Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 224

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Chapter 224: A Magnificent Turn

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What a magical formation.

As a former Heaven Tier cultivator, Ling Han’s interest was naturally placed on something else than the others’. The others were just shocked by this magical scene, but he found why the palace hall was floating.

Right below the hall was an empty public square, but this plain-looking square was not so simple. Vein-like lines formed an intriguing pattern with indistinct flashes of light on it.

Another look at the bottom of the palace, there were also corresponding vein-like lines shining faintly there.

Ling Han was amazed by it; though he has seen many formations that were used for either defense or attack, very few were of the antigravity type. This certainly looked grand, but for martial artists, this had no practical use.

This was the central hall.

Behind the large hall was a thick forest; they came just in time to see someone’s silhouette disappear into the forest.

“Let’s first go to the central hall to offer blood,” Qi Yong Ye said. He counted as half-royalty and didn’t wish for a calamity to occur in Rain Country in the least; this was the common view of those with a vested interest.

Everyone nodded. If a Blood Zombie really appeared, it would benefit no one.

They walked up the stairs, where there were many people from not only Rain Country, but also Rock Country and Fire Country. The nine countries had an unwritten rule which was that fights were prohibited in the central hall; letting the blood sacrifice go smoothly was of mutual benefit to the nine large countries. Whoever broke this rule would become the public enemy of the nine countries.

Because the mystery realm opened again after more than three hundred years, everyone here naturally came for the first time, and while walking on the steps, they cried out in surprise. Many people only moved a step after a long while, shocked by the nature-defying construct.

Climbing step by step, their feet were suspended in midair by the steps underneath. As they got higher, they naturally felt unease, but also became excited because who else other than Flower Blossom Tier cultivators could fly amid heaven and earth?

Although it didn’t count as flying, it was roughly the same feeling.

…Standing on top of the highest heavens and passing judgment on everything.

Ling Han was also a bit overwhelmed by emotions. It was no wonder a formation like this was created through painstaking effort, as it certainly felt more satisfying. To arrange such a large formation, the materials necessary also had to be extremely precious. Small countries like Rain Country and Fire Country couldn’t make it even if they used the entire country’s power.

There was a total of 3333 steps, yet it took them nearly half an hour to walk to their end. First, they were walking and gazing because it was so shocking, and second, there were too many people on the steps, so squeezing through all the way wasn’t easy.

The large hall finally appeared in front of them. This was a building without four sidewalls and with a total of twelve massive stone columns supporting the ceiling; each stone column was nearly 333 meters tall, making this large hall appear extremely grand.

“Young master! Young Master!” A voice filled with surprise was heard. Three people squeezed out from the crowd, headed by a sixty-year-old man with a relatively strong presence.

“Uncle Fu!” Yang Ming’s eyes lit up. He instantly revealed a joyful expression and hurriedly greeted them.

“Young master, are you alright?” The three were all nervously looking at Yang Ming. This was Ao family’s young master. If anything were to happen, they would definitely have to pay with their lives.

“I’m fine!” Yang Ming smiled slightly and turned around; his temperament changed drastically all of a sudden.

Although he was hitting it up with the others before, he looked like an underling. Now he was filled with grace of a person with high status, just like an ugly duckling suddenly turned into a beautiful swan.

“Everyone, please allow me to introduce myself again!” His eyes swept past everyone. “My family name is Ao, and first name is Yang Ming, I’m a direct disciple of Winter Moon Sect!”

Winter Moon Sect!

In the vast lands, sects and countries could not be randomly established. With only a Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivator to oversee things, an organization could only be called a faction. With a Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator overseeing things, a country could be established, and a sect needed an even higher tier.

…At the very least, a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator had to keep watch over it.

Winter Moon Sect was the closest sect near the Nine Nations of the Desolate North. It was rumored that a formidable Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator watched over it—even the Nine Nations of the Desolate North needed to be respectful of it, for if Winter Moon Sect got displeased, dispatching a random Flower Blossom Tier cultivator could sweep across a single country. And if a Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator personally stepped forth, even the reclusive Flower Blossom Tier cultivators of the Nine Nations fighting together would only be put down in the end.

The higher the tier, the greater the difference a tier or even half a small tier made, not to mention a large tier’s difference.

Qi Yong Ye and the others were shocked. Being a direct disciple meant that Ao Yang Ming’s status in Winter Moon Sect was even nobler than that of the Eldest Prince and the Third Prince. It was no wonder he kept his identity secret on the way. He must’ve been afraid that after it was exposed, people would covet the arts and skills he cultivated.

Skills passed by Winter Moon Sect, just how precious was that?

Now, Ao Yang Ming had his family’s protection, and naturally had no more qualms.

Surname Ao? Winter Moon Sect?

A coldness flashed by in Ling Han’s gaze. Could this guy have any relations with Ao Feng? According to Ling Dong Xing, Ao Feng was distinguished and lived an unconventional lifestyle with countless illegitimate children, and because of that, his mother fled the marriage. If one were to say that the person in front of him was Ao Feng’s love child, then that was completely possible.

He of course wouldn’t be impudent and directly ask him. He just showed a faint smile.

Qi Yong Ye and the others promptly paid obeisance. This was a large sect’s direct disciple—it was alright even if they couldn’t be friends, but they definitely couldn’t have a big argument; otherwise, it could bring their own families a disaster.

Ao Yang Ming was expectedly arrogant, placing his attitude extremely high. Except when he looked at Liu Yu Tong, his gaze became gentle, and he said, “Lady Yu Tong, do you have any interest in joining Winter Moon Sect?”

Joining Winter Moon Sect?

Everyone was shocked, revealing an envious expression. Moon Winter Sect, joining such a sect could give one the chance to step into Spiritual Pedestal or Flower Blossom Tier, maybe even Spiritual Infant Tier.

Of course, just by the looks of Ao Yang Ming inviting only Liu Yu Tong, one would know what sort of idea this guy had planned.

Undoubtedly, Liu Yu Tong was one of the two most beautiful in the Imperial City—beautiful like an angel. It was not surprising that Ao Yang Ming fell for her.

“No!” Liu Yu Tong declined without thinking at all.

She knew that Ao Yang Ming fancied her good looks, but even if he really valued her natural aptitude, she wouldn’t agree. Firstly, what sort of art was she cultivating? Heaven tier!

Would Winter Moon Sect give her Heaven tier art to cultivate? Putting aside whether they had it or not, even if they had it, they wouldn’t easily pass it onto outsiders.

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Secondly, following Ling Han, she didn’t need to worry about medicinal pills. That guy was not far from becoming an Earth Grade alchemist.

Thirdly, and most importantly, she was not willing to leave Ling Han.

With the third condition, it was enough to overturn everything.

Ao Yang Ming was originally certain that Liu Yu Tong would agree, but never did he expect her to reject it so straightforwardly. It turned his expression instantly into an awkward one. He looked at Ling Han and revealed a sneering smile from the corner of his lips. On the way, he obviously saw that Liu Yu Tong had feelings for Ling Han.

Then he’d first have to trample on Ling Han to show that the latter was worthless!

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Chapter 224