Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 198

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Chapter 198: Agree to Compensate

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

Faced with these mockeries and ridicules, Earth and Water Faction’s members could only silently endure all kinds of insults, letting people slap their face.

Ling Han stopped, looked at Yang Tian Du, and laughed. “Leader Yang, how do you plan to compensate me?”

Yang Tian Du’s teeth crackled, but circumstances prevail over men, so he said solemnly, “Hundred thousand silvers!” As he said the words, he only felt a burn on his face, as if someone slapped him fiercely.

He was the master of a faction and a formidable Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivator—who would’ve thought he’d lower his head to an Element Gathering Tier youngster… this was a great humiliation.

Ling Hang laughed aloud, then said, “Leader Yang, are you dismissing a beggar? Based on Earth and Water Faction’s affluence and power, you ought to pay several million silvers, right?”


Yang Tian Du almost threw a fit. Several million silvers, why don’t you go rob that! Earth and Water Faction was equivalent to a middle-class clan, and because they were willing to do dirty work, their income was certainly more than that of a middle-class clan.

Ling Han quoted several millions right off the bat, how could he not be agitated? Even if the entire Earth and Water Faction was sold, he wouldn’t be able to get that sum of money.

“Impossible!” he said definitively. Honestly, a hundred thousand silvers already hurt his heart… if there wasn’t another way, how could he submit?

Ling Han laid out his hands, and said, “Anyways, I’ve plenty of time to sit here and drink tea, watch a show, and wait for Leader Yang to change your mind.”

“Bam Bam Bam.” Hu Niu was still causing mass destruction; the little girl was a human-shaped monster—despite ramming into walls, which fell one after another, she remained unscathed, laughing and enjoying herself greatly.

If it was before, Yang Tian Du might’ve taken down Hu Niu, but having seen the Imperial Guards’ attitude, he knew that Ling Han had an incredibly scary background. This time, he could only

swallow the insult bitterly.

He waved people over, and after understanding the details of the situation, he said, “Young Master Han, this faction knows not which stores belong to you. One who does not know is not guilty; we are willing to fully compensate, so please, Young Master Han, have the generosity to let this go.”

As for the matter of Earth and Water Faction being trashed, he naturally did not bring it up and just accepted it as a lesson for provoking someone he shouldn’t. Of course, he could still get Cheng Yunxiang to pay; Cheng family caused this trouble to begin with.

Earth and Water Faction’s disciples all revealed embarrassed and angry expressions, but dared not speak due to Ling Han’s influence. They only felt that it was the most shameful day of their lives.

Ling Han swept them with a glance, and said, “You guys refuse to accept it? Why were you guys so insensible yesterday then, to have started trouble at my property! But, Leader Yang is willing to compromise, so I’ll give you a chance: pay a hundred thousand silvers first, then tear down Chen family’s stores everyday!”

Yang Tian Du looked at Captain Zuo and said, “We are fine subjects that respect justice and abide by the law…”

“Don’t start this nonsense!” Ling Han resolutely shook his hands in admonition, and said, “I don’t mind staying here for a while longer.”

Looking at Yang Tian Du suffer humiliation, Earth and Water Faction’s disciples felt miserable and angry, wishing to run right up to tear Ling Han to pieces; however, seeing the Imperial Guards that were running them down with unfriendly gazes, they had to abandon their intentions.

“Good!” Yang Tian Du was unexpectedly straightforward, coming to a resolution quickly and gritting his teeth in agreement.

He waved his hand, and very quickly a man came carrying an embroidered box. After receiving it, he threw it to Ling Han.

Ling Han opened it to see ten silver notes lying inside, each of ten thousand denomination. He smiled slightly, walked in front of Captain Zuo, handed over the silver notes, and said, “Captain Zuo, this is a small token of appreciation for the trouble in coming over, eat sumptuously afterwards.”

Hiss, this guy was a bit too generous. That was a hundred thousand silvers, not ten pieces of toilet paper!

Captain Zuo promptly declined, and said, “No need, no need. Protecting the citizens’ safety is our obligation as Imperial Guards!”

Hearing those words made Earth and Water Faction’s disciples want to beat someone. Why didn’t you say anything when Ling Han acted violently? How extremely partial.

“Take it, I can’t let you brothers come for nothing.” Ling Han shoved the silver notes to him. For him, a hundred thousand silvers was like a drizzle… besides, this was Earth and Water Faction’s tainted money, which he didn’t want to touch at all.

Only then did Captain Zuo put away the silver notes, filled with gratitude towards Ling Han. Even though he couldn’t take all hundred thousand for himself as he’d have to hand over the majority upwards when he returned, he could still get ten thousand or so—a decent amount of easy money.

Yang Tian Du’s face twitched. That was his money, but it was used by Ling Han to pretend to be generous, and yet he didn’t even receive a thank you.

“Young Master Han, you’re satisfied now, right?” He had to endure the extreme humiliation, the veins on his forehead popping out.

“Hehe!” Ling Han laughed lightly, and said, “I suppose so. Leader Yang, don’t forget my earlier demands—if I see any of Chen Family’s stores still open, then I’ll take these friends here for some tea.”

“I definitely won’t let Young Master Han down!” Yang Tian Du grumbled, almost to the point of roaring. “Now, you can let that little girl stop!”

He pointed at Hu Niu. Ling Han had stopped, but the little girl didn’t, and she was still knocking down wall after wall. After a wall got knocked down, she would laugh endearingly like it was very fun.

Ling Han laughed aloud, and said, “Niu Niu, time to go home.”

“I still want to play!” The little girl showed that she was not yet content.

“Let’s go eat meat!” Ling Han tempted.

“Meat! Meat! Meat!” Hu Niu immediately hopped on and hung on Ling Han like a monkey.

“Everyone, we’ll meet again as long as time stands.” Ling Han walked off swaggeringly. Guang Yuan and the rest followed him. Naturally, the Imperial Guards retreated right after, leaving Earth and Water Faction’s people too pained for even tears as they beheld the scene of desolation in their headquarters.

Ling Han first went to Heavenly Martial Palace to update the request as finished, so that the masses could receive their pay.

“Young Master Han, thank you.”

“If you have assignments like this hereafter, remember to call us brothers!”

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The people talked to him one after another. It was just a fight without any risks and they earned ten thousand—this assignment was definitely good. The assignments they accepted previously, like going to a robbers’ den to kill someone, were filled with danger, which could easily get them killed. They were basically using their lives to make money.

The several formidable Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivators all made an exception and smiled at Ling Han. A financial backer like Ling Han was someone even they wanted to be on friendly terms with, but they were embarrassed to express it too overtly due to their status of martial artists in Spiritual Ocean Tier.

Everyone dispersed, but Guang Yuan stayed behind as he still had to consult Ling Han about the problems with his cultivation

“Tell me, what do you want me to do?” Guang Yuan said. Although he complied to be hired by Ling Han, he also received pay, so he obviously had to find another way to solve the issue on cultivation.

Ling Hang cracked a smile, and said, “Be my attendant for a year.”

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Chapter 198