Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: I Have No Such Disciple

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

Ling Mu Yun had very fortunately taken hold of Ling Han’s weakness so he naturally would not easily give it up. He continued aggressively, “Alchemist is the most respected, most dignified profession in the whole of Rain Country, yet you not only did not stand up to greet my master upon his arrival, but also continue to remain seated? How arrogant can you be?

Kneel down quickly and beg my Master for a punishment!”

Ling Dong Xing frowned slightly. Alchemists were indeed very rare and held a high status in Rain Country. For example, even though this Ma Da Jun was only in the ninth layer of Body Refining Tier, as he was a Yellow Grade medium level alchemist, even strong warriors of the Element Gathering Tier like himself and Ling Zhong Kuan had to show him some face and satisfy Ma Da Jun’s ego.

Now that Ling Zhong Kuan and his grandson had taken advantage of this point to attack Ling Han, he really might encounter some trouble.

Clasping his fists, Ling Dong Xing said, “Alchemist Ma, many apologies. If my son has done anything to offend you, I hereby apologize on his behalf. As a forgiving, generous man, please do not lower yourself to the same level as my son.”

Ma Da Jun hadn’t even noticed Ling Han. He only found out what was going on after hearing Ling Mu Yun’s reprimand, so he couldn’t control his rising dissatisfaction and said, “Ling Clan Head, you’re really quite incredible. You invited me to dinner, so I offered you due respect by coming here. Yet you actually allow your son to humiliate me? Snort, what kind of logic is this?”


“Ling Han, kneel down now!” Ling Mu Yun smiled coldly. He knew very well that alchemical pills were one of the most important source of income for the clan, thus even if Ling Dong Xing did not want to, he had no choice but to concede on this issue and pressure Ling Han to do as told.

‘Forced to kneel by his own old man, Ling Han would definitely be very depressed and unbearably sorrowful, wouldn’t he? Hahahahaha!”

“Alchemist Ma-” Ling Dong Xing tried again to advise Ma Da Jun to let things go.

Ma Da Jun only raised his hand to stop Ling Dong Xing from continuing to speak. He did not even look at Ling Han and only said casually, “Let your son kneel down in front of me to explain.”



Ling Dong Xing slammed his hand heavily down on the table and said, “Alchemist Ma, I do not know what benefits you have received from the Cheng Clan to help them make trouble for our Ling Clan. But don’t you dare go to far. You actually want my, Ling Dong Xing’s son, to kneel down? Get lost!”

“How dare you!” Ling Zhong Kuan immediately shouted loudly, “Ling Dong Xing, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to bring ruin to the clan? The clan does not just belong to you alone! As someone who does not care about the big picture, what right do you have to continue to hold onto the position of Clan Head of the Ling Clan?”


Ling Dong Xing’s gaze turned heavy, and he said, “Who of those here is the one who does not care about the big picture? Because I considered the fact that we share the same surname of Ling, there were some things that I did not bring out into the open, yet you all bully my son in this manner. Do you really think I, Ling Dong Xing, am already dead?”

“Enough, if you’re going to engage in a family squabble, then have your argument at home. I’m a very busy man,” Ma Da Jun interrupted. “Quickly make this brat kneel down in front of me in apology.”

“Ma Da Jun, who are you asking to kneel?” Ling Han finally opened his mouth as he asked calmly.

Ma Da Jun?


At first, Ling Zhong and Ling Mu Yun were both shocked, thinking secretly that Ling Han was really gutsy to actually call Alchemist Ma directly by his name. Yet immediately, they looked extremely pleased–Ling Han had completely offended Ma Da Jun now! Ling Dong Xing and his son were definitely finished!

‘Haha, I knew that this brat would bring ruin to his father.’


“You trash, to actually call my master by his name directly, how dare you!” Ling Mu Yun immediately shouted. He definitely had to take advantage of such a grand opportunity to flatter Ma Da Jun.


However, he had not seen that Ma Da Jun’s expression quickly turned ugly. He had even stood up from his seat immediately.


This voice–how could Ma Da Jun ever forget this voice?


“Kneel down-”



Ling Mu Yun did not even manage to finish his words before seeing Ma Da Jun fly towards him like an arrow shot from a bow, raising his hand and giving him a heavy slap.


Ling Mu Yun was slapped utterly stupid. Even Ling Dong Xing and Ling Zhong Kuan had vacant expressions, staring blankly. If Ma Da Jun wanted to hit someone, then shouldn’t he be slapping Ling Han? Why had he suddenly slap Ling Mu Yun instead?


There must be some kind of mistake!

“Ma, Master!” Ling Mu Yun’s expression practically screamed that he felt wronged. Why was he suddenly hit?

Under the three observers’ uncomprehending stares, Ma Da Jun quickly raced to stand in front of Ling Han. Bowing, he lowered his head respectfully as if he was an obedient little lackey and said, “So the noble guest today was Young Master Han. Please forgive my blindness for not managing to notice Young Master Han just now.”

Although he had suffered a great deal because of Ling Han, he had had no idea what his name was–Zhu He Xin naturally had no need to explain anything to him.

What? What?

The other three members of the Ling Clan all entered into “petrified” mode. Was this really the extremely arrogant, high and mighty Alchemist Ma from just moments ago? Why did they suddenly feel like he had become a pug dog? Furthermore, why did he address Ling Han ‘Young Master Han’?

Although Ma Da Jun’s actual cultivation level could not be considered very high, he was an alchemist.

And an alchemist always commanded great respect and dignity!

The other three felt as if they had been petrified. They could not believe what they were seeing and hearing at all.


“This is your disciple? How overbearing!” Ling Han said, looking at Ling Han. His tone was extremely serene.

However, Ma Da Jun was shocked half to death. Once more, he gave another solid slap to Ling Mu Yun, and said, “Who do you think you are, to actually be so impolite to Young Master Han? I have no such disciple. From now onwards, do not address me as your master.”

Ling Mu Yun immediately put on an expression of disbelief. He had been chased out? Just because of one word from Ling Han?


He recalled that Ling Han had just told him that he would never become an alchemist. Those words actually came true!


“No, Master, please do not chase me away, please give me another chance!” Ling Mu Yun pleaded earnestly, quickly throwing himself to Ma Da Jun’s feet.


He was not a martial arts genius, and had even lost the chance to enroll at Hu Yang Academy. Thus, becoming an alchemist was his last chance. Otherwise, he would have to be just like his father and grandfather. The strongest he could become would only be Element Gathering Tier, and he’d have a certain status only in the very small, very remote Gray Cloud Town.


“Get lost, you dared to be impolite to Young Master Han! I was already being merciful by not killing you, and you actually fancy that you are going to be an alchemist?” Ma Da Jun snorted. Even Zhu He Xin, Grandmaster Zhu, was extremely respectful facing Ling Han. If he knew that Ling Mu Yun actually dared to take such an attitude towards Ling Han, he may even rush over here to kill this brat with his own hands!


And with one word from Grandmaster Zhu, which alchemist in the whole of Rain Country would dare to take Ling Mu Yun as a disciple?


Ling Mu Yun could not control the ashen expression on his face. He was dazed, looking as if he had lost his soul.


“Let’s go!” Ling Zhong Kuan took hold of his grandson. He knew there was no use saying anything now–it was better for them to leave before they embarrass themselves further.

“No! I’m an alchemist’s apprentice, I will become an alchemist in the future!” Ling Mu Yun struggled with all his might, as if he had gone mad. But Ling Zhong Kuan held him tightly. Those still remaining in the private room could only hear the screams getting farther and farther away before they finally disappeared.

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In the private room, Ling Dong Xing looked dumbstruck, while Ma Da Jun was drenched in cold sweat. He did not know if he had managed to soothe Ling Han’s anger. He really dared not offend this young master.

“Just now, you were quite fierce facing my father,” Ling Han said calmly, yet there was a strong dissatisfaction in his voice.


“Young Master Han, I had no idea just now that Ling Clan Head was your father. Otherwise, I would never dare to put on airs in front of Ling Clan Head!” He spoke with a pained expression, “I deserve death, I really am worthless!”

He strengthened his resolve, and actually started to slap himself repeatedly!

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Chapter 24