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Chapter 170: Unless You Want Grandmaster Fu To Act?

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

The members of the Jiang Clan felt like they were about to pass out from the absolute shock. First, it was Grandmaster Yuanchu who put on a boot-licking display in front of Ling Han, and now, Wu Qian Feng looked completely supportive of Ling Han’s actions. They really felt that their world view had completely been shattered to pieces.

But they were not idiots. For example, Eldest Aunt and Youngest Aunt had already been shocked sober from their drunken state. Now, their whole bodies were shivering as they recalled how they showed much disdain and disrespect to Ling Han. Who knows if he would be calling them to account for it.

They were also filled with overwhelming regret. If they had known that Ling Han was actually such an awesome character, wouldn’t it have been great if they had flattered him endlessly just now? Looking at the boot-licking display that Grandmaster Yuanchu was showing now, he would agree even if he was commanded to address them as father, what more concocting a mere few furnaces’ worth of alchemical pills.

Who had asked them to act so snobbishly earlier?

Meanwhile, Yuanchu asked angrily, “Young Master Han, what did they do?”

“Oh, this guy called himself my father.” Ling Han pointed at the green-robed man.

“Pu,” Wu Qian Feng almost leaped up in indignation. Martial artists were typically rough and coarse in their ways. It was very common for them to say things like “Grandson”, or “I, your father”. You actually gave them such a severe thrashing just because of something like that? Wasn’t that a bit of an overreaction?

Yet Yuanchu’s expression changed drastically, as he said, “How dare you actually call yourself Young Master Han’s father! You deserve to die!”

Who was Ling Han? He was a real Grandmaster Alchemist, and very soon, he would be able to possess the badge of a Black Grade high level alchemist! Moreover, those who had observed Ling Han’s alchemy skills yesterday would know that Ling Han was able to concoct alchemical pills close to Earth Grade. That meant that Ling Han actually already had one foot in the ranks of Earth Grade alchemists.

He was such a high-ranking, noble person. Who would be able to call himself Ling Han’s father?

Oh, if you’ve become the father of an Earth Grade alchemist, then wouldn’t that mean Black Grade alchemists like them would have become your grandsons, great-grandsons, or great-great-grandsons?

Yuanchu and the other alchemists had already long been subdued by Ling Han’s impressive alchemy skills, and took him to be half their master. How could a disciple not be furious when their master was being insulted?

He focused his gaze on the green-robed man and his two companions, and asked coldly, “How do you want to die?”

Damn. Just calling yourself someone’s father and it was a death sentence? Then how many people would need to die everyday in Rain Country?

The faces of the green-robed man and his two companions were completely dark. They were the real victims here, and they were so harshly thrashed that they had lost all their teeth. And now, they were actually being asked how they wanted to die? They really felt extremely wronged.

This time, even Wu Qian Feng could no longer overlook the matter, and asked, “Grandmaster Yuanchu, isn’t this going a bit too far?”

“Too far?” Yuanchu smiled coldly, “Then let us go and see Grandmaster Fu Yuan Sheng, and see what Grandmaster Fu would say! However, I can guarantee that if Grandmaster Fu personally makes a move, then that would require a personal apology from the Clan Head of the Wu Clan.”

When he had finished saying these words, a dead silence had fallen over the entire side courtyard.

For the Clan Head of the Wu Clan to make a personal apology… what kind of unbelievable concept was that? Even if this brat was Fu Yuan Sheng’s own son, he would not dote on him to this extent. It was practically as if Fu Yuan Sheng was worshipping him like a son worshipped his father.

Wu Qian Feng wiped off the layer of cold sweat on his forehead, and said, “Grandmaster Yuanchu, are you joking with me?” No matter how he looked at it, such a brat like Ling Han could not possibly be so capable.

“You can gamble,” Yuanchu said coldly.

Wu Qian Feng could not help but hesitate. If Yuanchu was not exaggerating, then if matters advanced to the point that Fu Yuan Sheng would make a move, that would really be a very horrible thing. The question here was, could Yuanchu’s words be believed?

It was not likely that a Black Grade alchemist would lie, but the words he had said were really too overwhelming. Wu Qian Feng really found it a very difficult thing to believe.

He could not help but be stuck in a dilemma.

“Forget it. Just have them apologize, and this matter is over.” Ling Han gave a wave of his hand in dismissal.

“Young Master Han is indeed magnanimous!” Yuanchu quickly flattered.

This was being magnanimous? He thrashed them and still wanted them to apologize. How could someone be as overbearing as that?

Wu Qian Feng finally sighed. He decided to admit his loss as he had a request to make of Yuanchu. That was the reason why he had invited Yuanchu to dinner here in the first place, but he had never thought that things would turn out this way. Actually, he was really innocent in all of this. It had been those two shrews who had made trouble in the first place, and that was why he had told his clansmen to stand up for Yuanchu. He never thought that he would crash into a hard wall like Ling Han.

“Zi Feng, apologize to Young Master Han!” he said to the green-robed man, forcing down the flames of rage burning in his heart.

The green-robed man felt an indescribable fury fill his whole body. His hands were tightly curled into fists. He really wanted to give Ling Han a thrashing of his own, but when he saw the threatening look Wu Qian Feng was directing at him, he could not help but lower his head, and forced out through gritted teeth, “I was wrong. Please forgive me, Young Master Han.”

Ling Han smiled faintly and calmly accepted the apology. He did not have much of a good impression of the Wu Clan. There was a Wu Bo among their ranks that he was definitely going to kill off one day.

“Grandmaster Yuanchu, about that Clashing Yang Pill…” Wu Qian Feng said to Yuanchu submissively.

“Heng, after such a thing has happened, you still want me to help you concoct the Clashing Yang Pill?” Yuanchu glared, refusing without any slight bit of hesitation.

There was a layer of cold sweat on Wu Qian Feng’s forehead as he said, “Grandmaster Yuanchu, you can’t go back on your word!”

“I don’t want to concoct alchemical pills for your Wu Clan. So what?” Yuanchu said shamelessly.

“You!” Wu Qian Feng pointed a trembling finger at Yuanchu, but could not say anything else. Yuanchu was in Spiritual Ocean Tier like him, and merely due to his status as a Black Grade middle level alchemist, he dared not say any threatening words.

Ling Han’s eyes swept over him, and could not help but feel a slight shock. He asked, “Old Wu, why do you need to concoct the Clashing Yang Pill?”

Old, Old Wu?

Wu Qian Feng almost rushed over to slap him. He was an elite warrior in Spiritual Ocean Tier and was more than old enough to become Ling Han’s grandfather. Yet Ling Han actually addressed him as Old Wu; how could he tolerate such humiliation?

However, in Ling Han’s eyes, for a martial artist of merely Spiritual Ocean Tier and an old man in his sixties, he had given him enough face by not calling him Little Wu.

“Young Master Han, one of his legs is suspected to have been bitten by an extremely poisonous snake. Thus, he needs the Clashing Yang Pill to heal his poison,” Yuanchu immediately explained.

Ling Han looked over and saw that Wu Qian Feng’s left leg was obviously much thicker than his right leg. He was very curious, and said, “Pull up your pant leg and show me.”

Wu Qian Feng immediately looked displeased. Are you commanding me?

Meanwhile, Yuanchu said calmly, “Young Master Han’s alchemy skills is above even mine. It would be extremely tough for me to concoct this Clashing Yang Pill, but for Young Master Han… it would be a piece of cake!”

“Young Master Han, please take a look!” Wu Qian Feng did not say another word and immediately pulled up his pant leg.

The speed at which he changed his attitude was enough to make everyone dumbstruck. They also felt like they were going to faint. So an elite of Spiritual Ocean Tier and a member of one of the Eight Great Clans could act so shamelessly too.

A very strange smell wafted out. It smelt a bit like iron, and upon a closer look, Wu Qian Feng’s left leg was not only very swollen, it was also as black as ink. From the looks of it, it definitely looked like he had been poisoned by some strange venom.

Ling Han pressed lightly with a finger on Wu Qian Feng’s thigh, and asked, “Do you still remember how you were bitten?”

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“I was exploring an ancient tomb when I found something black. Just when I was about to pick it up to take a closer look, it suddenly shot forwards and bit my leg. After that, it completely vanished,” Wu Qian Feng answered.

Ling Han smiled, and said, “I can help you solve your problem.”

“R-really?” Wu Qian Feng was instantly excited.

“Since Young Master Han has said so, how could it be that he would lie to you!” Yuanchu immediately humphed in displeasure.

“Hehe, I was just excited. Please bear with me, Young Master Han!” Wu Qian Feng said with a smile full of flattery. There was not a single hint of his earlier pride in his current demeanor.

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Chapter 170