Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 232

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Chapter 232: Take Down

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

“Yu Tong…” Ao Yang Ming just opened up the tent, and soon saw a youngster smiling at him, giving him a shock. “Ling Han!” he cried out.


Uncle Fu instantly rushed out; his mission was to protect Ao Yang Ming.

Too late!

He saw Ao Yang Ming had already fallen into the youngster’s hands, and a sword laid on Ao Yang Ming’s neck as a few drops of blood trickled down Ao Yang Ming’s skin. He could only stop in place.

Ling Han was now a genuine Gushing Spring Tier with nine large origin nuclei fused into one super origin nuclei that formed into a spring’s eye, just how many times stronger was he than a normal first level Gushing Spring Tier?

He had Five Elements Origin Nucleus to begin with, and his power was four to five times higher than people of the same tier. On top of this, his power was at least ten times higher! Even if the difference between stages in Element Gathering Tier was greater, he could at least rival fifth level Element Gathering Tier solely in terms of power.

…This was also because he just broke through, and didn’t reach the peak period of the first layer of the Element Gathering Tier! Moreover, it was without counting various arts and techniques that could bring his battle prowess up. Concerning true battle prowess, he definitely surpassed nine stars.

A nine star Gushing Spring Tier against an Element Gathering Tier, would that not be as easy as the swipe of a hand?

“Ling Han!” Ao Yang Ming gnashed his teeth, a fierce and irritated expression on his face. He had thought Liu Yu Tong finally submitted, but to think she’d set him up instead. In other words, Liu Yu Tong still chose Ling Han.

This realization was simply a violent slap to the face.

“Let go of young master!” Uncle Fu said coldly, his eyes full of killing intent. He finally knew that the suspicious movements he felt earlier were not him seeing wrong because of blurred vision, but it was this guy’s superior methods deceiving his eyes.

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, “Old man, don’t you scare me. I’m timid, so once you scare me and my hand slips, don’t blame me if your young master’s neck gets slit open.”

He intentionally wobbled his hand, and a drop of blood immediately oozed out from Ao Yang Ming’s neck, turning into a pearl dripping down.

Uncle Fu’s face was full of fright as he said, “Stop!”

“You’re scaring me again!” Ling Han said pretending to complain, and shaking his hand even harder.

Uncle Fu was at wit’s end; taking a step back, he said, “Youngster, we can talk this out.”

Ao Yang Ming, however, appeared very arrogant, and said, “Ling Han, I am Winter Moon Sect’s direct disciple, if you dare touch a single hair on me, then Winter Moon Sect’s power will crush you and everyone around you into pieces!”


Ling Han slapped Ao Yang Ming heavily on the head and said, “Stray dog, from where do you get this feeling of superiority? I’ll slap you till you’re awake!”

“Ling Han…!” Ao Yang Ming squawked. Growing up till now, he had never been slapped on the head, making his eyes redden, wishing deeply to tear Ling Han to shreds.

“What are you screaming for!” Ling Han snorted, and knocked Ao Yang Ming out with a karate chop.

“Young Master!” Uncle Fu cried out, but realizing that Ao Yang Ming was only unconscious, he calmed down a little. Looking back at Ling Han, he said, “Let go of young master, this old one will let you leave safely.”

“Old dog, you think everyone else an idiot?” Ling Han sneered. “Once I free him, I’ll immediately suffer from your treacherous assault!”

“This old one honors with my reputation…”

“Shoo, shoo, shoo, what sort of crappy reputation would an old flunky like you have, stop embarrassing yourself!” Ling Han said in disdain.

Uncle Fu shivered with anger; while he was considered an old servant ordered to protect Ao Yang Ming, he was still a Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivator—even at Winter Moon Sect, Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivators were a force not to be neglected.

“Get out, I want some sleep. When I sleep enough and regain some spirit, I’ll discuss with you, old dog, how to redeem your young master.” Ling Han flicked his fingers, and said, “You can say goodbye on your knees.”

Uncle Fu naturally wouldn’t kneel down, but seeing Ling Han’s sword swaying near Ao Yang Ming’s neck, he could only sigh and close the tent, sitting cross-legged on the ground.

He was waiting for a chance. If Ling Han wanted to run and stuck out his head out of the tent, then he would smash Ling Han’s head with thunderous force, not giving Ling Han any chance to use Ao Yang Ming as a hostage.

Inside the tent, Ling Han smiled at Liu Yu Tong and said close up to her ear, “I’ll bring you somewhere, don’t resist.”

Feeling Ling Han’s warm breath on her neck, Liu Yu Tong blushed and couldn’t even hear what Ling Han said, nodding her head thoughtlessly.

Ling Han grabbed onto Liu Yu Tong’s delicate hand. With a thought, xiu , he already brought Liu Yu Tong and Ao Yang Ming into The Black Tower.

Liu Yu Tong was taken aback, then cried out. They were just in a small narrow tent, how could they instantly come into such a large space?

“Where’s this?” she muttered.

“A safe place.” Ling Han didn’t explain in detail, because it was hard to explain and involved his past life. Moreover, the Black Tower’s existence was too big of a deal. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Liu Yu Tong, but the secret itself was a heavy burden that he didn’t want Liu Yu Tong to carry.

Liu Yu Tong nodded, naturally believing fully in Ling Han.

“Wow!” Hu Niu soared over. Just as Liu Yu Tong thought this little girl had been missing her and thus spread her arms to hug her, Hu Niu brilliantly wound around her and dove into Ling Han’s embrace. Hu Niu nudged Ling Han with her small head, and then turned around to make a funny face at Yu Tong, expressing her dominance.

…Ling Han belonged to Niu!

That was her implicit assertion.

Li Yu Tong’s face twitched, she’d never thought that the little girl would be so jealous.

Ling Han patted Hu Niu on the head and said to Liu Yu Tong, “I found you so quickly because of Niu Niu’s help, you need to thank her properly.”

Hu Niu was even more pleased with herself, cracking a grin at Liu Yu Tong.

Liu Yu Tong was speechless, feeling that she’d encountered a strong rival—Ling Han would guard against everyone but this little girl.

The little girl could flirt all she wanted and stick onto Ling Han, an advantage that neither she nor Li Si Chan had.

Besides, the little girl obviously treated Ling Han like her private property. Her actions just now obviously represented “guarding her food,” displaying her excessive jealousy.

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“Go rest for a bit. I need to question this guy.” Ling Han picked up Ao Yang Ming who’d been thrown aside. This ingrate had to die, but he still wanted to learn a few things about Winter Moon Sect.

Outside, Uncle Fu suddenly frowned—it had been a long while since he heard any movements inside the tent. He couldn’t help but listen closely, and his expression soon changed drastically, for he couldn’t even hear the sounds breathing or anyone’s heartbeat.

He jumped up hurriedly and dove into the tent, but the tent was empty, with no other human figure inside.

How was that possible?

Uncle Fu’s expression was ashen. Could this brat have some sort of teleportation ability and thus already took Ao Yang Ming far away?

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Chapter 232