Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 185

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Chapter 185: Bidding for the Foundation Building Pill

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

“My thanks to all our esteemed guests. We are honored by your presence.” An old man dressed in an embroidered robe walked up to the auctioneer’s stage and started tonight’s auction. “I know very well that there are many here today who have come especially for the Foundation Building Pill. However, there is also a number of other quite good items prepared for the auction today, so I would advise everyone not to dump all your money on simply the Foundation Building Pill.”

When they heard his words, everyone laughed, and the atmosphere instantly became more relaxed.

However, this relaxed state was only temporary. When the Foundation Building Pill appeared, it was guaranteed that all of them would become agitated. One Foundation Building Pill would allow a martial artist who stood at the top of the Spiritual Ocean Tier to build the foundations for his spiritual pedestal and enter a higher cultivation level to become one of the most influential persons in the whole of Rain Country. What person, or what clan, would not go crazy over it?

How many Spiritual Pedestal Tier elites were there in the whole of Rain Country?

Even for the Eight Great Clans and the Imperial Family, they would only have two or three Spiritual Pedestal Tier elites that were publicly known to oversee things in their clan. Even if there were a few that played the role of the hidden ace and thus not known publicly, if a Clan could have five such powerful martial artists in their ranks, it was definitely enough to shock everyone to death.

According to rumors, there would be nine Foundation Building Pills on auction today. If they could all be obtained by a single party, then in the best case scenario, they would be able to allow nine martial artists at the peak of Spiritual Ocean Tier break through to Spiritual Pedestal Tier!

What kind of concept was that? In a single instant, this Clan would be able to surpass the Eight Great Clans.

Of course, even after taking the Foundation Building Pill, it was not possible that every person who had swallowed it would be able to successfully break through, but if there was a 50% chance, that would mean there would be four or five who can successfully break through. If there was only one third of a chance, there would also be at least three.

Anyone who would not go crazy over them must be stupid.

So what if alchemical pills were exorbitantly expensive? As long as one was able to enter into Spiritual Pedestal Tier, no matter how much they had to pay for such an alchemical pill, they would be able to earn back easily.

Everyone laughed loudly, but all of their eyes had a determined gleam to them—tonight, even if they had to lose their entire family fortune, they would definitely get their hands on a Foundation Building Pill!

Ling Han felt a hidden current in the air, and could not help but smile. The Foundation Building Pills may be able to go for an astronomical price in the auction tonight. That was all thanks to the fact that there were really too few elites of Spiritual Pedestal Tier in Rain Country. If it was in a place where the field of martial arts was prosperous and booming, and there would be as many so-called elites of Spiritual Pedestal Tier as stray dogs, then how little would Foundation Building Pills be worth?

“I’ve never thought that there would be so many people. I was feeling confident at first and thought that, in the worst-case scenario, I had to at least get one or, better yet, two. However, now I’m feeling rather uneasy. The chances don’t look very good even for getting only one.” The Eldest Imperial Prince, shaking his head.

Ling Han smiled and said, “Your Imperial Highness has yet to step into Spiritual Ocean Tier, and there is at least another five years until the time when you would need to attempt breaking through to Spiritual Pedestal Tier. Who knows, there may be new Foundation Building Pills again by then.”

The Eldest Imperial Prince sighed and said, “Young Master Han may not be aware as you have just arrived in the Imperial City. However, at least as far as I can remember, never have alchemical pills that could aid one in breaking through appeared. Setting aside such high grade alchemical pills like the Foundation Building Pill, even the Purple Cloud Pill which is used to help to break through to Gushing Spring Tier is extremely rare!”

Ling Han instantly put on a strange expression. The main ingredient of that Purple Cloud Pill was the Dark Moon Grass, which could be used to help widen the space in one’s Dantian. Even ultimate warriors of Heaven Tier would be moved by such a chance, so how could it not be rare?

“I don’t know who has supplied these nine Foundation Building Pills tonight, but that person would definitely be making a killing!” the Eldest Imperial Prince said a little enviously.

The Imperial Family was extremely wealthy, but the Eldest Imperial Prince was still envious. It was obvious that he thought these nine Foundation Building Pills would be able to go for an astronomical amount that would cause even one such as him to lose control.

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan both turned their beautiful eyes to look at Ling Han. The fellow who would be making a killing tonight was precisely this laidback, relaxed young man right over here. And the person mentioned did not even look like he was taking this seriously at all.

“However, the Foundation Building Pills are very close to Earth Grade. Even if they were concocted by an Earth Grade alchemist, chances for failure are still very high. In my opinion, at least about twenty or thirty furnaces’ worth of ingredients would explode before successfully concocting these nine Foundation Building Pills. Going by this, although there is still profit to be earned, it is within reasonable limits,” the Eldest Imperial Prince said in a very certain tone, changing the direction of the conversation.

He turned around and saw Ling Han and his two female companions had rather strange expressions. He could not help but feel surprised, and asked, “What is the matter with you all?”

Both Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan were trying to hold back their laughter. It was really a tough job.

…Ling Han was that person who had concocted these nine Foundation Building Pills. Moreover, he did it in one go. Additionally, one furnace should have only been able to produce eight pills, but he, with an amazing purification technique of his own, produced nine pills in the end.

The pill completion rate had practically exceeded a hundred percent.

You, with such a solemn, sure tone, declared that at least twenty or thirty furnaces had to explode before being able to concoct these nine pills… how could this not cause them to want to laugh uproariously?

Of course, these two girls were very reserved and still gave face to the Eldest Imperial Prince. Thus, through extreme willpower, they held back their laughter. However, this also caused their expressions to naturally become very strange.

Ling Han laughed, and asked, “How much money has Your Imperial Highness brought today?”

“Twenty million!”

“What a wealthy man!” Ling Han did not mind giving him such praise in the slightest, because this money would very quickly enter into his pocket. Everyone would naturally love someone who would be delivering money to them.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” The Eldest Imperial Prince pretended to be very modest. In fact, this wealth was practically all his savings. After all, he was merely an Imperial Prince now.

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan both shook their heads, thinking, ‘Your Imperial Highness, you’re still pretending to be modest, but you don’t know that this guy has already started considering all that money of yours as his.’

“Everyone, the nine Foundation Building Pills will be auctioned off separately throughout the entire auction, so please do not walk away and miss out on it. After the combined appraisal by a few alchemists of the Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion hired by our Pavilion, these nine Foundation Building Pills are worth thirteen Stars! All of you should know what a grade of thirteen Stars implies, right?” the auctioneer said with a smile. Clapping his hands, he continued, “And now, to start off the auction, we’ll be auctioning off the first Foundation Building Pill to liven up the atmosphere. The base price is five million, and every bid cannot be lower than one hundred thousand.”

After he finished speaking, those rich and imposing people did not look very pleased, while those who were embarrassingly short of money smiled.

If these nine Foundation Building Pills were auctioned off in one go, then there would definitely be very few people able to afford them, so in the end, the price would not be too shocking. However, if they were auctioned off one by one, the competition would become much fiercer, and in extreme conditions, one Foundation Building Pill may go for a price that even exceeded the price of the other eight pills combined.

Thus, those rich people were naturally displeased, as this had added a larger number of bidders they had to compete with for a single pill.

“Five million.”

“Five million and five hundred thousand.”

“Five million and seven hundred thousand.”

Very quickly, the sound of bids endlessly appeared. That was because it was acknowledged by all that a Foundation Building Pill was worth about ten million. Thus, everyone was still very enthusiastically bidding, and the price was still very far from the limits they had set in their hearts.

The Eldest Imperial Prince also began to place bids. Unfortunately, his status was completely useless in the current scenario. No one would be retreating simply because he was the one bidding.

“Ten million!” Within only two minutes, the price of first Foundation Building Pill had reached ten million.

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From this moment on, there were obviously fewer bidders, because this was very near to the real value of the Foundation Building Pills. Moreover, there were still eight left, so they need not compete so desperately yet.

After a few more rounds of bidding, the first Foundation Building Pill was finally auctioned off for thirteen million. The winning bidder was an old man from the Li Clan of the Eight Great Clans. His cultivation level was at the peak of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and it was obvious from the delight on his face that he had bought it for his own use.

If he was fortunate, when he went into seclusion, he would come out as an elite of Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

Spiritual Ocean and Spiritual Pedestal Tiers were two completely different levels.

“Your Imperial Highness, if you intend to buy the Foundation Building Pills, it would be best if you act soon. In my opinion, the more things drag on, the higher the price would be,” Ling Han said to the Eldest Imperial Prince. “The rarer something is, the greater its value.”

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Chapter 185