Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 182

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Chapter 182: Reflection

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

Ling Han was stunned for a moment before breaking out in laughter.

That’s right. He forgot about himself. He had been the Alchemy Emperor in his last life, so he naturally took the way that all alchemists respected him and held him in great reverence to be something very normal. However, he had forgotten that he was only seventeen years old now.

In the eyes of the politically powerful, he was also an unstable variable and an existence that could affect the stability of the reign of the Qi Family, and if things came to a head, he could even be easily eliminated!

“If they knew that I was the one who had concocted the nine Foundation Building Pills, they would be even more astonished, wouldn’t they?” Ling Han murmured to himself as he supported his chin with one hand. The Foundation Building Pills were “divine medicine” that could really affect the current delicate power balance in Rain Country, and if there appeared another ten plus Spiritual Pedestal Tier elites, then things would definitely become a complete mess.

That was because the cake was only so big, and if there was someone new added to the mix who wanted to get his own share, then that would definitely mean that those who already had their own share would have to let go of a portion of their own share for the newcomer.

Who would want to let go of what they already had in their possession?

‘I did not think things through far enough, it seems.’ Ling Han reflected on his life since the moment that he had been reborn. It was still fine in Gray Cloud Town and Da Yuan City, but after entering into the Imperial City, it seems that he had been a bit too brash.

‘But so what if I am a bit brash? With the identity of a Black Grade high level alchemist, not even the Rain Emperor would easily take action against me.’ Ling Han tapped his fingers in thought, as light flashed in his eyes. ‘However, the issue about obtaining the Eye of Truth would have to be reconsidered.’

‘Though I have never seen the Rain Emperor before, it is rumored that this Emperor is extremely intelligent and very capable at maintaining control. Those two sons of his keep planning and scheming here and there right in this Imperial City… how could he not notice at all?

Who knows, there may be Rain Emperor’s spies planted right at the side of those two Imperial Princes.

If, at the moment I open up the inner chamber and retrieve the Eye of Truth, and was so ‘coincidentally’ caught red-handed, then even the status of an alchemist would not be able to protect me. My only fate would be being executed for my crime. Otherwise, I would be imprisoned for life to keep concocting alchemical pills for the Qi Family for the rest of my days.’

A sliver of a smile flickered at the corners of Ling Han’s lips, and he thought, ‘I was too strong and powerful in my last life, so no one dared to use underhanded schemes against me. However, after my rebirth, I have been a bit careless. Who knows, I may meet with unexpected failure in what seems to be something very easy for me.

My priority now should be breaking through to Gushing Spring Tier, and discovering the real secrets of the black tower!

This is the most precious of all treasures in this world. I can’t pick up the sesame seed and instead lose sight of the watermelon.’

When they saw his thoughts stray, both Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan asked at the same time, “What are you thinking about?” Right after their words fell, they both glared at each other. ‘Why did she say the same thing as me again? How hateful.’

“It’s nothing. I just broke through, so I need to stabilize my cultivation first,” Ling Han said, smiling.

“Ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier!” Liu Yu Tong suddenly screamed.

“What?!” Li Si Chan was also shocked, because Ling Han was very obviously still in the seventh layer of Element Gathering Tier just the day before.

He actually managed to break through two cultivation layers in a single day. Could he be even more outrageous than that?

“It’s nothing to make a fuss about.” Ling Han smiled calmly. In his last life, he had reached the formidable height of Heaven Tier, so how could such a small breakthrough in Element Gathering Tier cause him to feel ecstatic about?

“What a poser!” Both girls gave him a look of disdain.

‘When did I pose?’

Ling Han felt very wronged, but he did not want to bother himself to argue with the two girls, and instead continued to ponder over his sword arts as he wanted to form the seventh flash of Sword Qi.

Once he managed to form the seventh flash of Sword Qi, his battle prowess would be able to rise to another level. More importantly, that would mean that he was one more step closer to Sword Ray.

The conflict between Feng Yan and Ling Han caused huge waves at the Academy, because even the two Headmasters appeared at the end of the conflict.

Ling Han was still fine because Wu Song Lin did not say much. That was why the majority thought that he had just coincidentally passed by and decided to uphold the justice. Feng Yan was a different story. The theory about him being Lian Guang Zu’s illegitimate son gave rise to a tremendous clamor, and the majority thought that was practically confirmed.

Of course, there were still some who managed to look deeper into things. Lian Guang Zu’s attitude towards Feng Yan was not as if the latter was his illegitimate son, but rather more like a relationship between an old servant and his young master. However, this old servant had a very firm backbone, and the young master was still too weak. Thus, the relationship was not very distinct yet.

Whatever the case was, Feng Yan had already become a very popular and mighty figure in the eyes of the Academy. However, the fact that his younger brother had his arms sliced off by Ling Han, and he still was unable to do anything to Ling Han in vengeance, was still a hit to his image.

Feng Yan had already announced that Ling Han was his foe, and he would definitely kill Ling Han within three months. If anyone dared to befriend Ling Han, then they would not be able to escape a similar fate.

After these words were announced, the whole Academy was in an uproar as they all thought that Feng Yan was much too arrogant.

Putting aside the possibility that Feng Yan may be Lian Guang Zu’s “illegitimate son”, even if he was Lian Guang Zu’s old man, he still did not have the right to rage so publically in the Imperial City and announce his intention to commit murder. After all, this was the land of the Qi Family, and not the Lian Clan.

Unexpectedly, the Imperial Family did not display any reaction about this matter. No one knew if they were only pretending that they had not heard of any such thing, or thought that Feng Yan was too young and so decided not to call him to account for the sake of Lian Guang Zu.

However, the new auction of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion was right around the corner. Because there were nine Foundation Building Pills up for auction this time around, this caused incredible excitement to rise up among the Great Clans and the other middle-class clans. Even the Imperial Family would not be able to maintain their composure.

After all, there was only one person in Flower Blossoming Tier in the whole of Rain Country, and he had not appeared for many years, so it was unknown whether he was still alive or already dead. In Rain Country, the Spiritual Pedestal Tier was doubtlessly the strongest cultivation tier, and those in this cultivation level would be able to do as they liked and practically disregard the laws of the Empire. These people were really the elite of the elite.

The Foundation Building Pill could greatly increase the chances of a martial artist to break through to Spiritual Pedestal Tier, so this naturally attracted the excitement of every known party. Who would not want a few more such extremely powerful people to provide additional security for their own power base?

In the world of martial artists, everything was gained through power.

The middle-class clans wanted to obtain a Foundation Building Pill in order to ascend to the level of a Great Clan, while the Eight Great Clans and the Imperial Family hoped to have a few more elites of Spiritual Pedestal Tier to strengthen the power of their own Clans and further secure their own position in the power balance.

This was destined to be a very fierce competition.

Ling Han was completely unbothered. Money was only something he needed to buy more medicinal ingredients and concoct more alchemical pills. Even if he had more of it, it was not of much use to him.

When the day of the auction arrived, the Eldest Imperial Prince had indeed arrived very early and earnestly extended an invitation to Ling Han. Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan were long aware of the auction, and so had naturally come early. Thus, Ling Han would have to bring along the both of them, as well as Hu Niu.

“Hahaha, so Young Master Han has already plucked the two most beautiful flowers of the Imperial City. I was still feeling a bit strange previously about the fact that Young Master Han did not have any beauties by his side, especially when you are so outstanding and elegant.” The Eldest Imperial Prince laughed loudly, looking as if he had found a kindred spirit.

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan both blushed, but did not argue. It was unknown whether it was because they were a bit subdued by the Eldest Imperial Prince’s power, or had just simply chosen to admit indirectly.

Meanwhile, Ling Han rolled his eyes. So this guy had previously thought that he had some kind of problem there … or perhaps thought that he liked men? He laughed and said, “Yu Tong and Si Chan are my good friends.”

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“Good friends, I get it! I get it!” The Eldest Imperial Prince’s smile became even more suggestive.

Damn, this guy of impure thoughts.

Ling Han changed the topic and asked, “Does Your Imperial Highness also want the Foundation Building Pill?”

“Though I have not yet broken through to Spiritual Ocean Tier, my current cultivation level would at most continue to trouble me for one more year!” the Eldest Imperial Prince said confidently. “If I manage to obtain a Foundation Building Pill, then I would have higher odds when I attempt breaking through to Spiritual Pedestal Tier in the future. Unfortunately, I am limited in my financial resources. Otherwise, I will definitely try to obtain all nine Foundation Building Pills. That way, my breakthrough to Spiritual Pedestal Tier would be practically definite.”

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan could not help but look towards Ling Han. This guy very casually produced those nine Foundation Building Pills. If you manage to cling to him, then that would really ensure that you can successfully break through.

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Chapter 182