Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 209

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Chapter 209: Getting an Underling

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

It was as if the killing intent emanating from Can Ye had solidified. Even a person with a strong will would shiver at this feeling. Yet his eyes were still very clear, as if they were the eyes of a pure infant, and somehow, these two contradicting auras were merged into one.

That was because he was a born saber wielder. He drew his saber merely to defeat all opponents in front of him, in order to reach the highest point on the path of the saber.

Ling Han only felt such an aura on the Setting Sword Saber Emperor before.

This did not mean that Can Ye was definitely able to become the second Setting Sun Saber Emperor, but he at least had the potential to—if he was able to develop just like how the Setting Sun Saber Emperor had developed. But if he stayed for his whole life in Rain Country, then Spiritual Pedestal Tier would definitely be the highest point he could reach.

Ling Han moved his sword very slowly, and because he was resisting the killing intent exuding from Can Ye, beads of sweat rolled down his forehead uncontrollably.

If they fought on the same level, then it was unknown which one of them would win, what more when Ling Han had a much lower cultivation level than his opponent. So, naturally, he was under extreme pressure. But the more pressure he felt, the brighter Ling Han’s eyes became, as if his gaze could shoot through the skies.

These two maniacs, monsters! Guang Yuan was secretly dumbstruck. A thought rose up in his mind—if he suppressed his cultivation level to the same level that these two people were on, he would definitely not have the courage to battle with either one of them.

Merely the aura they exuded was enough to make anyone lose hope.

Can Ye never spoke falsehoods. Xiu , and he had made his move. He slashed out with his saber, and the cold light of the saber swept towards Ling Han like water. Indeed, he would not be giving Ling Han any chance to gather power and use that sword style he had seen just now.

In his eyes, as long as anyone forced him to draw his saber, then that was an enemy of his, and he was the type to use full effort against his enemies, completely destroying them.

And that meant death.

Though his eyes were still clear, with no hint of killing intent, the saber he had slashed out was like the God of Death who had raised his sickle, ready to harvest a human life.

Indeed, Ling Han did not continue to use that move, because he would be sliced in half before his move was even one third complete and his blood would spill in all directions! But this was what he had expected. He stretched open his left hand, and a black light gushed out to actually become a screen in front of him. Then, it wrapped around his whole body to become a ball.

Peng !

This slash hit its target, but the black-colored ball was extremely sturdy and it was not sliced open. However, due to the powerful shockwave, the ball—and Ling Han who was still inside—was also flung upwards.

Xiu , the ball actually transformed in midair. It quickly stretched open and actually became a large umbrella, instantly slowing down the speed at which Ling Han was dropping to the ground.

Like a deity, Ling Han slowly floated down from the air and firmly stood on the ground. The black-colored gigantic umbrella was instantly withdrawn and became a bangle that wrapped around his wrist.

With a cough, Ling Han still spat out a mouthful of blood. Though he had used the Blood Sucking Origin Gold to cleverly disperse the force behind this attack, he had still suffered a heavy attack when the slash fell on him, causing his internal organs to jolt, which was a very horrible feeling.

In comparison, Can Ye was really much more powerful. Previously, one strike from Ling Han was enough to defeat Nangong Xing, but now he was not able to even take a single slash from Can Ye… if he had merely depended on his own power.

Though Can Ye’s cultivation level was higher, and had reached the fifth layer of Gushing Spring Tier, it could be easily seen the level of talent that this young man had in the way of the saber.

There was such a way too?

Guang Yuan and Liu Yu Tong were both staring with wide eyes. Even with their sharp eyes, they were still unable to deduce what means Ling Han had used to disperse this attack of Can Ye’s. What kind of Spiritual Tool was that? It looked very awesome.

Ling Han quickly recovered. He had the Body of Dead Tree, and furthermore, with the Indestructible Heaven Scroll circulating in his body, he would be able to recover as long as he was not dead—no matter how serious his injuries were. He smiled softly, and asked, “Little Lackey Can Ye, are we going to continue?”

Can Ye stood with his saber in hand, but his eyes were closed. After pondering for a moment, he opened his eyes, shook his head, and said, “No, I am not able to unravel that move of yours just now.”

Though he himself said he was not able to unravel the move, his expression was extremely calm. It was as if he would experience no joy from winning—nor sadness from losing—and possessed a terrifying calmness about him.

“Then you’ll be my lackey from now onwards,” Ling Han said with a smile. Not bad, not bad. He managed to get a lackey with boundless future prospects. He really should drink some wine to celebrate.

Can Ye thought for a moment, then said, “When I am able to unravel that defensive move of yours, I will once again challenge you. If you win, I will continue to listen to your commands. If not… you will lose your life.”

“That’s fair!” Ling Han grinned.

Can Ye nodded, and said, “Then I’ll leave first. If there’s anything, just blow this whistle, and I will rush over at the first instant.” He waved his hand, and tossed a whistle over to Ling Han.

Ling Han caught it, and could not help but look at him strangely—were you born in the Year of the Dog? You can actually be summoned with a whistle like a dog?

“Brat, you’re really sly, to actually use such a shameless method to deceive a genius of saber arts!” After Can Ye had left, Guang Yuan immediately jumped out and exclaimed at Ling Han.

Ling Han pushed him aside and said, “What do you mean by deceive? Deceive your sister! I had used real power to subdue that brat, but if you’re not convinced—”

Guang Yuan laughed, and said, “So what if I am not convinced? Unless you want to fight with me and force me into submission?”

“If you’re not convinced, the door is there. Just go out and turn right. Godspeed, and I won’t bother to see you out,” Ling Han said lazily.

Instantly, Guang Yuan lost all the wind in his sails. He still had to depend on Ling Han to guide him in his cultivation of the Large Sun Heaven Heart Scroll, what more when the Large Sun Heaven Heart Scroll he had obtained was not the complete version. He still needed Ling Han to help him to fill in the blank spaces for him. If he really went out and turned right, then everything would be gone.

“Hey, I am a Spiritual Ocean Tier elite, after all. Shouldn’t you respect me a bit more?” he said faintly.

Ling Han immediately felt an urge to throw up, and said, “Big Brother Guang, don’t be so sickening!”

Guang Yuan laughed loudly. He was not a Spiritual Ocean Tier martial artist from one of the Clans but a lone cultivator, so he knew when to retreat and when to advance, and was definitely not the type to place his pride over everything else. If it had been one of the Spiritual Ocean Tier elites from one of the Clans, they would have definitely left in a huff after being forced by Ling Han like that just now.

Then he sighed, and said, “That brat just now was really not bad. He’s a natural genius of martial arts. Unfortunately, he is a saber wielder. If he wasn’t, I would really consider taking him in as my disciple.”

“Thank goodness he is not an expert in using his fists. If you really did take him in as a disciple, you would have definitely been beaten into pulp by Lian Guang Zu.” Ling Han snickered.

Guang Yuan was shocked, and asked, “That brat is Lian Guang Zu’s personal disciple?”


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Guang Yuan was at a loss for a moment, before he suddenly jumped up and moved to strangle Ling Han. “You stupidly bold guy! You actually deceived Master Lian’s personal disciple into becoming your underling. If this was found out by Master Lian, he would definitely kill you, and even I will be dragged into the matter!”

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, “That’s all right. At that time, I will definitely shove all the blame onto Big Brother Guang Yuan. Who would believe that I, who is merely in the first layer of Element Gathering Tier, would have the ability to accomplish such a feat?”

Guang Yuan only felt like he wanted to raise his head and moan to the heavens. He felt like he had never had the upper hand in his exchanges with Ling Han. On the other hand, he was always led around by the nose by Ling Han. He wore a strange expression, and asked, “Are you really in the first layer of Element Gathering Tier?”

“Exactly.” Ling Han smiled slightly.

“F***, if I believed your words, then I’d be a dumb pig!” Guang Yuan exclaimed as he spat on the ground.

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Chapter 209