Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 245

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Chapter 245: Devil Comes Into Being

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

Ling Han lost control of his hand—he naturally became unable to use the Blood Sucking Origin Gold.

The demonic patterns were quickly expanding and creeping towards his head. At the same time, an indescribable evil was roiling inside his body, as if trying to swallow him whole.

“Hahahaha, become this lord’s servant! Your body seems to be hiding a secret that this lord is very interested in knowing!” Asura Demon Emperor’s voice sounded again.

Ling Han snorted, but he was unable to deal with Rong Huan Xuan at the moment. If he really let the demonic patterns creep onto his head, his consciousness would definitely be wiped out by the Demonic Qi, turning him into a walking dead controlled by Asura Demon Emperor.

His figured flashed—he had entered the Black Tower.

“Get the hell out!” he bellowed. A mysterious power surged within his body and whiffs of black Qi were instantly ejected from it, making him feel bright and clear.

“Small Tower!”

The space trembled and Small Tower appeared out of nowhere. It just shook lightly, and all the black Qi immediately condensed into a lump; it instantly wiped out the consciousness within it, turning it into a pure lump of Demonic Qi.

Ling Han’s body flashed again, and he had already appeared in the outside world.

“What, you actually expelled the Demonic Qi and refined this lord’s consciousness!?” Asura Demon Emperor cried out. “Hmph, several millennias of conspiring won’t be spoiled by a child. Today, no matter how large the cost, this lord will reach the objective!”

Hong , black Qi surfaced on Ling Han’s body again, each strands like a spirit snake, rushing to be the first to bore into his body.

“Sh!t!” Ling Han cursed and entered the Black Tower right away.

Small Tower intervened and completely wiped out the Demonic Qi in his body, refining it.

Ling Han made a comparison within—the traces of Demonic Qi before and now were somewhat different.

Before, the Demonic Qi carried Asura Demon Emperor’s will that wanted to control and manipulate him. However, the latter only confused his mind, and no longer contained Asura Demon Emperor’s will within it.

It was very simple—the other party was afraid of his will being erased.

One’s soul was limited. Once a part was erased, it’d forever disappear, and it would be impossible to recover it. Thus, Asura Demon Emperor wanted to stop Ling Han from stopping Rong Huan Xuan, but he absolutely wouldn’t send large amounts of his will for Ling Han to erase—that would be equivalent to suicide.

Therefore, Asura Demon Emperor gave up the thought of controlling him and only wanted him to lose his mind, turning him into an idiot without consciousness under the Demonic Qi’s influence.

Of course, expending Demonic Qi in this way would definitely hurt Asura Demon Emperor’s vitality greatly, so that’s why he said, “No matter how large the cost, this lord will reach the objective!” However, it could also be inferred how great Asura Demon Emperor’s scheme was, making him unhesitantly undertake such means to stop Ling Han.

Ling Han appeared again—this time, entering and exiting only took less than half a breath’s time.

He glanced over to see the bronze casket was getting closer and closer to the Demon Birth Sword, but this Tenth Tier Spirit Tool showed no signs of displaying its power; otherwise, with a Tenth Tier Spirit Tool against a Tenth Tier Spirit Tool, the Three Lives Corpse Caskets definitely wouldn’t obtain the upper hand.

Thinking back to how Asura Demon Emperor and the Demon Birth Sword echoed one another, obviously the Demon Birth Sword had been subdued by Asura Demon Emperor. Now, Rong Huan Xuan was running an errand for Asura Demon Emperor, so Demon Birth Sword naturally wouldn’t butt in.

Contrarily, if he entered the altar now, then he would definitely suffer a hit on the head from Demon Birth Sword, so he had no other means except for hiding in the Black Tower.

Asura Demon Emperor only saw that he refined Demonic Qi quickly, and assumed that he had a treasure that far surpassed the Three Lives Corpse Caskets. In reality, the Black Tower couldn’t be taken out, so even if he let Ling Han advance, Ling Han wouldn’t be able to stop Rong Huan Xuan…as long as the Demon Birth Sword intervened.

However, how could Asura Demon Emperor possibly know that?

Seeing Ling Han come out, he immediately allocated large amounts of Demonic Qi to corrode him, but to no avail.

Entering and exiting, the two seemed to be playing hide-and-seek, and the amount of Demonic Qi Ling Han obtained was bigger and bigger, making him beam with joy.

After the Demonic Qi was refined and stripped of its evil and chaos properties, it became a high-level energy, which was a great tonic that could increase his physical qualities and cultivation.

A good guy!

Ling Han truly wanted to award Asura Demon Emperor a medal; there truly weren’t many good people these years, making him inwardly sigh. However, he entered and exited more often to fish for more gains.

Asura Demon Emperor was almost driven mad, but he had no way to know that Ling Han couldn’t stop Rong Huan Xuan, sparing no effort to use Demonic Qi to corrupt Ling Han—this expenditure was so large that he felt it intolerable.

Fortunately, the bronze casket finally arrived before the Demon Birth Sword.

He instinctively stopped activating Demonic Qi. Although it was only a mere sliver of divine semse, it gave off extreme anticipation. If it could materialize at this moment, then it would inevitably be filled with eager expectation and excitement.

Rong Huan Xuan pushed aside the casket lid, reaching out to grab the Demon Birth Sword.

Ling Han just came out and found it odd that there was suddenly no Demonic Qi assaulting him, making him feel unused to it. He turned his head just in time to see the scene. At this moment, it was already too late for him to intervene, so he sat by and watched to see what would happen next.

Rong Huan Xuan grabbed onto the Demon Birth Sword and an extremely bright flash of brilliance instantly burst forth. The bronze casket also sent out a blinding light, forming dark characters, and closed in on that light.

Ling Han felt as if his eyes were blinded as he became unable to see anything. However, the two lumps of light burst out for a moment, then disappeared one after another. Rong Huan Xuan let out a tragic scream; his left arm was cut off from the shoulder, spilling out fresh blood.

Xiu , his severed arm still held onto the Demon Birth Sword, and it coincidentally flew in Ling Han’s direction.

With a rumble, the altar trembled fiercely and cracks appeared on the heaven-reaching pillar of light as infinite black dots came crashing onto the ground. With a bang, the top of the pillar of light started to crumble and spread downwards. In a breath’s time, it completely collapsed.

Pa, pa, pa, pa , corpses fell onto the ground, but this time, they didn’t make holes in it, nor did they climb up. Instead, each one was smashed into smithereens, turning into piles of blood.

With another rumble, the altar also cracked from the middle, exposing an unfathomably deep fracture. Soon, black smoke fiercely erupted from the bottom, turning into something resembling a human figure above the altar.

Ling Han was quick to act, already grabbing Rong Huan Xuan’s severed arm and naturally picking up the Demon Birth Sword in passing.

Seeing this, Rong Huan Xuan actually stopped crying out in pain,and yelled angrily at Ling Han, “Give me back my hand! And my sword!”

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Xiu , the human-like black smoke in the sky rammed fiercely towards Ling Han.

‘This was a scheme after all!’

The thought crossed Ling Han’s mind. However, why was that idiot Rong Huan Xuan so insistent on pulling that sword out? Now the devil suppressed in the mystery realm was let loose and he was at wits’ end; with a flash, he immediately entered the Black Tower

The lump of black smoke missed and immediately turned around, targeting Rong Huan Xuan.

“Fu*k!” Rong Huan Xuan was greatly terrified.

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Chapter 245