Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 174

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Chapter 174: Feng Luo’s Act of Violence

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

Ling Han went over to open the door and saw that it was Zhu Xue Yi at the door. She was currently in a great state of anxiety and panic.

“Big Brother Ling!” Zhu Xue Yi immediately greeted, as if she had finally managed to gain a pillar of support the moment her eyes set upon Ling Han. Instantly, her worried demeanor relaxed considerably.

“What’s happened?” Ling Han asked.

“The Academy expelled Li Hao!” Zhu Xue Yi said furiously.

“What!?” Ling Han frowned. “Has he committed some crime?”

“No.” Zhu Xue Yi shook her head, and forced out through gritted teeth, “It’s Feng Luo! He brought with him a teacher of the Academy, and expelled Li Hao from the Academy for no reason at all! He even said, said that it was because Li Hao was a friend of Big Brother Ling.”

Instantly, Ling Han’s eyes became as sharp as swords, as rage slowly rose in his heart.

“Feng Luo is really out of control. He had his lackeys injure Li Hao and force him to lower his head, and the teacher from the Academy actually pretended he had not seen anything at all! When I saw things were getting worse, I immediately rushed over to you and hope that you can uphold the justice for Li Hao!” Zhu Xue Yi said, crying.

If he was really expelled from the Academy, then Li Hao would never be able to hold his head high again when he returned. Moreover, his future prospects would become extremely limited.

Ling Han revealed a strong fury in his demeanor. He had already expected that Feng Yan and his brother would seek him out for revenge, and he did not have any fear. As a martial artist, how could it be possible if he would not offend a few people in his lifetime?

Yet Feng Luo actually targeted his friends. That was too shameless!

Whatever the enmity, family members should never be dragged into the matter. That was the unwritten rule of martial artists. Unless it was some kind of life or death enmity that could not be dissolved—only then would one actually make the move to eliminate the whole clan of his foe, or even include anyone else that had the slightest bit of relation to him. The enmity between him and Feng Luo, at best, was only a minor conflict.

“Bring me to them!” Ling Han said darkly.

Zhu Xue Yi was delighted, and hurriedly brought Ling Han with her to Li Hao’s quarters. She had seen how the Third Imperial Prince and his guests had treated Ling Han at the Cherishing Flower Pavilion, so she believed that if Ling Han were to act, then things could still be redeemed.

The two of them were in a rush, so very quickly, they arrived at the students’ hostel. This was where the Ordinary Disciples lived. Unlike True Disciples, who had a courtyard to themselves, a few Ordinary Disciples would share a single courtyard, and the treatment was completely different.

Feng Luo had made a comeback and was unbearably arrogant, making no attempts to hide his actions at all. On the other hand, he wanted nothing more than to inform everyone in the Academy of it, to let them see how impressive and mighty he was now.

Thus, there was a large number of people watching the scene. Some were sympathetic, some were rejoicing in Li Hao’s misfortune, while others were completely indifferent. Any circle would be able to show the multiple facets of human nature.

In the middle of the crowd, Li Hao was already covered with injuries and lying on the ground. Feng Luo had one foot firmly stepping on Li Hao’s face, and Li Hao’s fingers were visibly entrenched deeply into the ground beneath him. It was obvious to the rest how furious he was at this moment.

Ling Han’s eyes were like swords of ice. As he strode forwards, those around seem to be able to sense his current rage. They turned around and when they saw the icy expression on his face, they subconsciously retreated a few steps, and opened up a path for him to pass through.

This also included the few students who were in Gushing Spring Tier. They were both surprised and confused about how they could be scared off by a fellow student merely in Element Gathering Tier.

The crowd separated like flowing water and a direct path to the center of the crowd appeared.

Feng Luo immediately turned around and looked to find that it was Ling Han. A sliver of arrogance appeared on his face, he smiled cockily, and said, “Ling Han, did you see, I have returned!”

Ling Han did not say anything. He merely continued his advance without pause.

“Hahahaha, are you extremely displeased? So what if you are! I want you to be very displeased!” Feng Luo smirked coldly, and deliberately rubbed his foot on Li Hao’s face a few times. “This is your friend? Then I’m really sorry. I did everything on purpose!

Don’t say that I didn’t give him a chance,” Feng Luo shrugged, and continued, “I told him that as long as he cut off all relations with you from now onwards, and announced all the evil acts and crimes you have committed in public, then I would let him off. Who knew that this brat would be so stubborn and so stupidly loyal that he was actually not willing to betray you!

Ai, the kind of person I hate the most would be this kind of unreasonable idiot, so I could only thrash him until he will admit the error of his ways!

Don’t worry, there could not be so many idiots in this world. In future, I will go seek out Li Dong Yue, Jin Wuji and the others, and I believe that they would not be as stupid as this!”

Feng Luo paused, and when he saw the ice-cold expression on Ling Han’s face, he felt great delight—the more humiliated Ling Han was, the happier he would be. In fact, he wanted nothing more than to give a few furious stomps on that face of his.

“What is it? Do you want to step on me?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to! Just take a look, my brother had his four Great Guardian Deities come over to become my guards, and all of them are in Gushing Spring Tier. Forcing you into submission would be a piece of cake for them! Everyone here is the same. I can beat up anyone I don’t like the look of, but none of them would dare to touch a single hair on my head!

Come and beat me up, you idiot! If you have the balls to, come thrash me!”

Feng Luo laughed loudly, obviously very pleased with himself. He did not have any reservations about entering into Mocking Everyone Mode.

At this, quite a few people looked furious. It was necessary for rules to be in place in order to restrict anyone’s actions at any time. That way, there would be a limit to how far they would go. Yet Feng Luo actually broke these rules—he would be able to thrash anyone he liked. Who would be able to feel safe again?

Still, where did he get such overwhelming confidence from? One had to know that even the members of the Main Branch of the Eight Great Clans would not dare to say such words, and the Imperial Family of Rain Country would not say something like that either, as they were the ones who decided the rules, so how could they break their own rules so publicly?

What basis did Feng Luo have to say these words? One had to understand that not even Feng Yan was much of anything in the vicinity of the Imperial City, what more this kind of spoilt profligate.

“Hehe, don’t glare at me like that. I’m very scared!” Feng Luo deliberately made a fearful face, but he immediately glared and stomped harshly on Li Hao. “Damn, who do you think you are? You’re just a lowly dog from Gray Cloud Town, and you still dare to abuse your power in front of me?

Today, I will let you understand that opposing me was the most idiotic choice that you have made in this lifetime!

I want you to watch as your friend, because of his relationship with you, has his arm crippled by me, and become a cripple forever!”

After saying so coldly, his right hand holding a sword, his eyes fixed upon Li Hao’s right arm, obviously intending to cripple this arm of Li Hao’s. For a saber wielder, having the arm that wielded his saber crippled would mean that he would become an absolute cripple.

Everyone was shocked. This was the Hu Yang Academy, and there was obviously a teacher present here, yet Feng Luo actually dared to commit such a violent crime so publicly in front of everyone. Could it be that his Feng Clan had become the boss of the Academy?

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“Hahahaha!” Feng Luo laughed loudly, raised his sword and lowered it in a slash.

“Li Hao!” Zhu Xue Yi screamed shrilly, grief-stricken. She was filled with anguish, and had already spat out a mouthful of blood in her emotional turmoil.

Xiu , it was at this moment that Ling Han moved swiftly, and his figure shot towards Feng Luo.

“Get lost!” Those four young men standing behind Feng Luo all made their own moves. Four hands attacked in unison, Origin Power rolled out in a powerful wave, and became four huge palms that aimed towards Ling Han.

They were four elites of Gushing Spring Tier—even though all of them were only in the first layer. However, Gushing Spring Tier would still be Gushing Spring Tier, and would be able to completely suppress an opponent who was merely in Element Gathering Tier, what more when there were four of them. Even if they had not used any kind of martial arts technique in their attacks, they were still incomparably powerful.

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Chapter 174