Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 217

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Chapter 217: Eliminating with a Single Slash

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

Senior Brother Ma was roaring in rage. His opponent even had a child in his arms, yet he actually couldn’t manage to do anything to him. This made him feel very depressed. Moreover, as time passed, he became even more anxious.

Firstly, a Strength Talisman could only last for about ten-plus minutes, and secondly, he had indeed suffered heavy injuries, and there was a need for him to immediately treat his injuries. Otherwise, the longer they were left unattended, the more serious his wounds would become.

“Junior Brother Yang, cooperate with me and we’ll take down this brat together!” he called out.

“Agreed!” The other person also joined into the battle with his sword in hand.

Two elites of Gushing Spring Tier were actually ganging up on a single martial artist of Element Gathering Tier. If this was known to others, they would definitely be looked down on and disdained. However, these two men were obviously very shameless characters, and did not care about this fact any one bit. They only wanted to kill Ling Han as soon as possible.

But to their shock, they discovered they could not possibly achieve it.

Ling Han’s figure was as slippery as a swimming fish, and they were completely unable to catch hold of him. They could only chase after him in vain and pointlessly waste their energy. And the more time passed, the worse the situation was for them.

“Brat, what kind of man are you to keep dodging? If you have the guts to, stand and face us directly!” Senior Brother Ma tried to provoke him.

“Are you an idiot?” Ling Han humphed. “You already said you are able to kill me in a single move, and I am still supposed to stand and face you directly? Do you take me for an idiot, or are you the real idiot here?”

“Damn you!” Senior Brother Ma howled in fury.

“However, I don’t have the time to wait until you’re exhausted, so receive a slash from me then!” Ling Han’s face became solemn. The sword intent of the Mysterious Three Thousand circulating in his heart. He began to mull over this Style.

Instantly, an oppressive feeling as if a storm was about to arrive enveloped Senior Brother Ma and his last remaining companion.

“What kind of sword technique is this!?” Senior Brother Ma instantly looked shocked. In his eyes, it was as if Ling Han had become the center of the universe, and everything else in the surroundings had paled in color.

“Why is that I can’t even move my body?” Junior Brother Yang was about to cry.

His opponent’s sword was right about to strike him, yet he couldn’t even move his body. Didn’t that mean he could only wait for his death?

Ling Han smiled internally. He had used his divine sense to freeze the two of them, which created the illusion that they were unable to move. This was an influence to their consciousness. Usually, as long as one had a strong enough will, he would naturally not be affected.

For example, Can Ye. With the focus and concentration he had on saber arts, even if Ling Han was still in Heaven Tier, he would still be unable to shake Can Ye’s will.

However, the two of them, due to their heavy injuries, already had very weakened wills. They were then shocked by Ling Han’s six flashes of Sword Qi, and astonished by the strange amount of power a martial artist merely in the first layer of Element Gathering Tier had. Their wills were naturally very strongly affected. As a result, Ling Han instilled his influence into the sword stance of the Three Styles of Black Origin, leading them into thinking that they were unable to move.

Mysterious Three Thousand!

Ling Han brandished his sword. Xiu, xiu, xiu . A few dozen flashes of light from the sword were shot out, solidifying into sharp blades that swiftly flew towards Senior Brother Ma and his accomplice.

Due to the pressure of death, Senior Brother Ma and his accomplice managed to get from under the oppression of Ling Han’s divine sense. At this time, there was no longer any time left for them to flee. They flourished and whirled their respective weapons in order to block as much of this attack as possible.

Peng, peng, peng, peng. Every blade of Origin Power here was equivalent to a full-force attack from Ling Han. In other words, it was like there were over twenty Ling Hans ganging up on each of them. Who would be able to withstand such a barrage?

They managed to parry and shatter a few blades of Origin Power, but there were even more blades of Origin Power that managed to pierce into their bodies and ripped at them with terrifying, destructive power.

Ling Han flew past, and twirled his sword. Pu, pu . Instantly, two heads flew up into the sky before once again falling onto the ground, revealing the defiant and fearful faces of Senior Brother Ma and his accomplice.

Ling Han panted, and said, “No wonder that guy, the Sword Emperor, was so awesome. I have only grasped 1% of this one Style, and I can already kill two elites of Gushing Spring Tier.”

He looked pensive, and thought, ‘If the Heaven’s Sword Sect still existed and found out that I learned the Three Styles of Black Origin… they probably won’t spare me, right? Would a sect that could foster out a monster like the Sword Emperor have a Shattering Void Tier warrior in their ranks?

I had previously thought that there was no one in Shattering Void Tier in this land, but now that I think about it, it may be that such powerful ultimate warriors preferred to keep to themselves and hid themselves away from the rest of the world.

It would be best to use the Three Styles of Black Origin as little possible, only if it was a matter of life and death or if I can ensure that this secret will not be exposed to anyone else!’

“Meat!” When he had been engaged in his thoughts, Hu Niu had already jumped out, and had started prancing around beside the Fire-Eyed Bull.

Though Ling Han had bought a considerable amount of demonic beast meat, but the majority was Level One and there was only a few from Level Two, what more Level Three. Thus, the little girl was practically salivating by now.

“You glutton!” Ling Han teased with a laugh.

“Niu is glutton!” Hu Niu nodded her head furiously, thinking that was a compliment.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and began to deal with the Fire-Eyed Bull. The Strange Fire kept transmitting its thoughts to him, impatiently wanting to refine and swallow those two eyeballs.

He first started a fire, then sliced off one of the bull’s legs and began to roast it over the fire. Meanwhile, he also dug out the bull’s eyes and held them in his left hand.

The Strange Fire gushed out and enveloped the eyeballs, which actually started shrinking at a very rapid pace. Just a few moments and they were turned into ash, whereas the Strange Fire ducked back into Ling Han’s left hand and transmitted a thought that it had not eaten enough yet to Ling Han.

‘These two gluttons!’ Ling Han thought mockingly, as he appeased the Strange Fire, promising that he would look for more “food” for it in the future.

In just a short while, the bull’s leg was exuding a tempting aroma. Ling Han drew out a dagger, sliced off a few slabs of beef and placed them onto a plate. That was the good thing about having a Spatial Ring—he could still carry with him such impractical things, for they would not occupy much space anyways.

Hu Niu immediately began to eat happily. She was a typical glutton. She had not yet swallowed the first piece of meat, when her hand would stretch out towards the second. She stuffed her mouth as full as possible, so much that it was difficult even to chew.

The whole body of a Level Three demonic beast was a treasure for the current Ling Han.

The tough hide of the bull could be made into defensive equipment that even sharp weapons instilled with Origin Power would find difficult to penetrate. And the beef, bones, and tendons were all very nutritious food, able to strengthen and invigorate the body, comparable to some treasured items.

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Of course, the most precious were the eyes and the horns. However, the eyes had already been “eaten” by the Strange Fire, and only a pair of horns was left. They could be forged into weapons that had powerful destructive ability.

Upon a closer look, there was a pattern of seals that looked like writing on the surface of the bull’s horns—it was precisely these seals that had gifted the Fire-Eyed Bull with such overwhelming destructive power. Otherwise, this pair of horns would only be harder than a normal bull’s horns.

While Ling Han continued to eat his beef, he tried to activate these seals.

This was a very difficult thing to do. After all, each and every person had differing martial arts, what more when it was a completely different species. However, Ling Han was not any ordinary person. Soon, one of the seals lit up, then the second, and the third. A red light enveloped the horns, as if the bull’s horns were burning.

Ling Han gave them a light wave, and a tongue of flame shot out strongly from the bull’s horn, drawing a line of burnt marks that were three inches deep on the ground.

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Chapter 217