Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 194

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Chapter 194: You Extort Me?

Translator: _Dark_Angel_, Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

“Good! Good! Good! You dare harm the people of Earth and Water Faction, you’re seeking your own death!” Ai Song smiled coldly, and turned to leave.

He wasn’t running, but he was going to find the Imperial Guards.

A place like Heavenl Military Hall where there were many martial artists and lone martial artists who were ill-tempered and impulsive was one where a fight could break out just because of a single disagreement.

So, there were Imperial Guards posted here to deter troublemakers and police the area.

“Master Han, it’s troublesome now!” said someone pointing at Ruan Shi Zhong.

Ling Han smiled faintly and said, “No matter.”

Guang Yuan and the others frowned and thought that Ling Han was too arrogant. Those who went against the imperial law never came to a good end.

Just a short while later, Ai Song led two Imperial Guards over. These two Imperial Guards were only at Ninth Element Gathering Tier, but as they approached, everyone made way.

The people weren’t scared of those two, but of the uniforms on them that represented the emperor’s power and law.

“These two sirs, this is the child publicly harming people at Heaven Military Temple,” said Ai Song pointing at Ling Han who was still in control of the whimpering Ruan Shi Zhong; it was practically irrefutable evidence.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “You can eat whatever you want, but you can’t irresponsibly speak speak as you wish. This guy fell on his own, breaking even his arm. I kindly helped him up. I’ll let it pass that I’m not even given a good Samaritan award, but how could you extort me?”

This not only enraged Ai Song, but also made Guang Yuan and the others speechless. This guy was too good at making stuff up, even going as far as making a bogus claim…

“What really happened?” said an Imperial Guard, who looked towards Ling Hang with a hint of awe.

This was really inconceivable that the law enforcement team belonging directly to the Emperor’s family would revere a young man, but the truth was so.

Ling Han knew that they recognized his identity. Two great alchemy masters backed him, so how could they not know him considering the grasp of the Emperor’s family? Thus, the Imperial Guards definitely received orders that as long as Ling Han didn’t commit murder and arson, no amount of disturbance would matter. Contrarily, if Ling Han faced danger, these Imperial Guards would have to protect him, or they wouldn’t be able to justify themselves to the two great alchemy masters.

However, from this, it could be seen that Feng Yan had an even more terrifying background, because when Feng Yan slashed the cart on the streets, no Imperial Guards ran out and just let them stir up trouble all they wanted.

“Two sirs, the situation is clear, this guy is the culprit!” Ai Song shouted.

An Imperial Guard’s expression turned solemn, and he said, “This young master said it well: words shouldn’t be said irresponsibly. Do you have proof?”

Proof? Did this still need proof? It couldn’t be more obvious, or were you two blind?

Ai Song had a stomachful of rage, but with the thought of the status of these Imperial Guards, he could only calmly say, “Ruan Shi Zhong, you come tell these two sirs!”

Ruan Shi Zhong endured the pain, and said, “Two sirs, it’s him, he was the one who broke my arm!” He was ‘tricked’ by Ling Hang into giving the Golden Flower of the Stone, slapped dizzy by Hu Niu, and now his arm was broken by Ling Han… naturally, he hated Ling Han and Ling Han’s companions to the bones.

Pa !

Ling Han immediately slapped Ruan Shi Zhong in the back of his head, and said coldly, “You shameful thing. I kindly helped you up, yet you bite like a mad dog! Do I look easy to bully?”

Ruan Shi Zhong almost fainted. He forcefully bought and sold, not counting how many evil deeds he’d done, but being unjustly treated was a first. He felt so aggrieved that his veins were going to explode.

“He did it!” Ruan Shi Zhong’s four underlings all stood forward to testify.

“Lords Imperial Guards, we’re all witnesses, surely we’re not all trying to extort him?” said Ai Song coldly.

“Oh, so you can make up facts with more witnesses?” Ling Han laughed lightly, then turned to speak to the crowd. “Did I break this man’s arm?”

“No!” Guang Yuan and the others all said with a smile. The lone cultivators often have wild and intractable dispositions, some even wished for mayhem. Naturally, they all started to stir up a fuss.

Ling Han shrugged, and said, “These two Imperial Guard brothers, you both heard them. I have more witnesses that say I didn’t break this guy’s arm.”


Ai Song’s face twitched. Water and Earth Faction could be said as the most infamous force within the imperial city. As long as money could be made, all jobs were accepted no matter how dirty it was. But even Ai Song wanted to yell out ‘shameful,’ it was apparent how angry Ling Han made him.

“Boy, is it really wise for you to go against Earth and Water Faction?” he said threateningly.

“Dear Imperial Guard brothers, this guy is threatening me, you all heard, right? If anything happens to me from today on, just look for him,” said Ling Han quickly.

The two Imperial Guards immediately looked towards Ai Song, and one of them said, “Sir Ai Song, please be careful, some words should not be said irresponsibly!”

Ai Song’s cheek twitched, was the imperial army established by this boy? Why did they side with him so much?

“Two Imperial Guard brothers, there is nothing going on here that needs your attention, so how about you go back to relax and drink some tea?” Ling Han said with a smile.

The two Imperial Guards threw a quick warning glance at Ai Song. “Do not cause any trouble, or even the Earth and Water Faction won’t be able to shield you!”

Having said that, the two soon turned around and left.

This made Ai Song realize that Ling Han’s background was definitely not ordinary. He gave Ling Han a deep look, then said, “Young man, just what is your identity?”

“So you don’t know? How do you get by in the Imperial City? ” Ling Han shook his head, then continued, “Go back to Yang Tian Du, tell him I’ll be going on a walk to visit the Earth and Water Faction soon, so he should prepare.”

“What?!” Ai Song raised his voice involuntarily. “You actually dare to come to our Earth and Water Faction?!”

“What, do you want me to tell me that the Earth and Water Faction is some kind of a dragon’s pond or a tiger’s cave? If there’s really some dragon there, then it’ll have to coil before me, and if there’s a tiger, it’ll have to lie down for me.” Ling Han gestured for him to leave by waving his hands, and said, “Get lost, I have no time for a nobody like you.”

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“Good! Good! Good!” Ai Song clenched his teeth. First of all, he was unable to do anything with Hu San present here; second of all, the Imperial Guards here were too chummy with Ling Han—calling them in again would be just a waste of time and effort.

Filled with hate, he turned around and left. As for Ruan Shi Zhong, he was naturally completely ignored by him. There were plenty of such nobodies in the Earth and Water Faction—let alone one, even if a hundred or a thousand died, it wouldn’t matter.

“My Lord, My Lord!” Ruan Shi Zhong followed the departing Ai Song with a look full with despair. Ling Han even dared to break his arms in front of Ai Song… so would Ling Han kill him now? Ruan Shi Zhong couldn’t help but tremble in fear and almost pissed himself.

“Don’t worry, I abide by the law. How could I possibly kill you?” Ling Han smiled at him. “Well, what are you waiting for? Lead the way! We’re going for a walk to the Earth and Water Faction.”

Ruan Shi Zhong and his four sidekicks were helpless, and could only go forward to lead the way while secretly praying that Ling Han would walk right into a trap upon their arrival and suffer big time. However, when they saw that the number of people following Ling Han was over a hundred, they almost pissed themselves again.

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Chapter 194