Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 199

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Chapter 199: Subduing Guang Yuan

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

Guang Yuan immediately snorted, and said, “A tiny Element Gathering Tier martial artist like you has the impudence to ask me to be your attendant?” He was a cultivator at the formidable Spiritual Ocean Tier, and what sort of concept is that?

Right above Spiritual Ocean Tier was Spiritual Pedestal Tier, which was the strongest tier in the eight large noble families and royal family!

In other words, in Rain Country, there were only several hundred of those that could firmly suppress Guang Yuan.

Rain Country’s population was around a hundred million—ranking in the top hundred out of a hundred million, that was really kickass, wasn’t it?

“Change the condition!” he said.

“Then be my bodyguard for a year.” Ling Han readily offered another condition.

What difference was there?

Guang Yuan opened his eyes wide; he had the urge to smack someone, but as he thought that Ling Han still had Large Sun Heaven Heart Scroll Scroll’s secrets, he had to restrain his temper. “Change to another one.”

“Say, old brother Guang, you’re too picky. A no on the left and a no on the right… just forget it, I’m too lazy to spend my thoughts on this.” Ling Han shrugged, and was about to take Hu Niu’s hand to leave.

“Huh?” After he walked two steps, he turned his head to say to Guang Yuan. “Old brother Guang what are you suggesting by grabbing onto my clothes?

“Was this lord pulling on you, which eye did you see that with?” Guang Yuan lied brazenly.

Ling Hang laughed aloud, and said, “Old brother Guang, if I don’t help you with your cultivation technique, you won’t let me go?”

“If you want to leave, just leave, this lord isn’t a robber, how could I force you to stay here,” Guang Yuan spoke frankly and righteously, but his hand was clutching onto the corner of Ling Han’s clothes, unwilling to let go.

Ling Han laughed mischievously, and said, “Old brother Guang, just one year as a bodyguard, but in exchange there’s hope for you to enter the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, do you think you’d lose out on this deal?”

Guang Yuan frowned. “Can you really promise that I’ll break through to Spiritual Pedestal Tier?” Unknowingly, he chose to believe this youngster’s facile remark; so what if he resolves the hidden injuries—breaking through to Spiritual Pedestal Tier was still incomparably difficult.

…There were only so many Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivators in Rain Country, all of whom belonged to the Imperial Family and Eight Great Clans—with the rare exception of other powerful parties, such as Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion and Hu Yang Academy; it was unheard of for a lone cultivator to earn such an achievement.

“‘Three Yang breaks heaven, origin’s lock is layered,’” Ling Hang suddenly quoted.

Guang Yuan’s complexion instantly changed, and he said, “How do you know Large Sun Heaven Heart Scroll’s verbal chant?”

“How strange, if I didn’t know, then how would I fix your problem?” Ling Han smiled faintly.

Guang Yuan sighed, and said, “You Win!” This boy kept his calm, appearing to have a sure hold of him.

“Old brother Guang, don’t be disappointed. You’ll understand later that this is the best choice you’ve made in your entire life.” Ling Han laughed.

Guang Yuan shook his head, and said in helplessness, “Boy, you don’t look like a master who settles in his place. This lord acting as your bodyguard will most definitely encounter some danger, maybe even handing over my life.”

“Don’t worry, at most a little danger, death is impossible!” Ling Han patted his shoulder.

“Whatever, now that this lord has already decided to ride on your pirate ship, there’s no need to think more of it.” Guang Yuan was one who unexpectedly met gains and losses with equanimity, no longer fussing over being Ling Han’s bodyguard for a year.

Ling Han said, “‘Three Yang breaks heaven, origin’s lock is layered’, this verbal chant is the problem when you cultivate. I met a person who was just like you, understanding those words as sealing origin power within the third backbone; this certainly can increase explosiveness, but with time, it will cause immense damage. If you continue to cultivate this way, in no less than three years, your backbone will collapse, and you’ll become a cripple.”

Guang Yuan couldn’t help but be moved. For a formidable Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivator, once their cultivation progress was lost, it was no different from dying. Moreover, with his recalcitrant personality, he often offended many people, and once he lost his cultivation, many people would definitely beat him when he was down… the terrible result of that need not be said.

“May I ask Young Master Han how this verbal chant should be interpreted?” He lowered his posture to seek guidance from Ling Han.

Ling Han smiled slightly; speaking of which, it really was coincidental. In his previous life, he met someone who cultivated the Large Sun Heaven Heart Scroll and also ‘derailed’ on that phrase of the verbal formula; moreover, the situation back then was much worse as the man’s backbone was completely shattered.

He was entrusted to refine a heaven grade pill that restored bones. Under careful consideration, he also took time to understand Large Sun Heaven Heart Scroll to be absolutely safe, and that was how he was able to see through Guang Yuan’s problem with a glance.

“Then let us talk it over,” Ling Han said.

After a few minutes, Guang Yuan revealed a faithful look; with each expression he became more solemn and respectful. In his mind, Ling Han’s status rose infinitely.

To know Large Sun Heaven Heart Scroll was already impressive, but he obtained the incomplete scroll in an ancient tomb. Knowing the technique was one thing, one only needed a superb memory to remember it.

However, Ling Han surpassed the level of learning by rote, being even more knowledgeable about it than he was. It made him him feel sudden enlightenment at times, with some parts that he normally didn’t understand instantly becoming clear.

No wonder Ling Han said that he had a chance to advance into Spiritual Pedestal Tier. Ling Han’s understanding was like that of a martial artist master, which made him feel extremely small.

Ling Han took a glance at him, and revealed a smile. Subduing Guang Yuan was only on a whim as he considered Feng Yan’s threat and how Wu Song Lin and Fu Yuan Sheng couldn’t wander behind his butt all day.

However, at most in one year, he would definitely reach Spiritual Ocean Tier and Guang Yuan would naturally be unable to help him. So, he set the period of a year; as for whether Guang Yuan wanted to leave or not, then that’d be based on whether or not he had the heart to take him under his wing.

Guang Yuan had to make arrangements, so he promised to go find Ling Han three days later at Hu Yang Academy.

“A formidable Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivator has so easily fallen under your control?” Liu Yu Tong still somewhat couldn’t believe it.

“A mere Spiritual Ocean Tier.” Ling Hang sighed. Put in his previous life, he wouldn’t even want a Spiritual Ocean Tier to watch his door, but he was too weak right now, so he’d have to make do with Spiritual Ocean Tier.

Liu Yu Tong rolled her eyes. If a formidable Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivator entered Liu family, it’d be guaranteed that Liu family’s top brass would welcome him and shower with heavy promises.

‘Will you die if you don’t show off!?’

“I’ll be Ling Han’s bodyguard too!” Hu Niu said, unwilling to be outdone.

Ling Han laughed aloud, and said, “Good, from now on, I’ll rely on Hu Niu for protection!”

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Hu Niu instantly cracked a smile, appearing to be very happy.

After the three returned to the academy, Liu Yu Tong returned to her quarters, and Ling Han held Hu Niu’s hand and returned to their courtyard. From afar, he saw a girl guarding the door, glancing around with an expression full of angst.

It was Yun Shuang Shuang.

“What, is Madam Yan inviting me for a meal?” Ling Han smiled as he said.

“Please, Young Master Han, save me!” Yun Shuang Shuang kneeled abruptly onto the ground.

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Chapter 199