Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 215

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Chapter 215: Fire-Eyed Bull

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

The Fire-Eyed Bull was a Level Three demonic beast. It was not a very high level, but its eyes were a treasure. It could resist extreme cold, thus they were very highly prized by adventurers, for they would be extremely useful when one explored those places that were freezingly cold.

As a result, there were pitifully few Fire-Eyed Bulls left, and the price for the eyeballs of the Fire-Eyed Bull had also become astronomical. When these people discovered that there were Fire-Eyed Bulls here, it was unavoidable that they would have the desire to hunt them down.

However, the Fire-Eyed Bulls moved in a herd, and if they launched a stampede, then only Spiritual Ocean Tier elites would be able to oppose them. Evidently, there was no one in Spiritual Ocean Tier amongst these people, so there was a need for them to think how to lure one away from the herd. Only when one of them was away from its herd would they gang up on it and kill it.

These thoughts flashed through Ling Han’s head in an instant. He smiled slightly, and said, “This place does not belong to you, and I’m walking my way here, so why do I need to circle around and take a different path?”

“You…” That man was at a loss for words, but then he immediately glared at Ling Han and shouted, “If you don’t get lost, I’ll kill you! You are merely in the first layer of Element Gathering Tier, and you actually dare to be so arrogant!”

This man was only in the seventh layer of Element Gathering Tier, but against an opponent in the first layer of Element Gathering Tier, he was perfectly able to suppress him.

Ling Han sighed. Now that he was left with only one Origin Nucleus, it seemed very capable of attracting enemies to him. He looked at the man, and asked, “Are you sure you want to use force?”

Hong long long . It was right at this moment, that a black shape appeared, approaching them at an extremely rapid pace. When he looked closely, it was a black-colored bull, but there seemed to be a flame lit and brightly burning within its eyes.

There was a martial artist in front of this bull who obviously had the same plan as these people, which was to tempt a single bull away from its herd.


Ling Han’s heart moved, and the Strange Fire was currently dancing in his left hand. It was currently making “yi yi ya ya” sounds, transmitting a blurry thought to him, just like Hu Niu when she was proclaiming her hunger.

…The Strange Fire seemed to be very interested in the two flames burning in the eyes of the Fire-Eyed Bull, wanting to swallow them.

Ling Han nodded, and communicated a thought over, saying, “If I have the chance, I’ll get it for you.” He did not make any guarantees, because he had no idea what was the power level of this group of people. He had only seen two of their group so far.

When he saw Ling Han did not move, the man at the top of the tree did not speak either. Instead, he stared at the Fire-Eyed Bull anxiously.

“Attack!” A large shout was issued, and ten-plus people jumped down from the trees or scrambled out of the grass, managing to surround that bull from all sides.

Ling Han’s eyes swept over them as he counted their numbers in his heart, ‘One in the third layer of Gushing Spring Tier, one in the second layer of Gushing Spring Tier, one in the third layer of Gushing Spring Tier 1 , and the other twelve are in Element Gathering Tier. En, there should be no problem.’

The problem here was that Fire Eyed-Bull!

The Fire-Eyed Bull was a Level Three demonic beast, but it was uncertain where in Level Three it was. That was because demonic beasts had a different system of cultivation from humans, so it was very difficult to sense their level. But for Ling Han, his senses far surpassed any ordinary person’s—perhaps even the senses of a Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite were no stronger than his.

“This Fire-Eyed Bull seems to be in the late stage of Gushing Spring Tier!” The corner of Ling Han’s lips twitched.

The late stage of Gushing Spring Tier would absolutely dominate over an opponent in the early stage of Gushing Spring Tier. Three martial artists in Gushing Spring Tier were absolutely insufficient to compensate for such a massive gap in power. Moreover, demonic beasts had thick hides, so even if a martial artist was in the same level of the demonic beast, it was still very difficult to kill it, what more when there was a difference in level.

Unless there was some secret treasure on these martial artists that could somehow turn things around.

That martial artist who had been at the top of tree naturally jumped down as well and joined his companions in ganging up on the Fire-Eyed Bull. Ling Han didn’t act too reserved—he climbed up the tree, and occupied the man’s previous position, watching the show with Hu Niu.

Fifteen people all drew their weapons and began to gang up on the bull, but the Fire-Eyed Bull also showed off its formidable side, beginning to charge violently at those people.

It actually spat out very powerful fireballs from its mouth as well. One of the men carelessly used his sword to block one of them, but could not slice it in half at all, so the fireball crashed into his chest directly and immediately burnt a big hole through his body, killing him in an instant.

When the rest saw this, the expressions on the faces of the remaining fourteen all changed drastically and they became much more careful in their movements,

But this Fire-Eyed Bull was too powerful. With the support of power of the late stage of Gushing Spring Tier, it was completely unstoppable. Crashing and flinging its horns, it dominated everyone. Rather than saying they were ganging up on it, it might be more appropriate to say it was ravaging them.

Peng, peng, peng. The martial artists of Element Gathering Tier were continuously being flung away by the bull as if they were scarecrows. Even if they had not been hit by the fireballs, it was definitely not a good feeling to be pierced or struck by the bull’s horns. There were a few whose stomachs had been pierced through and their intestines were exposed, making for an appalling scene of devastation.

“Senior Brother Ma, we must use our ultimate move,” the martial artist in the second layer of Gushing Spring Tier said.

“F***!” the martial artist in the third layer of Gushing Spring Tier who had been addressed as Senior Brother Ma cursed and drew out a Spirit Talisman from his robes reluctantly and slapped it onto his body. “Just to kill a Fire-Eyed Bull, I have to use a Strength Talisman. There won’t be much profit left.”

The others were all silent, because Senior Brother Ma was only concerned about how much money he could earn, and showed no concern for those who were injured or killed. This made them feel very disillusioned.

They were not together at first. Instead, they had encountered Senior Brother Ma and his two companions on their way here. Due to the threats and promises of the latter, they had joined this hunting party, but from the look of things now, they were merely bait and tools to distract the bull.

The Spirit Talisman immediately took effect. Senior Brother Ma roared loudly and, unbelievably, actually swelled up to double his previous size. Pa, pa, pa, the clothes on his body were immediately torn to pieces. Thankfully, his underpants seemed to be made of some unknown material and were tough enough not to be torn by his sudden increase in size.

Numerous veins were protruding on his body, his muscles sturdy, seeming to be full of strength.

Strength Talisman, which claimed that miracles could be achieved through massive strength because enough strength would be able to dominate over anything in its way.

The Fire-Eyed Bull looked at him with dread. This human gave it a feeling of danger. It stopped, aimed its horns at Senior Brother Ma, and its front hooves endlessly dug at the ground.

“Go! Die!” Senior Brother Ma roared in rage, waved the metal staff in his hands and struck out at the Fire-Eyed Bull.

The Fire-Eyed Bull was obviously a brute force-type, and dodging was not something it was good at. Thus, faced with such a strike, it had no intention to dodge. Instead, it raised its horns to receive this attack.


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The metal staff struck upon the bull’s horns, creating a rain of fiery sparks. The front leg of the Fire-Eyed Bull was forced into the ground, stopping just before the point where its leg joined its body. Meanwhile, the metal staff was also flung out due to the impact, causing the web between the thumb and the forefinger of Senior Brother Ma to tear, and instantly, blood gushed out.

When Ling Han saw his, he could not help but shake his head, thinking secretly that these were two idiots—to actually use strength in the stupidest of ways like this. But if an idiot was battling another idiot, that was good. In such a head-on clash, the victor would be decided very quickly.

The Fire-Eyed Bull exerted force through its legs, and immediately sprung out of the ground. However, after this head on clash, it had a stronger feeling of dread now, and no longer dared to attack carelessly. Instead, it stared at Senior Brother Ma with extreme caution in its eyes.

In the understanding of demonic beasts, the first priority was to survive.

“Attack with me, and we’ll kill this animal!” Senior Brother Ma called out sternly. He needed the others to create an opportunity for him to attack.

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Chapter 215