Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 229

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Chapter 229: The Black Tower Opens

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

Weng , the Black Tower appeared, floating up and down in front of Ling Han.

The Black Tower!

Ling Han was deeply moved. Since seeing the Black Tower ten millennia ago, this was his second time using his physical body to view the Black Tower, realizing thoroughly that he lived twice as human.

“Wrong, I am not the Black Tower you saw ten millennia ago, but the Black Tower’s spirit.” Small Tower 1 seemed to hear Ling Han’s thoughts and unexpectedly, it gently swayed, telepathically sending a thought right into Ling Han’s consciousness.


Ling Han was shocked as he asked, “You’re a spirit? Then where am I?”

“Of course within the Black Tower,” Small Tower said.

Ling Han was somewhat confused as he said, “The Black Tower is within my Dantian, yet I’m within the Black Tower, how is that possible?”

“Take a look at your Dantian,” Small Tower said.

Ling Han looked within his Dantian, yet found that the Dantian was already empty and devoid of the existence of the Black Tower.

“You’ve entered inside the Black Tower, and the Black Tower naturally resides in the world you’re in,” Small Tower said indifferently. In actuality, its intonation had always been dull, without a trace of emotion.

“Hu Niu!” Ling Han was startled. The massiveness of the Black Tower was something he had seen, and it also had mighty abilities; a ray of light it sent shattered him, who was a Heaven Tier in his former life, to death. Hu Niu, who was meditating by his side, couldn’t possibly have been crushed to death, right?

Even if she wasn’t crushed to death, with the little girl’s savageness, she’d definitely pounce and bite back fiercely. The result of that would be inconceivable, too.

“Don’t worry, after you entered the Black Tower, the Black Tower itself turned into a speck no different from dust, and no one shall realize the difference,” Small Tower still spoke in a dead man’s tone.

Ling Han let out a sigh of relief, then patted his own head and said mockingly, “Why didn’t I feel it odd that a spirit suddenly came out to talk to me…? Wait, are you saying that I’m inside the Black Tower?” Ling Han suddenly came to a realization.

“Yes,” Small Tower said calmly.

Ling Han’s jaw instantly dropped, and he said, “How’s it possible! The Black Tower can turn into a speck of dust and has a spirit, which means it is a spirit tool. Then, the space it forms should be the same as that of the spatial ring, so how can it contain living beings?”

“The space here is a separate world created by it—naturally, it can contain living beings. What’s so strange about it?” Small Tower said indifferently.

Ling Han was shocked, and then revealed an expression of wild excitement.

The Black Tower could contain living beings and turn into the size of a speck of dust; what did this mean? When he faced danger, he could enter the Black Tower, similar to how Rong Huan Xuan could hide in the bronze casket.

The difference was that the internal space of the Black Tower was who knows how much larger, and it could become infinitely small; enemies wouldn’t know what happened, and might assume that he knew how to teleport.

A godly item, this definitely was a godly item! He had never heard of a spatial vessel that could contain living beings and change its size. Moreover, he was already wearing a spatial ring on his hand!

One had to know that spatial vessels couldn’t be stacked, meaning that a spatial vessel couldn’t be put into another spatial vessel. He was now inside the Black Tower, yet the spatial ring was still on his hand. This meant that the two things could be stacked.

“Can I bring others inside?” Ling Han asked.



Small Tower used its will to teach Ling Han how to bring in other things—which included living humans and other living beings. The key was that living beings couldn’t have any thought of resistance, or else he had to first knock the being out.

Xiu , Ling Han’s body flashed and reappeared in the forest in the outside world. Hu Niu was at a loss, looking around, and when she saw Ling Han appear, she pounced at him and said, “How come Niu couldn’t find you earlier?”

Ling Han laughed mischievously, and said, “I’ll take you somewhere, don’t resist.”

“Oh.” Hu Niu nodded, not really understanding.

Ling Han grabbed onto Hu Niu and followed the method Small Tower transferred with its will earlier—with a thought, xiu , he and Hu Niu already appeared inside the Black Tower.

“Wow!” Hu Niu revealed an astounded expression and couldn’t help but open up both arms and run in this vast space. She giggled as she ran, seeming to be extremely lively.

“Can you see what’s weird with this little girl?” Ling Han asked Small Tower.

Small Tower trembled lightly, as if nodding, and said, “I received a heavy injury, and do not possess any of my past memories.”

“What!?” Ling Han cried out. The Black Tower lightly trembled and annihilated him when he was once a Heaven Tier cultivator, but a godly tool such as this received a heavy injury, even losing all its past memories… then who exactly attacked it?

“I have an indistinct feeling that my existence will attract the covetous eyes of many, so before you possess peerless strength, you mustn’t reveal my secret,” Small Tower said coldly.

Ling Han nodded. Not to mention the Black Tower, the Indestructible Heaven Scroll alone weighed heavily; he wouldn’t reveal a shred of that secret even if beaten to death.

“But, are you really called the Black Tower?” he asked.

Small Tower trembled lightly, and said, “I already lost all my memories, even of my name.”

Ling Han couldn’t help but be depressed. He thought that after he broke through to Gushing Spring Tier, he could understand the Black Tower’s secrets. He would’ve never thought that other than getting a “castle” that he could carry around, there didn’t seem to be any other changes.

Of course, this castle was enough to even make Shattering Void Tier cultivators envious and risk everything to get it.

“The Black Tower totals nine layers, and when you reach certain strength, you’ll be able to open the corresponding layer, with each layer having different functions,” Small Tower said.

Ling Han immediately revealed a joyful look, and said, “What sort of functions?”

“My memory is already lost, so only after you’ve opened a new layer of the tower will I receive the corresponding information,” Small Tower said unhurriedly. “Thus, I can only tell you now the first layer’s function.”

It paused for a bit, then said, “The first layer is a medicinal garden; the spirit grass planted here will grow as if one year is equivalent to that of a thousand years.”


Ling Han suddenly choked; one year equaled a thousand years? ‘If I wanted a thousand year old ginseng, then wouldn’t I only have to wait a year?’

“I have blurry memories, but after opening a certain unknown layer, I can further accelerate it,” Small Tower supplemented.

Ling Han almost jumped in joy.

There were two problems that troubled alchemists.

First, the standard of pill refinement; you couldn’t let a Earth Grade alchemist refine a Heaven Grade medicinal pill. Second, the ingredients; even a skillful housewife couldn’t cook a meal without rice, and so even a Heaven Grade alchemist couldn’t refine Yellow Grade medicinal pills out of thin air.

And the higher the medicinal pill’s grade, the higher the requirements for spirit grass were too, frequently requiring hundred year or thousand year old ingredients; some highest grade spiritual plants even needed to be ten millennia old!

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There were only so many spirit grasses in the world. Harvesting from generation to generation, were there still so many thousand year old and ten millennia old plants left?

A hundred year old plants were already rare!

However, the Black Tower could easily solve this problem. Spirit grasses raised here for a year were equivalent to a thousand year old spirit grasses in the outside world; it was even possible to accelerate it further after opening a certain layer.


It definitely was a godly item!

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Chapter 229