Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 173

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Chapter 173: A State of Enlightenment

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

Even with the might the Setting Sun Saber Emperor had, he had only managed to obtain a block of Blood Sucking Origin Gold that was about the size of a human head—he had forged it into his famous weapon, the Slashing Sun Saber, on which he relied to become the third strongest existence among the seven ultimate warriors of Heaven Tier.

But there actually appeared a firm and sturdy giant here that was completely made from the Blood Sucking Origin Gold. Wasn’t that a terrifying fact?

Ling Han had guessed before that once this Blood Sucking Origin Gold had managed to absorb enough blood, it would be able to transform into a living being, but he had never imagined that there would appear such a terrifying giant.

There were millions of martial artists ganging up on this giant of Blood Sucking Origin Gold. Their combined attacks shot towards it like they were shooting stars and continuously blasted against the body of the giant. But, there were very few attacks that could actually break through its defenses. Even those few attacks that managed to get through its defenses only managed to leave behind light marks on its body.

However, the counterattack of the giant of Origin Gold was really too horrifying. It only opened its mouth and would be able to swallow down a large number of martial artists. It then closed its mouth, and a crisp kacha, kacha was heard. It had actually swallowed the human martial artists whole.

Since these martial artists could soar in the skies, they had definitely reached at least the level of Flower Blossoming Tier, and based on Ling Han’s observation, some of them were even above this level and could match him in ability in his last life. A few of these powerful martial artists were even above his level in his last life!

Shattering Void Tier?

It was at this moment that the images came to a sudden stop. Ling Han’s vision changed and he had once again returned to his own room.

That flash of images previously should have been the remaining pieces of memory remaining in this block of Blood Sucking Origin Gold. However, because it was just a shattered piece, there was only a short flash of images.

Ling Han could not help but engage in deduction. The giant of Origin Gold was finally defeated and shattered by the combined attacks of uncountable powerful warriors, and now its pieces were scattered all over the world. The Blood Sucking Origin Gold was filled with the ability to absorb blood… could it be that the giant was planning on making a comeback?

Though he had only witnessed a short flash of memories, when he recalled that the giant of Blood Sucking Origin Gold was something that could attract so many martial artists to work together and attack it, that was definitely proof of its unbelievable might and power. There were even a few ultimate warriors of Shattering Void Tier mixed in the fray.

If this thing could still come back to life… then who in this world would be able to stop it? That would definitely be a scene of total death and carnage.

However, this should have happened in an ancient historical time. Merely from the scene that Ling Han had witnessed, there were hundreds of elite warriors in Heaven Tier, and there were no less than five ultimate warriors of Shattering Void Tier.

How the world of martial arts must have prospered then!

Hold on, Jiang Yue Feng and at least about a hundred of elite warriors of Heaven Tier had also battled an ultimate warrior of Shattering Void Tier to death. That was not far from his current time period. It was as if the field of martial arts suddenly experienced a boom, and all of a sudden, many people managed to break through to Heaven Tier.

Ling Han was even more curious, and wanted to know about what had actually happened in that period of history. However, Rain Country had only been established for a few thousand years, and before that, it seemed as if there was a blank space in history. No one knew how the world was like before that.

Looks like he would have to leave Rain Country and step into the wider world to be able to find out what had happened during that unknown period of history.

Ling Han gathered his scattered thoughts. It was pointless to ponder further about it. What could his current cultivation level of merely the seventh layer of Element Gathering Tier do? If there was really any kind of major catastrophe, there would be someone else stronger stepping up to the fore.

Rain Country was only a small place, so the strongest existence here was only in Flower Blossoming Tier. Who knows, when he left this place, it may not be a strange thing for him to hear of people who had actually reached the level of Shattering Void Tier.

The world changed and the field of martial arts was also constantly changing. There were times of prosperity, and there were also times of decline.

A mental command from him, and the Blood Sucking Origin Gold instantly transformed into various shapes with the stimulation of his mental commands. It could transform into metallic threads that were as thin as a spider’s thread; it could also transform into metallic sheets that were thinner than even paper. It could also transform into the shape of a pig, goat, chicken, dog, and various other animals, though they were all tiny in size.

Moreover, through the refining process of the Strange Fire, the Blood Sucking Origin Gold had become even tougher and more durable. Even elites of Spiritual Pedestal Tier would probably find it difficult to tear it apart. If he actually managed to coil it around the neck and give it a tug in a surprise attack, then even elite warriors of Spiritual Pedestal Tier may die.

He formed the Blood Sucking Origin Gold into the shape of a bangle and placed it on his left wrist. When he came out of his room, Hu Niu instantly clung onto him and rubbed her little head on his chest, and said, “Mean! Ling Han mean!”

“How am I mean?” Ling Han asked, smiling.

“You don’t play with Niu!” The little girl pouted.

Ling Han could not help but laugh, and said, “All right, all right. Then I’ll just have to play with you for a while, all right?”

The ‘play’ that Hu Niu was saying was actually wrestling. It must have been taught by her “Mother Tiger” when she had still been in the tiger’s den. Every move and stance, every attack and retreat were all signature moves of a tiger on the hunt for its prey.

However, Hu Niu possessed a terrifying comprehension ability in martial arts, and managed to adapt the moves that were not suitable to be used by human beings to her own use. The little girl was like a little tiger. She would pounce, smack, bite, and throw. Every move possessed a terrifying power behind it.

Ling Han could not help but watch in captivation. There was no limit and restriction to the form of martial arts in the first place. Who had decided that a beast could not become a master and teach one martial arts? On the other hand, the Ape’s Arm Fists, Tiger Form Palms, and others… weren’t they all martial arts techniques that had been invented based on their ancestors’ observation of the attacks of other animals?

All of a sudden, his thoughts spread out, and his mindset was freed to a far-reaching world.

He had entered a state of enlightenment.

Enlightenment was a special condition that martial artists desperately desired to experience. Under this condition, they could possibly comprehend certain dilemmas of martial arts that they normally would not have been able to comprehend, and their level of martial arts may soar.

However, this condition could only be encountered by chance, and not brought about consciously. According to deduction, it required the consciousness of a martial artist to be coordinated with the heavens and earth, so it was extremely mysterious.

If a martial artist managed to enter the state of enlightenment once in his lifetime, that would be enough for him to thank the gods for this gift. Moreover, it would normally happen after one had reached Flower Blossoming Tier, because only those who had cast off their mortal bodies would be qualified to achieve unity with the Dao of Heaven and Earth.

In his last life, Ling Han had experienced enlightenment three times in total, but he had only managed to experience breakthroughs in alchemy. And the first time he experienced it was when he was in Spiritual Ocean Tier. At that time, he was unbearably shocked, but he had never thought that it would appear even earlier in this lifetime.

The surrounding Spiritual Qi all around him converged upon him, as if it had turned into multiple dragons that were furiously squeezing into his body.

His cultivation level immediately began to spike: from the middle period of the seventh layer of Element Gathering Tier to the late period, and then to the peak period. He did not have any problems with comprehension of his cultivation level at all. He merely experienced a slight pause and the door to the eighth layer of Element Gathering Tier was open to him.

Breaking through was that easy for him.

Ling Han had not noticed at all. His heart and spirit were soaring in the world of martial arts. Every single bit of comprehension bloomed in front of him as if they were flowers. But when he reached out his hand to capture them, they immediately shattered into shadows.

Illusion flowers flying in the air, or so he has heard.

In the air, there were also multiple flashes of mysterious essences of martial arts flying past like they were shooting stars. Yet these were even harder to catch hold of.

These were the Dao of nature, and were not something that the current Ling Han would be able to comprehend at all. If it was not for the fact that he had the support of his status as an elite warrior of Heaven Tier from his last life, he would only be at a complete loss in this world of martial arts. Yet now, he had managed to catch a glimpse of the mysteries of martial arts.

From the early period of the eighth layer of Element Gathering Tier to the middle period, to the late period, to the peak period. He used a mere few hours to accumulate the energy that he would have needed to accumulate over quite a considerable number of days. He did not even need to take any alchemical pills at all; it was as if the heavens had directly contributed to his advancement.

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As the saying goes, once you understood Dao, you would be granted salvation.

Of course, Ling Han was still very far from reaching this level, but his advancement was more than enough to attract the jealousy of others.

Hong , his body gave a slight tremble and he had stepped into the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier.

Ling Han’s eyes suddenly snapped open. At first, he looked slightly confused, but then came back to reality. He could not help but smile. He turned around to see that Hu Niu was seated by his side, imitating his posture, as if she was also cultivating. There was actually a sliver of seriousness on her little face.

Peng, peng, peng. It was at this moment that a hurried knocking was heard from the door.

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Chapter 173