Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 210

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Chapter 210: Devil Sky Mystery Realm

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One origin nucleus had to be the first level of Element Gathering Tier, no matter where one was.

However, only Ling Han himself knew just how large the origin nucleus within his Dantian was, and how shockingly fast it churned; the nucleus provided Origin power far surpassing that of ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier, even comparable to that of first layer of Gushing Spring Tier.

“That boy just now is certainly a genius martial artist, but you kid are just a freak of a martial artist!” Guang Yuan concluded.

Ling Han shrugged, but didn’t deny it… a Heaven Tier spirit entered this body, of course he’s bound to be a freak.

“Also, this lord has no younger sister, so stop it with the ‘your sister’ crap,” Guan Yuan said casually.

“Pff.” Ling Han burst into laughter and patted Guang Yuan on the shoulder, then said, “Who would’ve thought old brother Guang had such a sense of humor. Not bad, not bad, you’ve got a good mentality, which’ll be more suitable for breaking through to higher tiers.”

Guang Yuan guffawed, feeling as though his mind was really much younger. However, only after Ling Han turned to enter the room did he realize that he and Ling Han were really harmonious, as if the two had no difference in status.

One had to know the rigidity of the tiers in the martial arts world—even a middle stage Element Gathering Tier and an early stage Element Gathering Tier had a chasm between them; moreover, the two in question were separated by two great tiers, how could they get along as equals?

For example, earlier, when Ling Han patted his shoulder… not to mention an Element Gathering Tier, even if an early stage Spiritual Ocean Tier person did that, it would’ve still enraged him and he’d send the person flying with a slap… and he wouldn’t even care about the aftermath, the life and death of the miserable guy would be based on their luck.

He unexpectedly let Ling Han pat his shoulder and had a good talk with him, as if he really treated Ling Han as an equal.

“This kid’s got a weird charisma that made me involuntarily forget his age and tier in cultivation.” Guang Yuan concluded, and then muttered, “In short, this guy’s a monster!”

This feeling wasn’t Guang Yuan’s alone; the Eldest Imperial Prince and the Third Imperial Prince who had royal blood and cultivation in far higher tiers still referred to Ling Han as brother, didn’t they? Admittedly, Ling Han’s background was in play, but his charisma was also affecting the two princes, earning their respect from the bottom of their hearts.

Nangong Xing was beaten, and the Discipline Committee was obstructed. This was supposed to be a big incident, but it involved Ling Han, so it turned from a big incident into a small one. No one brought up seizing Zhu Wu Jiu again, and of course no one said anything about punishing Ling Han.

However, this was only a tacit state of affairs. Zhu Wu Jiu was fine if he stayed near Ling Han or the latter’s quarters, but once he left or became isolated, then he’d definitely face the Discipline Committee’s arrest.

After all was said and done, this was only to give Ling Han face.

A student could receive such face, how shocking was that?

Zhu Wu Jiu and Guang Yuan settled in the courtyard. First of all, they were both men; second of all, Guang Yuan kept watch, so the Discipline Committee wouldn’t dare act rashly; third of all, well, Guang Yuan could give some pointers to Zhu Wu Jiu, saving Ling Han some work.

This caused Guang Yuan to bawl in anger; he felt that when he became Ling Han’s underling, he only had to be a bodyguard, but why was he now instructing someone’s cultivation? In the future, could he be forced to raise kids?

Two days later, Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan hurried over.

Just from the look of the two girls’ expressions, something big definitely happened.

“Devil Sky Mystery Realm opened!” the two girls said at the same time. Finding that they synchronized, they inevitably shot a glare at each other.

“What Devil Sky Mystery Realm?” Ling Han looked confused.

“Mighty men exist who can sever the area we live by supreme mystical arts, forming a small world that is isolated from the normal world; we call it mystery realm,” Liu Yu Tong explained. She knew that Ling Han came from a small place, Gray Cloud Town; even though he was an alchemy genius, he definitely didn’t understand anything about mystery realms.

Ling Han obviously knew what mystery realms are, but he had never heard of Devil Sky Mystery Realm. However, with his abilities in the previous life, he was still unable to separate a part of the world to form a smaller world; therefore, this was definitely only possible for a mighty Shattering Void Tier.

Unfortunately, even though he entered many historic sites, he never had a chance to enter a mystery realm.

It was rumored—a mere rumor—that Heaven’s Sword Sect Sword Emperor belonged to was located in such a mystery realm!

“Devil Sky Mystery Realm is an extremely large mystery realm that is hidden in Rain Country and Fire Country and so on within the Nine Nations of the Desolate North. It’s possible that the entire mystery realm is comparable to Rain Country’s territory in size. It is layered in a mysterious way, hidden in the world we live in.” Liu Si Chan also started to explain, her eyes filled with utter admiration.

This was a supreme handiwork that could separate a large space from the real world, layer it, and hide it. The thought of it was bewildering.

“Devil Sky Mystery Realm’s original master died long ago, so the mystery realm isn’t controlled by anyone. After a certain amount of time, a ‘door’ will appear that will accept people.” Liu Yu Tong followed hand in hand with Li Si Chan, unexpectedly well coordinated.

“The opening time is not fixed. Sometimes it appears once in several hundred years, and sometimes it appears once every few decades,” Li Si Chan said. “The last time Devil Sky Mystery Realm opened was three hundred years ago.”

“Devil Sky Mystery Realm has a decent amount of ancient arts and skills, and with enough luck, one may find them. It’s said the family that started the Nine Nations of the Desolate North was the first to enter Devil Sky Mystery Realm, and they obtained large amounts of arts and skills; subsequently, they quickly surpassed others, rebuilding the desolate north rampant with monsters into one that was suitable for humans to live in.”

“It is indeed so, I have seen my family’s historic records with such a written account.”

“There’s more, inside the mystery realm there are godly pills. Someone entered as a normal Element Gathering Tier, but came out as a shocking Spiritual Pedestal Tier!”

“Inside Devil Sky Mystery Realm wait great opportunities!” Both girls concluded at last.

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“But!” Liu Yu Tong immediately continued, “Devil Sky Mystery Realm is not just about opportunities; it’s rumored that when the original master of the mystery realm died, the master’s body was invaded by evil qi, turning the master into a terrifying Blood Zombie. Every once in a while, when it opens, it’s actually because it needs to feed on blood.”

“Yes, that’s why there are rules that when people enter, they must head to the center hall’s suppression stone tablet and pour some blood on top of it. A thousand years ago, everyone wished someone else would pour their blood; as a result, the blood sacrificed was insufficient and a Blood Zombie appeared inside the mystery realm, sweeping across the Nine Nations of the Desolate North. In the end, Flower Blossom Tier cultivators from the Nine large countries showed, giving up their lives to destroy the Blood Zombie,” Li Si Chan said.

Ling Han showed an interested expression, and muttered, “Blood Zombie?”

He’s never heard of a mystery realm like this that required blood sacrifice from those who entered. Normally, when a blood sacrifice was needed, there were only two possibilities: first, to nurture a great devil’s body with blood, like Blood Sucking Origin Gold; secondly, to either break or strengthen a seal.

‘Could it be that inside the mystery realm resides the subdued Origin Gold Giant?’ He suddenly had a bold guess.

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Chapter 210