Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 184

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Chapter 184: Please Go Up to the Third Floor

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

Elimininate another Clan? The Sun Clan?

The Eldest Imperial Prince could not help but turn to look at Ling Han. Though he looked very highly upon Ling Han, not even all the alchemists of Rain Country standing behind Ling Han would be able to eliminate the Sun Clan. That was because the Eight Great Clans were the pillars of support of the nation, and if things really proceeded to that step, then not only would the Rain Emperor take action, even the Elder of the Qi Family that usually stood behind the scenes would spring out into the open.

But from the extremely calm and composed, practically cold look on Ling Han’s face, this did not seem like words of anger he had said simply in the heat of the moment. The hidden depths within his eyes even caused an icy feeling to rise up in the heart of the Eldest Imperial Prince.

How could that be!

He was in the ninth layer of Gushing Spring Tier and had one foot into the door of Spiritual Ocean Tier. Moreover, he was the Eldest Imperial Prince of the Empire, yet he would actually feel a bit of fear just from looking at the eyes of a young man.

“Heng, I hope you will not be so foolish!” Sun Zi Yan did not hear Ling Han’s murmur. The flick of his sleeves was proof enough of his extreme displeasure.

That was natural. He had thought that he only needed to step out as a mediator and the conflict between Ling Han and Chen Yun Xiang would be resolved with a few words from him. He had not thought that Ling Han would not give him the slightest bit of face.

The Eldest Imperial Prince did not speak any more words of advice. Ling Han’s words previously were obviously spoken just loud enough for him to be able to hear. If he continued to advise Ling Han, would Ling Han speak even more shocking words, and declare his intention to “eliminate another clan”?

Then that would really be considered treason.

Sun Zi Yan turned and left. When he arrived at the entrance to the Spirit Treasures Pavilion, an old man came up to receive him and said, “Zi Yan, what did that brat say?” It was Chen Yun Xiang.

A sliver of displeasure flickered across Sun Zi Yan’s face. Though he did not care about the lives of a few commoners, he still felt very disgusted with this old man that had that kind of perverted fetish. Still, what could he do? This was his father-in-law, after all.

“He refused to let it go!” He shook his head.

Chen Yun Xiang was stunned at first before immediately saying angrily, “This brat actually refused to give face even to you, Zi Yan, just because he has the protection of the princess of the Liu Clan!”

Sun Zi Yan humphed. He naturally knew that Chen Yun Xiang was fanning the flames, but he was indeed displeased. “Both the Eldest and Third Imperial Princes seem to have quite an amiable relation with this brat. It’s not as simple as him depending on a woman.”

“What!?” Chen Yun Xiang instantly broke out into a cold sweat. The Chen Clan was only a minor clan, and if he actually attracted the displeasure of such important people like the Eldest and Third Imperial Prince, that would mean that the Chen Clan could be eliminated at any time.

“What are you so afraid of?” Sun Zi Yan asked coldly.

“Hehe, with Zi Yan to protect me, I naturally need not fear anything,” Chen Yun Xiang quickly flattered him. Though he was Sun Zi Yan’s father-in-law, their social status was completely different.

Sun Zi Yan gave another humph. He turned back around and looked as Ling Han and his group walked up the stairs, an icy smile flickering around the corners of his lips.

“Greetings, Your Imperial Highness!” The guards standing at the entrance of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion were naturally clever people, so when they saw the Eldest Imperial Prince, they quickly hurried forwards and bowed in greeting. Meanwhile, a minor manager immediately came out to receive them as he said, “With the grand arrival of Your Imperial Highness, Young Masters and Princesses, our pavilion is honored by your appearance! Please! Please!”

With that minor manager guiding them, they followed him and walked up the staircase.

The second and third floors were both comprised of private rooms, but there were only twenty of them available on the third floor. They were reserved for extremely important people such as the current Rain Emperor, the Clan Heads of the Eight Great Clans, the two Headmasters of Hu Yang Academy as well as the Pavilion Master of the Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion. Any others—even if it was the Eldest and Third Imperial Prince—would only be able to settle for a private room on the second floor.

Thus, when they arrived on the landing on the second floor, they naturally had to stop climbing the stairs.

“Our esteemed guests, your private room awaits you on the third floor,” the minor manager said in a strange tone.


Everyone’s steps paused. Third floor? How could that be possible! If you were talking about the person with the highest status amongst them, then that would definitely be the Eldest Imperial Prince. However, even he did not have the right to go up to the third floor, unless he managed to ascend to the imperial throne and become the ruler of this Empire.

“Young Master Han is the most honored guest of our Pavilion, and so naturally has the right to go up to the third floor!” the minor manager said, respectfully bowing in Ling Han’s direction.


Everyone was dumbstruck. How could that be?

What right did his brat, merely sixteen or seventeen years old and in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier, have to go up to the third floor and be on the same level as the Clan Heads of the Eight Great Clans, the two Headmasters of the Academy, the Boss of alchemy in Rain Country, or even the Rain Emperor?

Ling Han glanced cursorily at the minor manager, and the latter only offered him a good-natured smile. He knew that the Spirit Treasures Pavilion, to confirm the origin of the Foundation Building Pills, must have gone to the Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion and done their own investigation. They would have found out that the pills were concocted by Ling Han.

Those were Foundation Building Pills one was talking about here. Their grade was close to Earth Grade pills, and this not only implied that Ling Han was already a Black Grade high level alchemist, but that he was practically a confirmed Earth Grade alchemist in the near future.

Such a person would still not have the right to go up to the third floor?

“Haha, thanks to Young Master Han, I would be able to go up to the third floor now.” The Eldest Imperial Prince laughed loudly, though there was a sliver of confusion and envy, as well as astonishment, in his eyes.

The Spirit Treasures Pavilion was a business, so how could they break their own rules? Since they had prepared a private room on the third floor for Ling Han, that meant that Ling Han had power or background that deserved this kind of priority treatment. This was astonishing to him. What right did Ling Han have to be on the same level as the Clan Heads of the Eight Great Clans and the Boss of alchemy of Rain Country and other such extremely important people?

Sun Zi Yan’s expression instantly darkened. He had previously looked down on Ling Han, and thought that he was so arrogant because a woman backed him, and now, through some unknown means, he had gotten his hooks into the Eldest and Third Imperial Prince. But from the looks of the current scenario, it was obvious he was wrong in his estimation.

…Not even the Eldest Imperial Prince had the right to enjoy a private room on the third floor, what more to actually obtain one for Ling Han.

He was surprised, and Chen Yun Xiang was even more dumbstruck. He was so scared that his face had completely paled. Secretly, he was already beginning to regret his utter misfortune and that he would actually encounter such a deadly character like Ling Han.

When he looked at Ling Han ascend further up the steps, a complicated expression appeared on Sun Zi Yan’s face. Should he still continue down his path of darkness and continue to go against Ling Han? It was obvious that the latter’s background was very likely astonishingly powerful.

When he looked at Chen Yun Xiang, he could not help but think of his beautiful and seductive concubine. Then his gaze became even more determined.

It was already decided that he would interfere in this matter. Not only was it for the sake of that concubine of his, but also for his own pride. He was a young master of the Sun Clan, and no one should be able to step on his pride!

There were only twenty private rooms on the third floor, but each private room was extremely spacious, with capacity to accomodate a few dozen people. Moreover, there were also beautiful female attendants waiting to serve guests within, earnestly serving dishes and filling their cups.

Ling Han and the others all sat down, while Hu Niu knelt on Ling Han’s lap solemnly, her little figure held firmly and strictly.

“Young Master Han, is this your sister?” the Eldest Imperial Prince said with a smile.

“Something like that,” Ling Han said, smiling. He dotingly rubbed Hu Niu’s head, and a satisfied expression instantly appeared on the little girl’s face. Like a kitten, she rubbed her head against Ling Han’s chest.

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The Eldest Imperial Prince observed Hu Niu closely for a moment, and could not hold back an expression of shock. He pointed at Hu Niu and said in astonishment, “She, she, she, she, she’s actually in Element Gathering Tier!”

This little girl was only about five or six years old, but was shockingly already in Element Gathering Tier. This was enough to shock anyone to death!

Hu Niu glared at the Eldest Imperial Prince in displeasure. Ling Han hated being pointed at by someone, and she was heavily influenced by Ling Han, and so naturally had the same dislike. Her little mouth opened wide, revealing her little white teeth, looking like she was ready to bite someone.

“Be good, Niu Niu,” Ling Han said, smiling. Hu Niu instantly withdrew her fierce expression, and smiled sweetly at Ling Han.

The Eldest Imperial Prince, meanwhile, was stuck in a state of shock and astonishment. How could there be such a young person in Element Gathering Tier?! This was too unreal! Indeed, it seems that birds of a feather flock together. Ling Han himself was a monster, so even the people around him were monsters too!

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Chapter 184