Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 212

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Chapter 212: Feng Luo is Killed

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

“Hey!” Ling Han waved his hand in greeting.

At first, Feng Luo already looked like he wanted to devour Ling Han, but when he saw this, he was even more fuming with rage, wanting nothing more than to rush forward and strangle Ling Han to death. However, he did not. Firstly, he was not strong enough, and secondly, he could not raise his arms at all. In fact, if he actually exerted any force through his arms, his arms may very possibly simply fall off, so he could only huff in rage.

“Ling Han, if you dare to enter the Devil Sky Mystery Realm, that will be the time of your death!” he said through gritted teeth.

Behind him, the four Guardian Deities took a step forward in unison, looking disdainfully at him out of the corner of their eyes.

Eh, after not seeing them for over a month, the cultivation of these four people actually scurried up another layer, and made it to the second layer of Gushing Spring Tier. One had to understand that the higher the cultivation level, the more difficult it was to break through. For example, even for a genius like Liu Yu Tong, who also possessed the Three Yin Vanishing Veins and was cultivating a Heaven Grade cultivation technique and also had access to a supply of alchemical pills from Ling Han, she would only advance by one cultivation layer after about two months.

How could these four actually manage to stand on even footing with Liu Yu Tong?

Ling Han remembered Feng Yan. This guy was also advancing unbelievably rapidly through the cultivation levels; could it be that he had discovered an ancient treasure trove, and even those around him could ride on his coat-tails and get to the top?

The four Guardian Deities were all glaring fiercely at Ling Han. Previously, even when the four of them combined forces, Ling Han had still managed to capture Feng Luo right in front of their eyes. Thankfully, even when Feng Yan personally appeared, Feng Luo’s arms were still not saved, which was what made their fault just that little bit lighter.

But this was still a great shame to them. They hated Ling Han deeply, wanting nothing more than to tear him into pieces to wash off this black mark on their reputations.

And the mystery realm was obviously a very good place to settle personal grudges.

It was much too big inside, and there were always chances that one would be separated from their group, and once they encountered him… hehe! Moreover, the people of the Nine Nations of the Desolate North were also able to enter, so even if they killed Ling Han, they could completely push the blame onto the foreign martial artists.

Ling Han smiled, but there was killing intent being exuded from his eyes.

The first time he met Feng Luo, because the latter had not displayed any killing intent, he only taught him a little lesson and had not taken the matter to heart. He never thought that this cockroach would have such a long life and would be so annoying.

Hu Niu stuck out her tongue and made a face at Feng Luo, baring her little canines, seeming very disdainful of him.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, “Feng Luo, you see, not even my Niu Niu is scared of you. I really don’t know what you’re so smug about!”

Qi Yong Ye and the others too laughed loudly.

Feng Luo trembled in fury. He ground his teeth, then proclaimed, “Ling Han, I swear I will kill all your family members and friends one by one, right in front of you, before killing you!”

Instantly, Ling Han’s face darkened, and an overflowing killing intent was exuded from him.

He did not mind playing around with this kind of minor character—he could always kill him easily with a single stomp of his foot. But the other actually threatened to kill his family and friends? His strongest character trait was protecting his own people!

“You’re seeking death!” He began to stride towards Feng Luo.

“Ling Han, are you tired of living?” The four Guardian Deities all smirked coldly. In their last clash, it was because they had underestimated Ling Han that he had the opportunity to capture Feng Luo and hold him hostage, forcing them to be helpless against him.

But this did not mean that Ling Han was able to oppose them in a direct clash. Element Gathering Tier will only be Element Gathering Tier, after all.

“Get out of my way, smelly pests!” Ling Han said coldly, the killing intent exuding from him almost seeming solid.

The four Guardian Deities looked angered. ‘This time, you have no hostage in your hands, so how are you going to oppose us?’

“Kill him! Kill him!” Feng Luo screamed in spite of himself. As Ling Han approached, he could not help but recall the few times he had clashed with Ling Han—he was scared off, kicked away, his mouthful of teeth was smacked out, and finally, even his two arms were sliced off.

As he looked at Ling Han’s slender figure come closer, he instantly had a mental breakdown.

“Kill! Kill him!” he wailed, tears and snot pouring down his face.

The four Guardian Deities were disdainful of such a hideous display, but who asked him to be Feng Yan’s brother? They stared at Ling Han with cold eyes. This was a very good chance for them to act.

“The one who is going to die today is you!” Ling Han said. He moved, and actually charged directly towards the four Guardian Deities.

“Insolence!” the four Guardian Deities shouted in rage. This brat had succeeded once in dodging their hands. Could it be he wanted to attempt the same thing again? Did he really think they were idiots?

“Ling Han!” Qi Yong Ye and the others all exclaimed in shock. They never thought that he would be so awesome and simply clashed head-on with four Gushing Spring Tier elites just like that.

Hong, hong, hong, hong. Four attacks were simultaneously launched and swept towards Ling Han. This time, the four Guardian Deities had all had an upgrade of one Battle Star in their battle prowess, and if the four of them joined forces, they were definitely capable of instantly killing any martial artist in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier—no matter what kind of genius he was.

However, Ling Han was not at the peak period of Element Gathering Tier. Instead, he had transformed nine into one, and had successfully captured the evasive one.

The tenth layer of Gushing Spring Tier.

Ling Han used the Exiting Cloud Steps and his figure miraculously broke through the combined barrage of attacks of the four Guardian Deities like a ghost and appeared in front of Feng Luo in a flash. He stretched out a hand to grab onto Feng Luo’s neck.

“Save me!” Feng Luo shrieked in panic.

The four Guardian Deities were both shocked and enraged. They could not imagine how Ling Han had somehow managed to break through their combined attacks, and a thought appeared in their minds: ‘History is probably going to repeat itself.’

Indeed, they were one step too late, and were unable to stop Ling Han. They could only watch as Feng Luo was subdued by Ling Han in a single move.

“Let go of Young Master Luo!” the four Guardian Deities shouted grimly yet did not dare make a move, just in case Ling Han would do any harm to Feng Luo.

This scene was very familiar, causing their faces to burn as if they had just been given a slap. To actually fall for the same trick twice, were they idiots?

Of course not!

This was because Ling Han was too powerful for them now.

Ling Han did not concern himself with the four Guardian Deities. He merely stared at Feng Luo, then asked darkly, “You want to kill my entire family?”

“Ling Han, you will not dare to kill me! If you have balls, you can cripple my arms again! Anyways, my brother will definitely return to save me! Just wait, when my brother comes back, I will definitely massacre your whole family!” His fear had reached extreme levels, and Feng Luo simply threw caution to the wind and stared back at Ling Han with fierce eyes.

“Come on, if you have the balls, cripple me again! If you don’t, then you are a f***** grandson! Ling Han, I’m not scared of you. You have no idea what kind of power my brother has obtained, not even the Rain—”


A crisp sound was heard, and Feng Luo’s head had disappeared as Ling Han had smacked it into his chest. Only after a while, could blood be seen gushing out from his neck.

A dead silence enveloped the surroundings.

Ling Han smacked his hands together, and said, “The world has finally become quiet.”

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“Young Master Luo!” the four Guardian Deities all cried out. However, after losing support from Ling Han, Feng Luo’s legs swayed a few times, then fell to the ground loudly. Even the head has been stuffed into his chest, how could he possibly still be alive?

Unless he really was a cockroach.

“Murder! Murder!” Seeing such a scene, immediately some began to cry out. However, though there was a large number of Imperial Guards maintaining order here, there were even more people all around, and everywhere was noisy. Not one Imperial Guard managed to come over in such a short while.

“You killed Young Master Luo. When Milord returns, he will definitely tear you to pieces!” the Elephant Guardian Deity called out sternly.

“You speak as if I have a very good relationship with Feng Yan.” Ling Han shrugged, not taking such a threat seriously at all.

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Chapter 212