Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 211

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Chapter 211: Setting Out

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Ling Han had “seen” a small fragment of that great battle from the memory shards of the Blood Sucking Origin Gold and could confirm one thing, and that was that giant formed of Origin Gold had definitely been defeated.

According to his deduction, that giant should have been “dismembered”, with its parts scattered in all directions. However, there were other possibilities as well. For example, that giant of Origin Gold might only have had some portion of its body torn off while the majority of its body was still unscathed.

If that was the case and the giant of Origin Gold had been suppressed within the mystery realm, then it would not be strange for a broken piece of its body to have appeared in Rain Country.

Of course, the chances of this possibility were very low, pitifully low.

But when he thought about how terrifying the giant of Origin Gold was, Ling Han still decided to venture into the Devil Sky Mystery Realm to take a look. If the giant of Origin Gold was indeed sealed within, then he must ensure that the seal was being strengthened, and not weakened.

‘So many years have already passed. Even a monster like that Origin Gold Giant should have died by now, right?’ Ling Han reassured himself in this way. However, in the case of an existence like the Origin Gold Giant, even if it had indeed died of old age, its immortal body could still give birth to a second life, though it would be a completely different “person”.

Whatever the case, there was definitely a need for him to go to this Devil Sky Mystery Realm.

“How do you enter the Devil Sky Mystery Realm?” he questioned.

“It’s very easy. After the mystery realm has opened, teleportation doors will appear in various places. Once one passes through these doors, he will have directly entered into the Devil Sky Mystery Realm,” Liu Yu Tong said. She paused for a while, then continued, “The reason why we know that the mystery realm has opened is precisely because the ‘doors’ have appeared.”

“Three doors have appeared in Rain Country this time; the nearest one is three hundred miles east of the Imperial City,” Li Si Chan said.

Ling Han nodded, then asked, “In the Devil Sky Mystery Realm, aside from Blood Zombie, what other danger is there?”

“The humans who used to live there have long perished, but there are still some demonic beasts within. Moreover, they seem to be trapped inside, and there is no way to bring them out either. Additionally, we also have no means to stay too long inside. After a certain period of time, we will automatically be ejected out of the mystery realm,” Liu Yu Tong answered.

“According to rumors, there is a terrifying creature in the deepest parts of the Devil Sky Mystery Realm. That area is forbidden. We will only be touring around the outer boundaries. The mystery realm has only appeared after such a long time, so there must definitely be a large number of Spiritual Herbs that have already matured. They are our main targets,” Li Si Chan said.

Liu Yu Tong nodded in agreement. As far as cultivation and martial arts techniques went, after so many generations of being harvested, it was practically impossible that there would still be any left. But it was different in the case of Spiritual Herbs. They could harvest a batch this time round, and the next appearance would probably be at least dozens of years later.

Especially this time. It has only reappeared after three hundred years, so there must definitely be a large amount of Spiritual Herbs just waiting to be harvested.

“What are the restrictions for entering the Devil Sky Mystery Realm?” Ling Han continued to ask.

“In simple words, the lower your ability, the easier it would be to enter. However, every time is different. Sometimes, even Spiritual Pedestal Tier elites could enter, but there were also times when even Gushing Spring Tier martial artists were unable to enter,” Liu Yu Tong said with a shake of her head.

Ling Han thought for a moment, then felt that it was all right.

Firstly, he had not offended any Spiritual Pedestal Tier elites. Secondly, if even Spiritual Ocean Tier elites could enter, he still had Guang Yuan by his side. Thirdly, if only those in Gushing Spring Tier and below could enter, then he had completely no fear. Even if he encountered such elites like Can Ye and the Eldest Imperial Prince, he would at least have the ability to keep his life.

Moreover, wasn’t Can Ye currently his underling?

Not long after, the Hu Yang Academy made an announcement, commanding all students to immediately set off and enter the Devil Sky Mystery Realm. Meanwhile, those who would be entering the center hall to sacrifice some of their blood were given the first priority. If too little blood was sacrificed, then a Blood Zombie would appear to spread ruin and destruction in the world, and by then, who knows how many would die.

Very soon, Qi Yong Ye, Li Dong Yue, Jin Wuji, Baili Teng Yun and the others all raced over to Ling Han’s place. They had all come from the Da Yuan City, so they were naturally intending to form a group and help each other.

“Yi, Brother Ling, your cultivation level…” Qi Yong Ye was the first to notice, and could not help but be extremely shocked. “Why has it regressed back to the first layer of Element Gathering Tier?”

Jin Wuji and the others all respectively sensed for Ling Han’s aura, and indeed, there seemed to be only one Origin Nucleus. Disbelieving expressions too appeared on their faces. They had only heard of people being stuck on a cultivation level and being unable to break through for a long time, but this was the first time they had seen a person’s cultivation level actually drop to such a drastic level.

Ling Han laughed, and naturally offered no explanation. He said, “Since everyone’s here, then let’s set out.”

“En!” Qi Yong Ye and the others were aware as well that Ling Han was very awesome in the field of alchemy. In the Da Yuan City, he was already able to subdue three Black Grade alchemists, and now he was even more awesome as even Black Grade middle level alchemists revered him.

From this aspect, what difference did it make whether Ling Han’s own cultivation level was a bit lower or a bit higher?

They all set out. Ling Han also dropped by at the Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion and invited Li Hao as well. It was only then that the group finally left the Imperial City and headed east.

On their journey, more and more people appeared.

The Devil Sky Mystery Realm was not all about good stuff like cultivation techniques and Spiritual Herbs, it also required a large number of people to make a blood sacrifice. Otherwise, a Blood Zombie would appear. Thus, no matter how strong or weak anyone was, it was best to donate a bit of their blood for the sacrifice.

This was a matter of national importance, and the power of the Imperial Family was already effectively in action, maneuvering the citizens of various cities to head towards the Devil Sky Mystery Realm.

After half a day, Ling Han’s group had finally arrived at the location of the teleportation doors.

Rather than calling it a door, it seemed more fitting to refer to it as a standing vortex. There was black-colored light twisting and turning within it, and it was about ten metres tall. It was an imposing sight. There was no front or back to this teleportation door—no matter which side a person jumped through, he would still immediately disappear as if he had been swallowed whole.

Ling Han nodded internally. He had never had the ability to create such a thing in his last life. Only almighty warriors of Shattering Void Tier were capable of that.

There were a few who could no longer wait and entered, while others were still waiting outside. They seemed to be trying to gather a group. Once a big enough group had appeared, they would enter. And before each of them entered, they would be given a brand and a map.

The brand showed that they were citizens of Rain Country, whereas the map was very simple, only marking where the center hall was located.

…The people of the Nine Nations of the Desolate North could enter through the teleportation doors that were scattered everywhere, so it was not just limited to the people of Rain Country. For example, Rain Country and Fire Country were neighbouring countries, and conflicts would frequently erupt between these two nations. It was unknown how many had died in these conflicts after these few thousand years, so the two countries have long become deadly enemies. Thus, whenever the citizens of these two countries encountered each other, they would definitely attempt to kill the other.

This brand was what was used to identify friends and enemies. It was directly branded on one’s arm and could last for about a month, so it was more than enough time.

The restrictions for the teleportation doors this time were not too low. Even those in Spiritual Ocean Tier could enter, but Spiritual Pedestal Tier martial artists could not.

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“Ling Han!” A voice forced out through gritted teeth was heard, filled with endless hatred.

Ling Han turned his head to look, and couldn’t help but look strangely at the owner of the voice.

Feng Luo.

Did this guy have the life of a cockroach or something? He actually appeared again.

Moreover, his two arms were indeed reattached, but it was obvious they were not very nimble. It seemed like they were simply glued on and hung at his sides, looking very out of sorts. After all, it was already very impressive that they managed to reattach his arms, but if they were still able to move as nimbly as if they had never been sliced off, then that was practically illogical.

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Chapter 211