Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 243

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Chapter 243: True or False?

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

Ling Han was somewhat moved and said, “What sword?”

“Tenth Tier Spirit Tool, Demon Birth Sword!” Asura Demon Emperor said. “This is the first generation Demon Master’s sword, fused with the Demon Master’s martial intent, used as the formation’s eye. To refine the arm of god, the formation must be opened, so the Demon Birth Sword must be pulled out.”

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, “Senior, although you speak with such righteousness and such extravagance that my heart couldn’t help but beat wildly, how do I know that you’re not a fake created by the Chaos Origin God in a ploy to deceive me and make me open the restriction to let you out?”

“Hahahaha!” Asura Demon Emperor laughed boisterously, then said solemnly, “This lord can vow with my soul that this lord is Asura Demon Emperor and definitely not Chaos Origin God. If there are half-truths, then let my soul fall forever into reincarnation, and not allow to be birthed as man for ten thousand lifetimes.”

Vow of the soul!

This was the most serious vow, and the higher the tier of a martial artist, the less likely he would be to dare make such a vow.

Ling Han was a Heaven Tier martial artist in his previous life, so he naturally knew a vow of the soul couldn’t be faked.

However, he revealed a smile at the corner of his lips. The vow of the soul couldn’t be faked, but Asura Demon Emperor’s story could’ve been faked—then his vow naturally would have no meaning.

Ling Han pondered whether or not he wanted to take this risk.

If he could take in Demon Birth Sword and the arm of god into the Black Tower, then no matter what conspiracies and plots he had, he’d make him completely submit. The Tenth Tier Spirit Tool was definitely not out of the question, but the arm of god… that was god tier, which was on par with the Black Tower, so could it be refined?

Besides, Demon Birth Sword definitely had a spirit inside, and the arm of god had the remaining will of Chaos Origin God, which needed the other party’s agreement to be put into the Black Tower; he had no initiative.

Thus, Ling Han didn’t dare to make a decision rashly.

“Youngster, do you not believe this lord?” Asura Demon Emperor snorted and revealed dissatisfaction in his tone. “Whatever, this lord will summon Demon Birth Sword over, so you can ask it yourself.”

After a short while, a flash of light came flying rapidly from afar. It truly was a sword. It was covered in several patterns, each forming several characters. A look at it made Ling Han’s brain feel as if boiling and churning, it was extremely painful.

It definitely surpassed the Ninth Tier; otherwise, this martial intent wouldn’t be intolerable for Ling Han with just a glance.

“It certainly is a Tool Spirit.” Small Tower sent out a voice. Its consciousness was connected to Ling Han’s, and they could communicate anytime without worrying about anyone else knowing.

“I am Demon Birth Sword!” This sword resonated, sending out its divine sense.

It surely was a Tenth Tier Spirit Tool!

A sense of delight surged involuntarily in Ling Han. He planned to walk down the sword path, so naturally he yearned to possess a high tier Spirit Tool. If he could obtain the Demon Birth Sword, then he wouldn’t have to consider the problem of a weapon before breaking through to the God Tier.

“Youngster, do you still have any doubts about this lord?” Asura Demon Emperor’s voice sounded once again in Ling Han’s consciousness—he could only use divine consciousness to communicate with Ling Han.

Ling Han revealed a smile, and he said to Small Tower, “Can you help me subdue this Tool Spirit’s true entity?”

Small Tower was silent for a while, as if thinking, and then said, “If I use all my strength, then I can annihilate all existences in this realm; subduing a Tenth Tier Spirit Tool is naturally a breeze. However, in the depth of my memory, there is an intense voice that tells me definitely not to expose myself. Ten millennia ago, I used up the tiny bit of source power I recovered to fuse with you, and for you to take another person’s body, I used up the source power I had just accumulated completely. If I strike now without source power to hide from god’s design, then my existence will definitely be discovered by many powerful beings. At that time, you will die, and I’ll be striped away.”

Ling Han didn’t notice the difference between “source power,” and “origin power,” he sighed and said, “After all that talk, you just definitely can’t intervene?”

“With ten millennia for me to recover source power, I can intervene once,” Small Tower said.

Ling Han’s expression was bizarre. In ten millennia’s time, he’d either become a god or turn into a corpse, so he definitely wouldn’t be able to wait till Small Tower showed its power.

“However, if you can bring the Tool Spirit into my body, I can intervene without scruples and suppress it!” Small Tower added.

The fact remained that he still needed to bring Demon Birth Sword into the Black Tower.

Ling Han pondered, and said, “How much of Asura Demon Emperor’s words are real?”

“I don’t understand people’s hearts, and can’t judge if it’s true or false.” Small Tower vibrated lightly, as if shaking its head. “But judging by the divine consciousness he left on your body, if he enters the tower, I can easily suppress him.”

Again, it had to be within the tower.

Ling Han sighed. This was the hardest, because it was just like having a good hand of cards but no chance to use it; no matter how good that hand was, it could only rot in his hands, making him extremely depressed.


Ling Han was startled for a moment and looked behind him, only to hear a rumbling sound. With just a few breaths of time, three caskets were as if they had grown legs, sliding over.

Rong Huan Xuan!

He was truly like a lingering ghost.

Peng , Rong Huan Xuan jumped out of the casket and his gaze swept by Ling Han as he revealed an amazed expression and said, “You actually didn’t get infected by the Demonic Qi and turn into the walking dead like those scrubs?”

“You didn’t, let alone me?” Ling Han said indifferently.

“You mean, you’re stronger than me?” Rong Huan Xuan said with squinted eyes, revealing a dangerous aura.

“Isn’t it an obvious fact?” Ling Han laughed. Perhaps for a long time to come, this guy would be his opponent, so he naturally didn’t mind taunting him a bit.

Rong Huan Xuan was angered and thought to attack, but he suddenly stared blankly, showing an appearance of listening attentively.

Ling Han immediately guessed that Asura Demon Emperor told Rong Huan Xuan about the arm of god and the Demon Birth Sword.

“Hahahaha!” Rong Huan Xuan very quickly laughed aloud. “Who would’ve thought, who would’ve thought that here hides such a large secret. My Silver-Armored Corpse didn’t die in vain!”

Ling Han knew he was already moved, and said, “Rong Huan Xuan, you should think clearly, don’t throw yourself into it too.”

Rong Huan Xuan laughed loftily. He had Three Lives Corpse Casket, which was a Tenth Tier Spirit Tool, so he definitely wasn’t afraid of the Demon Birth Sword. Even if Chaos Origin God was once strong without bounds, but now it was severed into nine parts, so just how much power remained?

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Besides, he wasn’t an idiot. Wouldn’t he act only after he saw things clearly?

Xiu , Demon Birth Sword’s spirit started to fly.

Rong Huan Xuan immediately jumped into the bronze casket and followed at a lightning speed.

Ling Han shook his head and followed behind.

Although he wasn’t a paladin that cherished the entire world, he also wouldn’t wish for chaos in the world. He naturally had to prevent Rong Huan Xuan from doing deranged things… Rong Huan Xuan was a Thousand Corpse Sect disciple who couldn’t be considered a human anymore.

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Chapter 243