Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 169

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Chapter 169: Grandmaster Yuanchu Who Curries Favor

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

“Elder Qian Feng!” the green-robed man and his two companions called out in unison, their voices filled with grief and indignation.

How could they not? Usually, only they were able to bully others. Yet now, they were actually thrashed so completely by someone and stepped on today. This was practically enough to drive them insane.

Outside the door, there stood two men. One was an elderly man who looked to be in his sixties. He was dressed in a red robe, his hair completely black and his face very smooth and unblemished. He did not look old at all. The other man was about the same age, and there were two silver-colored badges that hung on his chest. Anyone with a bit of general knowledge would know that this meant that the man was a Black Grade middle level alchemist.

Obviously, one of the men was an Elder of the Wu Clan, Wu Qian Feng, while the other was Grandmaster Yuanchu Yuan.

“Greetings, Grandmaster Yuanchu! Greetings, Master Wu!” The members of the Jiang Clan and the others all stepped forwards to pay their respects. For them, these two were really very important people. Usually, it would be very difficult for them to see two men of such high status, but now, all of a sudden, they had met with two such important men. The overwhelming shock was more than enough to make their legs shiver.

When Yuanchu saw Eldest Aunt and Youngest Aunt, he could not help but give a humph. An expression of extreme displeasure appeared on his face. These two shrews actually dared to insult him as old dog. For a proud alchemist, that was really an extraordinary shame and humiliation.

“I am not deserving of such respectful greetings from you,” he said coldly.

Actually, with his status, he would not deign to lower himself to the levels of two shrews like them, yet there was too much anger in his heart. If he could not even speak one or two words in mockery, there was no way he could vent this anger. From this aspect, Eldest Aunt and Youngest Aunt were really quite powerful, as they had actually managed to cause a Black Grade middle level alchemist to lose his composure. This was a feat that not many could boast of accomplishing.

“Grandmaster Yuanchu, we have been blind! Please forgive us and spare us for our insolence!” Eldest Aunt and Youngest Aunt both knelt on the floor. They continued to slap themselves as they sobbed endlessly.

Yet Yuanchu was not moved at all. He said, “Didn’t you say that there was someone here that could subdue me? I have come here now, so call him out!”

Jiang Fei Yan’s father and the others were all dumbstruck as they realized how Eldest Aunt and Youngest Aunt managed to escape! They really were despicable! Just so they could live for a little while longer, they had implicated the rest of them in the trouble they had caused!

Meanwhile, Wu Qian Feng had spotted the green-robed man. His face was completely ashen as he asked, “What is going on here? You all couldn’t even capture the few people here?” Members of the Wu Clan were actually so harshly thrashed by another, so much that even their teeth had been punched out. This was absolutely an act of challenging the authority of the Wu Clan.

The green-robed man and his two companions all lowered their heads in shame. How could they tell their clan’s elder that they had been defeated by a little girl?

“Which master is here? Since you have made a move to punish my few unworthy juniors, why do you not show yourself to me?” Wu Qian Feng swept his eyes over everyone here. The most powerful among them was only in the the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier, so there was no one here that could possibly defeat Wu Zi Feng.

“It’s him!” The green-robed man pointed at Ling Han.

“Him?” Wu Qian Feng looked flabbergasted. This was only a junior merely in the seventh layer of Element Gathering Tier. Had Wu Zi Feng lost his mind?

“It’s him!” the green-robed man said through gritted teeth, veins on his forehead popping out in his fury. “He used underhanded tricks to defeat me! I would like to ask Elder Qian Feng to act and punish him harshly on our behalf!”

When they heard his words, the members of the Jiang Clan and the others all bore expressions of disdain. You actually lost to a little girl, and you still dare to say that it was because your opponent had used underhanded tricks.

“Oh?” Wu Qian Feng placed his hands behind his back, and as his eyes fell on Ling Han, killing intent exuded from him. Whether or not Ling Han had used any kind of underhanded tricks, since he had dared to make a move against members of the Wu Clan, that was more than enough to sentence him to death.

“Brat, do you want to commit suicide, or wait for me to make the move?” he asked calmly.

Sensing the killing intent emanating from the old man, Hu Niu immediately pounced onto the ground. She raised her head slightly and bared her teeth, an alert expression coming over her face.

“Yi, Hu Niu?” Yuanchu’s attention had been completely captured by Eldest Aunt and Youngest Aunt—in another way, these two shrews were indeed quite “capable” to be able to so thoroughly capture the attention of a Grandmaster Alchemist, so much that he had not noticed the others. It was only now that he had suddenly discovered that Hu Niu was there.

If Hu Niu was here, then could it be…?!

He hurriedly swept his eyes over his surroundings. When he spotted Ling Han, a bright smile suddenly appeared on his face. In an instant, he had raced over to Ling Han and bent down into a low bow as he said, “I did not know that Young Master Han was here. Please forgive this Yuanchu for not coming out to greet you!”


When they saw this scene, everyone else immediately choked.

Hey, hey, hey, you are a Black Grade middle level alchemist, someone with extremely noble status. How could you put on such a boot-licking display? His smile was so bright that it was practically dazzling. Damn, he was toadying so much, it was so absolutely shameless of him.

Eldest Aunt and Youngest Aunt both gaped, their tongues out. Even their eyes looked to be in danger of popping out.

Wasn’t that the country bumpkin? Hadn’t he come to join in their dinner on Jin Wuji’s invitation? Why was it that even a noble alchemist like Grandmaster Yuanchu had to address him so respectfully as Young Master Han? What was going on here?

Wu Qian Feng was also shocked. He was very well aware what the identity of a Black Grade middle level alchemist implied, but even a person of such noble stature was behaving so reverently in front of Ling Han. This was practically unbelievable.

Even if the head of the Wu Clan himself was here, there was absolutely no way that Yuanchu would behave so submissively.

Alchemists were a group of very proud people. If you wanted them to lower their heads to you, the only way to accomplish that would be to surpass them in terms of alchemy. But the problem here was, how old was Ling Han exactly? How could anyone believe that he was above Yuanchu in terms of alchemy skill?

In that instant, the surroundings turned completely quiet. No one spoke a single word.

“Really, what kind of people are you getting yourself involved with?” Ling Han frowned, looking very displeased.

Wu Qian Feng wanted to fly into a rage at that moment. This was practically insulting them in a roundabout manner. If Ling Han was the Grand Elder of one of the Great Clans, he would not react. But a mere wet-behind-the-ears brat like Ling Han actually dared to mock him right in front of his face. How could he endure such humiliation?

“Yes, yes, yes. It is all Yuanchu’s fault for not seeing clearly enough. Please forgive my error, Young Master Han.” Who would have thought that Yuanchu would actually incessantly admit the error of his ways, his demeanor more and more humble, as if he was Ling Han’s alchemy apprentice.

Wu Qian Feng forcibly swallowed the words that were right on the tip of his tongue.

Was Yuanchu an idiot? Of course not. Did Yuanchu have a high status? Of course.

But even Yuanchu had to behave so cautiously and reverently, so how terrifying would Ling Han’s real identity be?

Wu Qian Feng was not a rash man. He immediately reconsidered the situation here.

“Forget it!” Ling Han waved his hand, and beamed brightly at Wu Qian Feng as he said, “I was the one who thrashed the members of your Wu Clan, so what do you want to do now?”

What to do? Naturally to kill him in public as a warning to others.

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These were Wu Qian Feng’s initial thoughts. But how could he dare to have such intentions now? Because Yuanchu was already looking at him in a very unfriendly manner. Obviously, if he dared to say one word about the matter, Yuanchu would really become hostile immediately.

He gave an internal sigh, and knew that he had lost the battle before it had even started.

There was nothing he could do. Who asked him to have a request to make of Yuanchu? Moreover, even if he had nothing to ask of Yuanchu, his clan would definitely not dare to offend a Black Grade middle level alchemist either.

“Hehe, Young Master Han must be joking. These few guys must have offended Young Master Han. Even if Young Master Han did not make a move, I would have taught them a lesson too,” Wu Qian Feng laughed. He looked very natural and his demeanor didn’t betray the slightest sign of his previous thoughts.

What an old fox.

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Chapter 169