Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 166

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Chapter 166: Getting Into Trouble

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

Anyone who could manage to sit and dine in a side courtyard of Cherishing Flower Pavilion was considered of extremely noble status. What kind of bizarre theory was that?

These two idiots… Who was Grandmaster Yuanchu? If they dared to so rashly barge in, who knows if he would be angered by their lack of manners? Even if they were killed right on the spot, they would have died for nothing.

Unfortunately, this pair of sisters had already lost their wits.

“Mother, can we really break through to Element Gathering Tier?” Zhang Hua Lian asked very excitedly.

“Of course. He is an authentic Black Grade middle level alchemist. Breaking through to Gushing Spring Tier would be a piece of cake with his help, what more Element Gathering Tier!” Eldest Aunt waved her hand, acting as if Yuanchu was her servant that she could command to concoct alchemical pills as she liked.

“Good, good, good. Quickly, let’s go!” Zhang Hua Lian and Tong Yuan both stood up hurriedly. Neither of them were very talented in martial arts and had been stuck in the ninth layer of Body Refining Tier for quite some time without any hint of breaking through any time soon. In the Imperial City, this kind of cultivation level was really considered trash.

The two mother-and-son pairs impatiently rushed out. Jiang Fei Yan’s parents were about to stop them from leaving, when Ling Han signalled at Jin Wuji with his eyes, indicating him to stop the Jiang parents from doing anything.

“Just let them experience a little hardship!” Ling Han said calmly.

“Brother Ling, that’s Grandmaster Yuanchu we’re talking about here. If he were to get angry…” Jin Wuji was no idiot. If a Black Grade middle level alchemist wanted to oppose a minor clan who only had a background of Gushing Spring Tier, that would only require a mere thought from the former.

He would not care if those two unreasonable, snobbish mother-and-son pairs died as a result of their idiocy, but worried that they would also drag the Jiang Clan down with them.

“No matter,” Ling Han smiled faintly. If it was anyone else, he would still have to do something to settle the issue. However, it was Yuanchu. He was practically Ling Han’s lackey.

Jiang Fei Yan’s parents were not fools. When they heard the conversation between the two young men, how could they not understand? They finally knew that Ling Han was the real reason why they were able to enter into Cherishing Flower Pavilion. How foolish and funny of them to have thought that Ling Han had come over to join in the dinner on Jin Wuji’s invitation.

“Since Brother Ling says so, then I am relieved.” When Jin Wuji saw that Jiang Fei Yan and her parents had understood the ins and outs of the situation, he naturally would not continue to hide the truth, and said, “It is all thanks to Brother Ling that I was able to reserve a side courtyard of Cherishing Flower Pavilion this time. I am only benefiting from my association with you.”

The Jiang parents both smiled. Firstly, they were not as snobbish as those two aunts, and secondly, they were smarter than them. It was all right that it was not Jin Wuji’s credit that they were able to come here. The important thing was that Jin Wuji had this kind of relationship, friend and background.

In the future, as long as Jin Wuji was able to marry Jiang Fei Yan, then others would still give a bit of face to the Jiang Clan, even if only for Ling Han’s sake.

It was an extremely pleasurable thing to interact with smart people, and the air around the banquet table became livelier. Even Hu Niu was clapping her hands on the table, demanding to drink wine, which caused all the others to laugh at her antics.

On the surface, the little girl was still very adorable and cute, so much that Jiang Fei Yan continuously stared at her.

“Since Miss Jiang likes children so much, why not quickly marry Brother Jin and have a cute son of your own? I will definitely prepare a very, very big red packet as a gift at that time!” Ling Han teased.

Jiang Fei Yan instantly blushed red and lowered her head shyly. Meanwhile, Jin Wuji was much bolder than her, and said with a loud laugh, “Brother Ling, that’s what you said. A very, very big red packet, right? I will remember your words, and you definitely can’t break your word!”

“Niu wants red packet too!” Hu Niu proclaimed, raising her hand.

“Just eat, you!” Ling Han shoved a chicken thigh into her hands, and the little girl immediately began chewing on it happily.

“Wu, wu, wu!” It was at this moment that the door to the side courtyard was pushed open. Zhang Hua Lian and Tong Yuan were both supporting their respective mothers as they entered. All four of them were scowling miserably, and looked as if they had just received a terrible thrashing. They were all black and blue, making for a very sorry display.

With all said and done, Jiang Fei Yan’s father was still the younger brother of these two women. He hurriedly stood up, and asked, “What has happened?”

“Uncle!” Zhang Hua Lian and Tong Yuan were both shivering in fear as they said, “We went over to request Grandmaster Yuanchu to help us concoct some alchemical pills, but he did not agree to our request. Mother and Youngest Aunt said some rash things, which angered Grandmaster Yuanchu. He had us beaten up, and said, and said that he would be coming over later to see what clan would dare to act so arrogant!”

“Uncle, I’m still young! I don’t want to die! You have to save me!”

“Wuji, I am your Eldest Cousin. You can’t simply stand by and watch as I die, right? You must have some way to save us, right?” One of the cousins begged for Jiang Fei Yan’s father to help them, while the other pled with Jin Wuji to save them.

Jiang Fei Yan’s father immediately frowned, and looked very displeased. These two sisters of his kept trying to make him lose face within the clan and had even allowed their two sons to interfere in the matters of the Jiang Clan. They were obviously intending to make a grab for the family property of the Jiang Clan.

He could tolerate all this because he was not a person who placed a lot of importance on power and material things in the first place. Moreover, he only had a single daughter, and his one and only wish was for his daughter to marry a good man. Then, he would be able to leave all his worries behind, and travel all over the world with his beloved wife…

But these two idiots actually went and angered a Black Grade alchemist… were they trying to drag the Jiang Clan down with them?

There was too much involved in this issue. There was absolutely no way that he would allow the whole Jiang Clan to fall as a result of their stupidity and die with them, so he said, “You were the ones who caused the trouble. You figure out how to get Grandmaster Yuanchu’s forgiveness on your own!”

“Jiang Bo Xin, you’re really too ruthless!” Eldest Aunt instantly jumped up, baring her fangs and brandishing her claws. “These are your flesh-and-blood nephews, and you want to just stand by and watch as they die?”

Jiang Fei Yan’s father could not help but shake his head. These two sisters of his had not even realized the errors of their ways. They were really unreasonable. Then, he asked furiously, “What did you actually say to Grandmaster Yuanchu that he would be making his way here personally?”

“Er!” Eldest Aunt and the other three all exchanged hesitant looks, but did not say anything.

According to what Jiang Fei Yan’s father knew of their characters, how could he not guess? The four of them must have dragged everyone here into the issue in order to escape. They must have bluffed and said some grand names to be able to escape out of that situation.

After all, those who were able to reserve a side courtyard of Cherishing Flower Pavilion were all of extremely noble status. Grandmaster Yuanchu would definitely not drop to the level of the four idiots, but would still make his way to personally see the host here. He would be calling the main host to account for the offense that these four had committed.

They were really going to suffer, and everything was because of these four idiots.

Jiang Fei Yan’s father suddenly felt an urge to spit out blood in his extreme fury. It was already enough that these two mother-and-son pairs were as stupid as pigs, but they actually even implicated others, making him feel an uncontrollable urge to tear all four of them into pieces.

From outside, the sound of footsteps was heard coming nearer and nearer. Then, a knock was heard on the door, and a man’s voice said, “We are here on behalf of Grandmaster Yuanchu to pay our respects to the host of this side courtyard.”

Shua , Jin Wuji and the others all stood, all of them looking very anxious.

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Though Ling Han had already assured them just now that everything would be alright, he was really still much too young. Who would put too much confidence in his words? When they thought about it, even if Ling Han was awesome, the source of his awesomeness must be from the party behind him. But what party could actually overcome the fury of a Black Grade middle level alchemist?

Within Rain Country, there were only a few individuals who would have such ability, such as the current Rain Emperor and the Clan Heads of the Eight Great Clans.

“Quickly, go and receive Grandmaster Yuanchu!” Jiang Fei Yan’s father said hurriedly. He did not believe that Ling Han’s backer could be even more powerful than a Black Grade middle level alchemist—it was simple, Ling Han was not a member of the Imperial Family of Rain Country, nor one of the younger members of the Eight Great Clans.

All of them approached the door. Everyone was shuddering apprehensively. The pressure of an oncoming meeting with a Black Grade middle level alchemist was really much too heavy.

Ling Han meanwhile remained seated where he was, and together with Hu Niu, continued to enjoy his food.

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Chapter 166