Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 168

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Chapter 168: Hu Niu’s Sneaky Kick

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

Ling Han was too far to be able to help Hu Niu, and right when he saw the fist of this green-robed man was just about to hit Hu Niu’s body, the little girl suddenly twisted away in a strange manner and dodged the incoming attack. In an instant, she appeared behind the green-robed man, formed her hands into claws and shua, shua, shua , delivered her own attack.

Peng, peng, peng . An intensive round of attacks was heard, and the green-robed man once again paid the price for his carelessness. His back suffered a number of continuous attacks, and the clothing on his body was torn into pieces that flew around him like butterflies, followed by drops of blood spraying everywhere.

Who would have thought that a little girl only 5-6 years old would have such formidable ability?

However, there was ultimately a very big power gap between Element Gathering and Gushing Spring Tier. Though the green-robed man looked to be in a terrible situation, he had already used Origin Power to protect his body. Thus, he did not suffer a serious injury. All his bones and internal organs were unharmed.

Even so, he let out an ashamed and furious roar. He was a powerful elite warrior of the second layer of Gushing Spring Tier, and he was actually so horribly wounded by a little girl.

“Die!” He shot a punch towards Hu Niu who was still on his back.

Hu Niu immediately moved, and twisted around to place herself on the green-robed man’s chest. Peng , he did not manage to stop his punch in time and actually punched his own back. The extreme pain caused his face to turn green, and tears uncontrollably rolled down his cheeks from the agony.

Ling Han’s cultivation level may have dropped, but his eyes were still very sharp. One look, and he did not worry anymore. Hu Niu was going to be absolutely okay.

“Ah, get away from me!” The green-robed man once again shot out his fist, this time towards his chest. But it was as if Hu Niu was a monkey. She quickly and nimbly moved, and was now hanging onto his thigh.

This time, the green-robed man finally learnt his lesson. He managed to stop his own attack in time. Unfortunately, Hu Niu delivered a sneaky kick right to his vulnerable b****.

So what if he was in Gushing Spring Tier? There was still a lot of weaknesses on a person’s body, such as the eyes, Dantian, and for men, their d****. This kick was very solid and powerful. Immediately, the green-robed man used his hands to cover the place between his legs. He was swaying on his feet, and his whole face was red as he ground his teeth loudly. It was very clear to see that the veins on his neck were throbbing, but he could not even force out a single word in his agony.

All the men in the area could not help but cross their legs tightly together as they felt a coldness in their hearts that gave rise to a layer of cold sweat.

Hu Niu jumped off, and clung onto Ling Han. She turned around and made a face at the green-robed man, as if she was merely an innocent, mischievous little girl.

Pa , the green-robed man fell into a half-kneeling position on the ground. His whole body was spasming. It was obvious that this kick had injured him very severely.

Who would have thought that a powerful elite of Gushing Spring Tier would be defeated by a little girl in such a humiliating way? That’s right. Such a move would incur disdain if it were anyone else, but if it were Hu Niu, it was only to be expected.

A big, strong man like you actually lowered yourself to bully a little girl. Even if your b**** were crushed, you would have deserved it. Moreover, you are in Gushing Spring Tier, and your opponent is only a little kid 5-6 years old. This was a matter of unbearable shame and humiliation.

“Good job!” Ling Han gave Hu Niu a thumbs up. “If anyone else dares to bully you in future, just kick them so hard you crush their b****! If you get into trouble, don’t worry! I’ll be there to defend you!”

“Niu understands!” Hu Niu gave a wide, sweet smile.

Right. How could he teach a child like that? Wasn’t he worried that he would be a bad influence on her, and that she would become a female hooligan when she grew up?

“You, you’re in big trouble! We are members of the Wu Clan! The Wu Clan! Have you heard of us? We’re one of the Eight Great Clans!” The other two members of the Wu Clan tried to put up a strong appearance, though they were very afraid right now. The two of them were barely in Element Gathering Tier 1 .

Don’t think that just because they were the clansmen of a Great Clan, they were automatically powerful elites. Every clan had members that were more talented and those that were less talented.

“Then you two should also stay behind as well!” Ling Han made a move, and charged to attack the other two.

At the fourth layer of Element Gathering Tier, he was already strong enough to oppose a powerful elite in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier like Qi Yong Ye. Now that his cultivation level had soared up to the seventh layer, what could these two pieces of trash do against him? With one move, he had subdued the two. Hu Niu moved and gave the two men a violent thrashing.

The members of the Jiang Clan were all watching with a layer of cold sweat covering them. Those were clansmen of the Wu Clan, and they were actually beaten up like they were dead dogs. Everything was over. Everyone here would be dying. Even Eldest Aunt and Youngest Aunt could no longer care about continuing to wail about their pains. They hurriedly rushed over, trying to stop Ling Han and Hu Niu, these two maniacs.

Ling Han would naturally not entangle himself with two shrews. He took several steps back. Anyways, he had already had his fun thrashing these three men.

“You’re all dead!” The green-robed man finally got his breath back, his face filled with shame and rage. He was in Gushing Spring Tier, and should have been able to easily take all the people here down. Yet, in the end, he was actually so easily defeated at the hands of a little girl. He would never be able to wash away such a shameful thing from his name.

“If you don’t speak, no one will think you are mute!” Ling Han delivered a kick, and pa , half the teeth in the green-robed man’s mouth was spat out. The pain caused him to cry out. His injuries had become even heavier this time.

The members of the Jiang Clan were all looking at Ling Han as if he was crazy. In their eyes, Ling Han could not possibly have a background that could surpass the Eight Great Clans in terms of power. But he actually dared to thrash the members of the Wu Clan so harshly. Wasn’t that like an old man committing suicide? Tired of living?

Even Jin Wuji was completely cold. He was well aware that Ling Han had come from Da Yuan City, just like he had. At most, he was only familiar with a few Black Grade low level alchemists.

They had gotten into trouble! This was really big, big trouble!

“We don’t know you!” Eldest Aunt and Youngest Aunt said in trembling voices. Then they turned to Jiang Fei Yan’s father and said, “Jiang Bo Xin, we’re also cutting all ties with you! From now onwards, there is no more relation between us! You were the ones who caused this trouble! Don’t implicate us in this!”

Jiang Fei Yan, her parents, and Jin Wuji were all furious at their words. These two pairs of mother-and-son were the ones who had so rashly rushed out to find Grandmaster Yuanchu, and had even dared to insult him as old dog. And now they had nothing to do with the issue?

How could there be such shameless people!

“None of you would be able to escape!” the green-robed man said maliciously. His whole lower half was completely numb and he could not feel anything at all, so he had no idea if he was still a man. If he was really disabled as a man, then he would kill everyone here three times to vent his hatred.

“Yi, you still dare to open your mouth?” Ling Han was very surprised and raised his foot once more.

“No!” The green-robed man was terrified. This young man was practically a maniac. He obviously knew that he was from the Wu Clan, and he still dared to attack him. Moreover, every move he made was extremely ruthless, so he was really terrified. Who asked him to be too heavily injured now that he could not even display an ounce of his real strength?

But he swore that he would definitely break Ling Han’s bones and throw his ashes to the winds!

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“You’re not behaving inside your heart!” Ling Han said calmly. Hu Niu immediately bared her teeth and growled, displaying her ferocious nature.

The green-robed man felt his heart tighten. Compared to Ling Han, he was actually more fearful of Hu Niu. This little girl was practically like a demonic beast in human form. You could still reason with humans, still threaten humans or bribe them, but what about demonic beasts? Mere words were completely useless.

“Just give up. Even if I beat you half to death, the seniors of your clan would only say that I did a good thing!” Ling Han said calmly.

‘Nonsense!’ the green-robed man immediately said disdainfully in his heart. Even the members of the Jiang Clan were shaking their heads at this. That was absolutely impossible! The only way that could be possible was if Ling Han was actually the illegitimate son of the Rain Emperor. If he were, then he indeed could possibly make the Wu Clan lower their heads in front of him.

“Zi Feng, have you not settled the issue yet?” It was at this moment that the voice of an old man was heard from outside.

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Chapter 168