Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 238

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Chapter 238: Evil Demon Tree

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

This girl truly knew not how to talk, using such harsh speech.

Ling Han smiled lightly, and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely live to be a hundred.”

“I worry!” Chi Hua Lan snorted again.

Ling Han couldn’t help but think about Liu Ru Er who also liked to snort.

Caring yet proud!

After he labeled Chi Hua Lan in his mind as such, he took out the logbook, peering into it again.

Chi Hua Lang naturally didn’t know how precious a thing Ling Han held in hand—it even allowed one to pass through the formation! She sat down cross-legged; even though she ate a medicinal pill, she still needed to coordinate it with the circulation of Origin Power to recover her injuries.

Ling Han very quickly closed the logbook and began walking ahead.

Although Chi Hua Lan was recovering her injuries, she didn’t dare to be careless. Naturally, she paid some attention to Ling Han in case he suddenly attacked and tried to subdue her… she knew just how crazy her looks made men.

However, Ling Han just walked away!

He walked away just like that?

This guy was her savior after all; even if he shamelessly stuck by her side, she wouldn’t use her sword to chase him off, right? However, Ling Han let such a great chance go, making her appear as if she saw a ghost.

To loosen the reins only to capture one better?

Chi Hua Lang thought so at the start, but soon, she could no longer hear Ling Han’s footsteps, as if she was the only one left in this world.

He really left!

Chi Hua Lan’s face twitched; although she never thought she’d charm all the men in the world, she’d seen plenty of the expressions of men who couldn’t move their eyes off her, and now a freak who didn’t care about her suddenly appeared, almost making her snap.

This guy said he didn’t need her to use her body to repay him… he wasn’t joking, but he truly thought so?

Chi Hua Lan thought back, and she was practically going berserk that someone gave her the cold shoulder!

On the other side, Gu Feng Hua called out, “Fairy Chi, come back…”

“Get lost!” Chi Hua Lan was still fuming, so she naturally gave Gu Feng Hua a murderous look, which destroyed her fairy-like aura entirely. She took a deep breath and sat on the ground again.

That was just a fool she didn’t need to care about… didn’t need to care about…

She told herself that, but involuntarily clenched her fists; if Ling Han appeared before her now, she definitely would give him a beating.

Ling Han took large strides forward. In this life, his attention was put on the path of martial arts. It didn’t matter how beautiful Chi Hua Lan was, admiring her for a bit was enough.

He followed the logbook’s records and paid attention not to make a wrong step—otherwise, he could be forever trapped inside this mist, unable to ever leave… he could only hope that Chi Hua Lan wouldn’t lose her calm and rush in.

But, he was not a reckless person; it wasn’t certain if the logbook was valid, not to mention possible changes to the formation after all those years that passed.

Maybe this was a trap to lure people to enter?

Ling Han turned Blood Sucking Origin Gold into a line of silk, and fastened it to the riverside. While he advanced, he laid out the line in case he lost his direction—he would still be able to return following the line.

…Wandering numerous times in ancient sites, his experience was naturally rich.

The logbook apparently didn’t have any problems. After ten minutes, the mist dispersed; though it still remained, its density wasn’t comparable to the one before.

It was gloomy here, as if it was midnight but with a dim moonlight; it was dusky, but not to the point of being unable to see one’s own fingers, forming an extremely constrained and inhibited environment.

Ling Han jerked his finger and retrieved the Blood Sucking Origin Gold. He now had complete confidence in being able to return.

According to reason, when the mystery realm’s door closed, it would expel all outsiders inside, but it was rumored that those who crossed the river disappeared henceforth; none ever appeared again and that meant two possibilities.

First, once people reached this point, they would no longer be expelled, and second, the people who came here all died, so they naturally would not be able to go out.

Since he didn’t know the dangers hidden here, Ling Han didn’t let the three girls out. On the contrary, his mind was highly tense, ready to enter the Black Tower any time.

Pa , a shadow suddenly attacked like a sharp arrow, thrusting at Ling Han.

Ling Han instantly made a decision, and a black sword immediately surfaced from the Black Tower. He reached and grabbed it, slicing towards the shadow.

The cold sword struck and ignited a blinding brilliance, making the black figure show its true appearance.

It was actually a rattan!

Ling Han’s sword struck out, unleashing six flashes of sword qi.

With a muffled sound, the rattan was struck and immediately began fluttering everywhere with black-colored liquids pouring out. It was as if a man’s arm had been cut by a sword.

Shua, shua, shua, at this moment, several hundred rattans came thrusting.

Ling Han concentrated his gaze, opening up his left hand and turning Blood Sucking Origin Gold instantly into a screen blocking the attacks in front. Pu, pu, pu, pu, muffled sounds reverberated, and the strength behind the attacks pushed Ling Han back continuously.

He aggressively retracted the Blood Sucking Origin Gold—with this time buffer, he already prepared Mysterious Three Thousand, fiercely unleashing his sword.Shua, shua, shua, dozens of sword shadows surfaced at once, and the spiritual qi converged, quickly turning into a physical body.

“Go!” Ling Han shouted loudly, controlling dozens of sword lights to counterattack against the rattans.

This attack was too strong, the severed rattans fluttered and black-colored liquids poured like rain.

Hong , with a trembling sound, a massive black figure surfaced. It was a massive tree, but this guy pulled itself out from the ground as countless roots intertwined below it, turning into four legs and enabling it to walk on the ground.

“Evil Demon Tree!” Ling Han said with a slight change in his expression. “Evil Demon Tree is a third stage monster spirit that isn’t worrying on its own, but always comes in groups…”

As those words were said, another large tree appeared, then three more, a fourth one, and… the amount kept increasing, forming a whole crowd of them.

“Evil Demon Tree’s tree heart is an extremely good tonic food. It’s just that when so many appear, it’s hard to fight against them!” Ling Han muttered.

Hong , innumerable rattans were launched as at least a dozen Evil Demon Trees attacked him at once.

Ling Han hurriedly dodged while waving his sword to counterattack from time to time. It was just that these Evil Demon Trees were simply too large, and just like his Dead Tree Body, their trunks were tough and durable, so when the Sword Qi hit, it only scraped the tree bark.

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He was about to hide in the Black Tower to temporarily avoid them, but the Strange Fire sent him a thought, wanting to come out to fight those Evil Demon Trees.

‘Fire conquers wood, it’s worth a try.’ With Ling Han’s thought, hong , the Strange Fire immediately rose up, emitting a strong presence.

This Strange Fire was fostered from a Shattering Void Tier cultivator’s ossified remains; its intrinsic qualities were surprisingly high.

Once the Strange Fire came out, the Evil Demon Trees instantly backed away one after another, revealing an intense fear.

“Haha, never thought that my chance would come so quickly! Don’t run, leave your tree hearts!” Ling Han initiated an attack.

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Chapter 238