long as this lord finds it, I can refine it, and you can just die inside there!

Before, this lord couldn’t deal with you, because this lord was suppressed by the formation. Now, with a physical body, the only path you have is death!

Hmph, since you want to waste time, then this lord will find you!

He shouted lightly, and puffs of Demonic Qi burst out from his body and floated in the surroundings, obviously searching for the whereabouts of the Black Tower.

Ling Han naturally heard everything, and couldn’t help but be a bit nervous. Asura Demon Emperor was once a god after all, even though now he was only one ninth of his body… Ling Han was curious about that—didn’t he say that this place suppressed one of his arms? How did it just become black smoke? No matter what, an emaciated camel was larger than a horse; he must have had some powerful ability.

For example, Ling Han still had a sliver of the legacy as a former warrior from the Heaven Tier—discernibility and judgment not in the least inferior to those in his previous life.

“Don’t worry, this person is just a sheep in wolf’s clothing.” Small Tower suddenly appeared, and evaluated, “He’s been suppressed for too long, and his soul is not complete. If he wants to recover the strength he had, he must recover his soul first; his battle power now is mostly moving the physical body. The Demonic Qi entering the body largely increased his battle power, but it won’t reach a ridiculous level.”

“What you mean is, I can contend with him?” Ling Han was automatically drawn to battle.

Small Tower looked at him closely, trembled lightly, and said, “Unless you borrow my power, you won’t be his rival.”

So he would have to use the Black Tower’s single-time power-up now?

Ling Han shook his head. This wasn’t worth it—use the best steel to make the knife’s edge. Since Asura Demon Emperor needed to assemble nine parts of his soul to reemerge as a god, then he couldn’t create too much of a disturbance; it wasn’t like there weren’t any powerful cultivators across the vast lands.

“However, you can refine the Demonic Qi,” Small Tower suddenly said. “That can at least increase your cultivation by three layers and strengthen your physique. The Indestructible Heaven Scroll will likely be able to reach Rock Cliff Tier.”

Ling Han nodded, sitting down cross-legged at once. He waved his right hand, and the lump of Demonic Qi appeared before him.

Inside the Black Tower, he was a god.

“Refine!” he murmured, and with a bang, the Demonic Qi dissipated, enveloping him like mist.

This was energy cultivated by a god. Even with such a lump of it, Ling Han would never be able to refine it normally; perhaps someone in the Shattering Void Tier would have some chance to succeed, but a person in the Gushing Spring Tier definitely couldn’t do it.

However, in the Black Tower, he was omnipotent; so what if it was the energy cultivated by a god? It could only keep quiet and be refined by him.

“Ugh!” The Demonic Qi entered his body; Ling Han immediately groaned, and his body inflated one fold, turning him into a fatty. The energy within the Demonic Qi was too abundant… it was of the God Tier after all—even if it was only a tiny bit, it was still surprisingly powerful.

The Strange Fire immediately became restless, sending out a thought to Ling Han about wanting to “feed.”

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Ling Han was originally a bit “stuffed,” so he naturally didn’t mind sharing it a little. As a result, a fierce flame was released from his left hand, and then immediately disappeared; the Strange Fire had already stopped all movements.

So full it burst?

Ling Han swiped with his divine sense and stopped worrying. The Strange Fire probably absorbed powerful energy and was now in hibernation to absorb it easily. When it awakened, it definitely could transform into a higher level.

Without worries, Ling Han went full throttle, absorbing the energy.

His spring’s eye expanded, his physique improved, even his soul slightly grew!

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Chapter 246