Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 205

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Chapter 205: Strong Enough to Defy the Natural Order

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

‘Awesome! Really awesome!’ Ling Han kept nodding. ‘According to what’s depicted on the sword technique, one could be considered as having reached the state of major accomplishment when one can produce a Three Thousand Blade Rain with one wave. One wave from me and I managed to produce a few dozen blades in my attack, which means I have reached around 1% of that level. Still, this power… every blade in the Blade Rain would be equivalent to a full force attack from me. Even if it was me standing against such an attack, I would only be able to block this attack by transforming the Blood Sucking Origin Gold into a shield. Otherwise, there would be no way to disperse this attack!

Merely with this one Style, as long as I too have broken through to Gushing Spring Tier, then I would be able to defeat Feng Yan in an instant!

However, that guy should still have hidden cards up his sleeve, so it would not be easy to kill him.

Additionally, this Style of the sword technique expends too much Origin Power. One wave of the sword is equivalent to producing a few dozen full force attacks. If it was not for the fact that the space in my Dantian had expanded by more or less a hundredfold, I would not be able to bear such an expense of Origin Power.

The Sword Emperor is indeed a maniac! This guy must also have swallowed a Spatial Pill when he was young. Otherwise, even if he was in Gushing Spring Tier, he would not be able to keep up such heavy use of his Origin Power either.

And now that I think about it, in my last life, aside from the Sword Emperor, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden also had control over endless Ye Fires so she probably must have fused with a Strange Fire, perhaps even more than one. The Setting Sun Saber Emperor obtained a treasured saber forged from Blood Sucking Origin Gold, and was similarly terrifying in power. And there’s also Ma Wei Yang, Zhi Xue Xian, and Na Lan Tu. These three were not simple characters either. They also seemed to have their own secret weapons, and I was the only one with the weakest battle prowess amongst all of them.

When I recall it now, they must have come from extremely powerful backgrounds, which was what allowed them to reach Heaven Tier at such a young age. I was the only one who depended on the effects of the alchemical pills I concocted, and managed to reach Heaven Tier even though I began later than them, and soon surpassed them by a wide margin. This land seems to be a much deeper pond than what I had thought at first.

Never mind. 10,000 years has already passed, and all those guys should have become dust by now, so there’s no point thinking about it any longer.’

Ling Han recovered his Origin Power, and began to cultivate the second Style of Black Origin Sword Technique—10,000 Techniques Return to One.

This was a powerful move, and required a certain time period to gather enough power for it. It was as if the user collected the power used in 10,000 attacks and combined them to form a single strike.

After Ling Han obtained the Black Origin Sword Technique in his last life, he merely looked it over roughly because he did not have any intention to cultivate this sword technique at all, and thus naturally did not take it to heart. However, now that he had began practicing it, he could not help but pale.

Was this really a Black Grade martial arts technique?

One style produced three thousand full-force attacks all at once, while another combined the force behind ten thousand attacks into a single strike. The force in these two styles was definitely crazily powerful. Putting aside Earth Grade, not even Heaven Grade martial arts techniques would be this awesome!

How could this be!

If it was in Earth Grade or Heaven Grade, then how could he manage to cultivate it at this point in time?

Martial artists in Body Refining and Element Gathering Tier could only cultivate Yellow Grade martial arts techniques, whereas martial artists in Gushing Spring and Spiritual Ocean Tiers could advance one step further and cultivate Black Grade martial arts techniques. Spiritual Pedestal Tier would mean another step further, being able to cultivate Earth Grade martial arts techniques. And only when one cast off his mortal body and broke through to Flower Blossoming Tier would one meet the requirements to peep into Heaven Grade martial arts techniques.

Since that was the case, then it should not be possible for him to cultivate Earth Grade martial arts techniques now, what more Heaven Grade. However, he had been in Heaven Tier in his last life, so he clearly knew the power of Earth Grade and Heaven Grade martial arts techniques. Thus, he was naturally able to judge that the power of the Three Styles of Black Origin definitely did not place it in the Black Grade category.

When Ling Han thought back, it was no wonder the Sword Emperor had such an ugly expression as if his parents had died when he handed over this technique. He had at first thought that the Sword Emperor would not care about a Black Grade sword technique when he was already that powerful; he had never imagined these three styles of sword technique would be so terrifying.

Then… what about the Third Style?

Ling Han did not continue to cultivate 10,000 Techniques Return to One. Instead, he worked hard to analyze the Third Style. Then, he experienced a great shock.

The Third Style was called Breaking Limits, and the amount of Origin Power required for this move could practically fill an ocean.

According to his calculations, even when he had broken through to Spiritual Ocean Tier, he would still need at least a few hours to gather enough power to be able to perform this last Style.

This was definitely not used to battle your enemies.

A scene appeared in Ling Han’s mind. A magnificently powerful elite warrior was faced against a gigantic protective array. He raised his sword and, after a very long time, brandished it in a strike. A flash of light from the blade washed over, and the giant array was destroyed.

That’s right. Breaking Limits was used to slice open protective arrays. In front of such a powerful technique, even an ancient giant array could possibly be destroyed, and it would directly kill off the living beings hidden behind this protective array.

This Style of sword technique could no longer be judged according to Grade.

Ling Han supported his chin with his hands, and a pensive expression appeared on his face.

In his last life, he had never battled with the other six Heaven Tier elites, because he knew that his cultivation level had merely advanced through swallowing alchemical pills. His battle prowess was also the weakest and least solid of all of them, so he would naturally not bother seeking his own humiliation. However, the other six would frequently battle each other, all competing for the position of the strongest.

Even though Na Lan Tu, Zhi Xue Xian, and Ma Wei Yang were always ranked below the top three, they were still able to exchange blows with the Sword Emperor and not die, or even get serious injuries out of it. Now that he thought about it, they were practically terrifying people.

What kind of monsters were those six!?

Ling Han could not help but want to go mad. In his last life, after he had reached Heaven Tier, he had spent the majority of his time on searching for a way to break through to Shattering Void Tier. Otherwise, if he had gone to investigate the secrets of those six, he would not be at a loss like this now.

‘From the broken shards of memory of the Blood Sucking Origin Gold, a terrifyingly prosperous period of martial arts could be seen. And a few dozen years or a few hundred years after my ‘death’, there once again appeared Heaven Tier elites by the hundred on this land. This means that I had yet to really grasp all knowledge and understanding of this world.

Moreover, there is still such a divine object like the Black Tower, and the little girl’s Spirit Base is also a very shocking existence… Interesting! Interesting!’

Ling Han stood up, and once again began to cultivate 10,000 Techniques Return to One. This was a powerful technique that could be used to battle one’s enemies. If he was actually given enough time to accumulate the power necessary for this Style, then no matter how many trump cards Feng Yan had hidden up his sleeve, he still had the confidence he would be able to kill the latter with a wave of his sword.

This consumed too much Origin Power. Only after a while, Ling Han again sat down and had to swallow a few pills and absorb Spiritual Qi to replenish his energy.

‘Sword Emperor, ah, Sword Emperor, though you’re long dead, but if your sect still existed, I would be interested to take a look around there. What kind of place could the ‘Heaven’s Sword Sect’ be, to actually possess such a terrifying martial arts technique?’

He practiced for a while, then stopped to rest, then began practicing again, and very soon, the day passed.

Ling Han was still mostly concentrating his efforts on advancing to a higher cultivation level now. Only when he broke through to Gushing Spring Tier would he be able to understand the secrets of the Black Tower.

Thankfully, this would only require about half a month’s time.

That’s right, though he was only left with one gigantic Origin Nucleus, the time needed to strengthen this Origin Nucleus as far as it could go was threefold the time he had spent previously.

On the next day, Liu Yu Tong once again gracefully arrived.

“Let me tell you a piece of good news! Feng Yan has left the Academy. It seems he’s gone to ask for some kind of Spiritual Medicine that will allow Feng Luo’s arms to be as good as new,” she said.

Ling Han was dumbfounded. Could this Feng Luo really be born in the Year of the Cockroach or something like that?

In the past, he thrashed and smacked him so much that he had even lost his whole mouth of teeth. However, not long after, he would go back to acting all high and mighty. Now, he had even chopped off his arms, and Feng Luo still had the chance to recover. F***.

“Has his arms been reattached now?”

“En, they were reattached, but they’re not very nimble. There is no way for him to exert any strength through his arms, and that’s why Feng Yan has gone off to seek a Spiritual Medicine to help him recover,” Liu Yu Tong said.

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This was indeed a very dutiful elder brother.

Peng, peng, peng . A knocking was heard from the doors, and Hu Niu ran over to open them. Soon, she came back leading a person behind her. It was Zhu Wu Jiu.

“I broke through to Gushing Spring Tier seven days ago, and fulfilled the promise I made with you. However, from the looks of things now, I am not able to become your follower. I can only repay you in my next life!” Zhu Wu Jiu said.

“Why?” Ling Han asked.

“I sought Nangong Ji out for a challenge and crippled his Dantian. Soon, the Academy will have me captured. Even if I am not sentenced to death, my cultivation will still be crippled.” Zhu Wu Jiu said calmly, no hint of fear or regret on his face at all.

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Chapter 205