Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 176

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Chapter 176: Definitely Crippling Him

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

When they saw how Ling Han acted like he was shooing away a flock of ducks, the spectators could not help but want to laugh. Wherever he stepped, the four Guardian Deities would disperse as if they were a flock of birds. The spectators were also secretly amazed at Ling Han’s overwhelming courage to actually dare to oppose Feng Yan.

Feng Yan had now neatly become the King of the Academy.

First, when the Imperial Guards came to the Academy to apprehend him, they were forced to retreat in the face of Lian Guang Zu’s tough attitude, and there was actually no sign of anger from the Imperial Family. In the end, the matter was simply settled peacefully. Next, Feng Luo, who had been expelled from the Academy, returned and even attempted to commit a violent crime right in public. Even a teacher of the Academy could only stand by and watch helplessly.

This was practically out of control and with completely zero regard for any rules. Not even a Core Disciple and the son of the Emperor like the Third Imperial Prince would dare to act so boldly, yet Feng Yan dared.

And now that someone who actually dared to oppose the Feng Clan appeared, how could they not all give him a thumbs up and praise him for his courage?

“Hahahaha!” The spectators all laughed loudly. They did not dare to so publicly oppose Feng Yan, but a little harmless laughter should be fine. He couldn’t possibly hold a grudge over a little laughter, right?

The four Guardian Deities felt angry, enraged, and helpless all at once. In terms of ability, they were sure that they could completely suppress Ling Han, but he had a hostage in his hands, so they could only be cautious in their movements. There was no way for them to put all their efforts in. They could only run around all over the place, and this made them feel unbearably sullen.

Ling Han did not treasure the “weapon” in his hands. He simply crashed, hit, threw and banged the “weapon” any which way he liked. Under such treatment, Feng Luo was actually awakened by the pains in his body.

“Ling! Han!” he screamed shrilly, an incomparable rage brimming in his tone.

How many times was this? That he had experienced a loss at Ling Han’s hands?

“I want you to die! I want you to die!” he roared furiously. If he couldn’t even vent his anger through an enraged roar, he would go crazy.

“Oh, you’re awake?” Ling Han gave a cold, eerie smile, and simply tossed Feng Luo onto the ground. “That’s good. I want you to watch how your two arms are sliced off!”

“Y-you dare!” Feng Luo was terrified.

“Why do I not dare?” Ling Han said calmly. “Just now, you wanted to slice off my friend’s arm, and now I can’t slice off your arm? Or is it that you think that I can’t even compare to an idiot like you?”

“My brother would definitely not spare you!” Feng Luo caught onto the last sliver of hope for him—threatening Ling Han with his brother.

“You speak as if your brother would become my underling once I let you go.” Ling Han shook his head, and waved his sword a bit. “Cherish the moment now and gaze for a moment longer at your two arms, as very quickly, you will be saying an eternal farewell to them.”

“No! No! No!” Feng Luo was finally so terrified that he had started to cry with snot and tears. He did not want to become a handicap. He was still young, and if he lost his arms, how would he be able to bully others or play with beautiful women in the future?

“Stop!” the four Guardian Deities all shouted in unison.

“No one would be able to save him!” Ling Han shook his head, his voice cold as ice.

“Oh, then what about me?” A voice filled with dignity rang out and Feng Yan appeared. He had his hands behind his back as if he were an Emperor, and was exuding an powerful aura of domination.

“Milord!” the four Guardian Deities all fell into a half-kneeling position, respectfully paying their greetings.

“Brother, save me! Save me!” Feng Luo was both surprised and delighted. In his eyes, there was nothing that Feng Yan could not do. As long as his brother was here, he would be saved.

“And who do you think you are?” Ling Han asked calmly. There was no hint of disdain in his tone, as if he was merely stating a very ordinary statement of truth.

Feng Yan could not help as killing intent rose within him, but when his eyes swept over Feng Luo, he said, “Let go of my brother, and I can spare you this one time.”

“You speak as if you have some kind of special status.” Ling Han snorted. “Since you two brothers are finally both here, then I can get started!” He raised his sword.

What, he had not acted before… because he was deliberately waiting for Feng Yan to appear?

This… this was really too arrogant of him, wasn’t it? Deliberately waiting for Feng Yan to appear to make his move… was he trying to form a life-or-death enmity with Feng Yan?

…What the others did not know was that these two young men already had a life-or-death enmity between them. However, in Feng Yan’s eyes, he could very easily erase Ling Han’s existence from this world, and did not take it seriously at all.

“Brother! Brother!” Feng Luo maniacally struggled and cried out, crying so much that his face was covered with snot and tears.

In the end, Feng Yan was moved, and said, “If you dare, then I will definitely kill you today!”

Both sides were similarly ruthless. One side wanted to slice off the arms of someone, while the other side declared loudly the intention to commit murder. It was as if neither of them took the rules of the Academy or the laws of Rain Country to heart.

“Idiot!” Ling Han said coldly, and his sword lowered swiftly in a strike.

“You are seeking death!” Feng Yan shot towards Ling Han. With his ability, he at least had a seventy percent chance of blocking Ling Han’s sword strike successfully.

Xiu , he was indeed very fast, as if he was a furious arrow. Just when Ling Han’s sword was about to fall onto Feng Luo’s shoulder, Feng Yan’s hand struck forwards as well. Origin Power rolled out and wrapped around his palm, making his whole arm turn white silver, brilliantly lit.

Ling Han humphed and flicked his left hand. Instantly, Strange Fire wrapped around his fist, which struck towards Feng Yan.

Immediately, Feng Yan’s expression changed. He could sense that the flames wrapped around Ling Han’s fist had the ability to threaten his life. Though this was only a feeling, he believed very strongly in his feelings, as they had helped him survive many dangers and hazards previously.

At this moment, he fully displayed his extraordinary prowess. He suddenly struck a fist onto the ground and unbelievably stopped in his advance due to the opposing force of the solid ground. Then he quickly stepped back in retreat.

Ling Han’s fist could only hit empty air.

However, though Feng Yan could dodge and retreat, Feng Luo could not.

Pu , blood spilled and Feng Luo released a terrible scream. His right arm was completely sliced off.

He really sliced it off! He really did!

Everyone was shocked. The Feng Clan brothers were already more than out of control, but Ling Han was not the least bit inferior to them. He actually did slice off Feng Luo’s arm with a strike of his sword.

“Ah! Ah!” The area was dead silent, except for Feng Luo’s terrible screams of agony, resounding around.

Feng Yan’s face turned completely ashen, and he said darkly, “You have successfully enraged me. Today, there is no other fate for you but death!”

“Yi, you’re angry just with this?” Ling Han asked calmly. “I still have one arm left to slice!”

Hiss , this guy really planned to cripple both of Feng Yan’s arms.

It was as if two solidified bursts of killing intent were suddenly shot from Feng Yan’s eyes. When he looked at Ling Han, it was as if he wanted to stare a hole into him. He said, “If you dare to touch another hair on my brother’s head, I will kill all your clansmen and everyone related to you!”

Shua , Ling Han’s sword once again lowered, giving Feng Yan the most direct, as well as the most unyielding answer.

“F***!” Feng Yan could not stop himself from cursing. He once again shot forwards, but he dared not come too closely this time round. Instead, he punched a fist forwards, and his Origin Power suddenly solidified into a few tens of silver fists that transformed into a powerful barrage of blows heading in Ling Han’s direction.

Black Grade low level martial arts technique, Torrential Fists!

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The ability of an elite in the seventh layer of Gushing Spring Tier added together with the power upgrade of a Black Grade low level martial arts technique was definitely not something that a weaker martial artist of Gushing Spring Tier could stand against, no matter what kind of monster he was.

The fists would strike violently and randomly, as if they were drops of rain falling in a torrential rainstorm.

How could this be blocked?

Ling Han’s right hand held onto his sword in a stance, but his left hand stretched open. A black-colored thing spread open, as if it was an umbrella, and when it was fully spread out, it transformed into a circular object very similar to a shield that completely protected Ling Han behind it.

Blood Sucking Origin Gold, an item that could transform according to his will!

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Chapter 176