Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 202

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Chapter 202: Making a Choice on the Path of Cultivation

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

“Then what do we do now?” A hint of worry appeared on the faces of the three girls.

“Of course, flee!” Ling Han waved them off. “Immediately, right now, all of you disguise yourselves and leave the Imperial City.”

“Yi, how did you know that we know how to disguise ourselves?” Liu Ru Er was once again stunned.

Ling Han sighed, and looked at her scornfully. “Don’t forget. I have seen how your sister looks like after she has disguised herself.”

“Oh, right!” Liu Ru Er clapped her hands, then looked a bit dejected. She was really so stupid, always being mocked by this guy.

“Make a move. You all don’t have much time left,” Ling Han urged.

The three girls quickly began disguising themselves. The Liu Sisters were professionals in this area. They disguised themselves first before helping Yun Shuang Shuang with her disguise. Instantly, they became three young men. What astonished Ling Han was the fact that, somehow, they managed to flatten their breasts and there was a protruding Adam’s apple on their necks.

They put on Ling Han’s clothing, and took with them some cash. Their original clothing, such as their skirts, for example, was burnt to ashes in the courtyard.

“Young Master Han, thank you. In the future, if I get the chance, Shuang Shuang will do everything to repay your great kindness!” Yun Shuang Shuang thanked him.

Ling Han shrugged, and said, “If you have not been sold off by the sisters, then we’ll talk about it.”

“Pei, we’re not human traffickers!” Liu Ru Er rolled her eyes. She thought that Ling Han was a really detestable character, always bickering with her.

“Mister Ling, we shall meet again.” Liu Feng Er curtsied. However, because she currently appeared to be a young man, this movement was extremely weird.

“Go on.” Ling Han waved them off.

The three girls left, and soon, there was no sign left of them.

“Haha, it’s finally quiet around here.” Ling Han laughed. Actually, this was his real purpose. He had finally chased off two freeloaders, so he was very pleased.

“Ye!” Hu Niu was also clapping her hands in delight, though she did not know what Ling Han was so happy about.

However, Ling Han had not guessed wrongly. After over an hour, a troop of Imperial Guards arrived. Though their tone was polite, and they even apologized for disturbing him, they still insisted to search through Ling Han’s courtyard.

Naturally, nothing was discovered.

They apologetically begged their leave. They had arrived in a rush, and also left in a rush.

Ling Han sighed. Looks like he and Lady Yan were firmly on opposing sides by now—it was not that they had not found the person she was looking for, but that they had not found anyone at all! Since one person could disappear, then, naturally, two or even three could disappear as well!

For the sake of her son, Lady Yan immersed herself in scheming, and could even involve the adopted daughter she had cared for for so many years in her plans, what more him.

“Forget it. I’ll just offend her, then. Anyways, I already have many enemies, so it would be of no difference if I have another one.” Ling Han lazily stretched. He should go and prepare their meals. Hu Niu was already hanging from his neck, and endlessly shouting, “Meat, meat, meat…!”

Three days passed in the blink of an eye, and Guang Yuan had finally arrived. However, he did not choose to stay in Ling Han’s courtyard. Instead, he found another courtyard near to Ling Han’s own. Anyways, there were a lot of empty, unoccupied courtyards in this area.

With a bodyguard in Spiritual Ocean Tier, Ling Han was naturally much more relaxed. This was real battle prowess. As long as no one in Spiritual Pedestal Tier appeared, there were not many who could defeat Guang Yuan. Moreover, with a bit of guidance from Ling Han, it would be enough for Guang Yuan to become invincible against anyone in Spiritual Ocean Tier.

However, Ling Han was not in the mood for this right now.

His cultivation rate was too rapid. Now, he had reached the peak period of the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier. He would have to either break through to Gushing Spring Tier, or he could only stay at this cultivation level, and there would be no further increase to his battle prowess.

It was not that he had no way to break through to Gushing Spring Tier. Instead, it was because he was currently faced with a choice—he could still attempt to challenge and break through to the tenth layer of Element Gathering Tier.

This was a cultivation level that only existed in legends and theories. At least, as far as Ling Han knew, no one had reached this cultivation level before.

Break through the limitation of nine, and capture the “one” of the world, reaching perfection.

But was it really possible?

In the records of that predecessor, that was only a guess, but it had never been accomplished before.

Ling Han considered seriously the probability of success.

In his last life, he had already been in Heaven Tier, so naturally he needed not think of this problem as he had long passed this level. However, the current him not only had the comprehension remaining from his last life, he also had the necessary conditions that qualified him to make this attempt, and this was what caused him to hesitate.

How high was this possibility?

Ling Han tried to deduce the possible results, but still did not come to a conclusion.

It could only be claimed that, theoretically, it was indeed possible. However, without being proven in reality, everything was mere empty words.

A madness gradually brimmed in his eyes, and he decided to take the gamble.

In this life, he was cultivating the Indestructible Heaven Scroll. This was an amazing technique, with a Grade so high that it could not be estimated. Then, with such a cultivation technique in his hands, should he not ensure that his foundations would be incomparably sturdy and firm?

Element Gathering Tier was the second cultivation tier in martial arts. One could say that this was merely the beginning, but it was an extremely important step, as the subsequent seven tiers would all be derived from this one tier.

He decided to take this risk!

He began his seclusion to challenge this tenth layer of Element Gathering TIer that perhaps no one had ever managed to reach before.

In his Dantian, there were nine big Origin Nuclei, and forty-five smaller Origin Nuclei that took the shape of a Nine Palace Array. It was a very stable and subtle arrangement.

If he decided to insert another Origin Nucleus, where should he put it?

Ling Han felt a headache coming on. Though he had decided to take the risk and make the attempt, he truly had no idea where to start. How could innovation be anything easy?

He had considered many possibilities, but he rejected them all. That was because if he could consider them, then it was natural that his predecessors would have thought of them as well. Even if they themselves had missed out on the chance, how could they not allow their juniors to make the attempt?

To successfully complete this step would naturally need him to deviate from the normal path, or even go to extreme lengths or a dead end; only with that would it be possible for him to be forced into such desperate straits that he had no other way but succeed.

Ling Han hesitated once again. If he merely had to follow in the steps of his predecessors, then as long as his foundations were firm, with his Immortal Grade Spirit Base and the Indestructible Heaven Scroll, he would definitely advance faster and go further than he had in his last life, so it seemed like there was no need for him to take such a risk.

However, his heart and spirit became even more determined.

He wanted to become the strongest in this life.

His heart and spirit returned to a calm state, and he began to consider a considerable number of strategies on how to proceed with his gamble.

There was a large number of possible options that were immediately eliminated by him when he thought of them, and finally, there were only two possible methods he could attempt left.

The first was to allow the nine big Origin Nuclei to repel each other, and create a special space where he would form his tenth Origin Nucleus. The second was to merge all nine big Origin Nuclei into one gigantic Origin Nucleus. This could also be considered as “one” and conformed to the Dao of the world, becoming the evasive one.

In comparison, the second strategy was practically crazy.

Thus, Ling Han decided to first attempt the former.

He worked hard on allowing the nine big Origin Nuclei to repel each other, and create a special space in between them.

This step was possible, but the problem was that the nine big Origin Nuclei were the source of his energy and power. Now that they were repelling each other, all his energy and power was spent here, so how could he have the extra energy to form the tenth Origin Nucleus?

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Ling Han tried a number of ways, but still, there was no way to solve this problem.

All of a sudden, ten days had passed, and he was still back where he had started.

Was this method not possible?

Ling Han sighed. He had already wasted precious ten days, so he did not want to and could not continue to delay the matter any longer. He still wanted to break through to Gushing Spring Tier and understand the secrets of the Black Tower.

Then, he’d give the second strategy a try.

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Chapter 202