Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 156

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Chapter 156: Go Earn Money at Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

“I’ll go with you!” Liu Yu Tong immediately said. She would naturally know what kind of place the Cherishing Flower Pavilion was—a money squandering establishment for men. How could she let Ling Han go without worry?

It was only now that Yun Shuang Shuang turned to look at Liu Yu Tong, bowed faintly, and said, “So it is the princess of the Liu Clan. Shuang Shuang has been impolite.”

Liu Yu Tong looked a bit awkward at being addressed so because she did not know Yun Shuang Shuang. However, in her eyes, all girls who came from the Cherishing Flower Pavilion were unbearably filthy and not characters she would deign to know anyways. Moreover, Yun Shuang Shuang was intending to drag Ling Han to play at that kind of place, which would increase her antipathy even more.

Thus, she only gave a reserved nod, and did not even spare her a courteous reply.

Yun Shuang Shuang could not help but show an enraged expression. She was Lady Yan’s adopted daughter, and did not need to receive customers. Thus, she similarly had a high opinion of herself. However, in the eyes of a noble princess like Liu Yu Tong, she was indeed unable to escape the reality that she came from the red-light district. This was very upsetting to her.

“Lady Yan has made it clear. We are only inviting Mr Ling alone!” she did not clash with Liu Yu Tong head on, but simply used the name of Lady Yan to tactfully decline her.

“Niu, Niu go too!” Hu Niu scrambled out and clung onto Ling Han’s arm, completely looking like a spoiled child.

“That’s right. We’ll all go!” Liu Yu Tong emphasized. With Hu Niu there, even if Ling Han was driven wild by passion, he would have to behave himself.

“Just let them come with me.” Ling Han picked Hu Niu up, “The older one would still listen to me, but even I won’t be able to settle the younger one.”

“Xi xi!” Hu Niu’s eyes lit up, and said happily, “Meat! Meat! Meat!”

Yun Shuang Shuang did not mind if Hu Niu went. After all, the one who had incurred her displeasure was Liu Yu Tong, but since Ling Han had already spoken, she could only say, “Then, please come to the Cherishing Flower Pavilion tonight for a chat, all three of you. I shall take my leave for now.”

When she had finally left, Liu Yu Tong looked to be in a slightly better mood.

Ling Han could not help but grin, and asked, “My little female attendant, are you jealous?”

“Who, who’s jealous!” Liu Yu Tong’s beautiful face turned completely red instantly, as brightly splendid as a flower, becoming an extremely captivating picture.

Ling Han laughed loudly and, changing the subject, said, “How has the business of the clothing stores been?”

“Very good. We’ve already managed to take over most of the business of the Chen Clan. However, the Chen Clan would definitely not sit by quietly and wait for their end. Either a price war would follow, or they would send someone to create a disturbance at our stores.” Liu Yu Tong frowned slightly. After all, these stores did not have the symbol of the Liu Clan on them.

Ling Han smiled softly, and said, “If they decide to stimulate a price war, it’s fine. I was not planning to earn money from this business anyways. But if they dare to send someone to make a disturbance, hehe. That would give me the best excuse to pay them a visit and give them a thrashing!”

Liu Yu Tong finally understood. Indeed, if the stores were smashed, then as the owner, Ling Han would of course have a legitimate excuse to make a move. “But the Chen Clan would most likely not make a move themselves, but rather send over members of the Earth and Water Faction.”

“Earth and Water Faction!” a cold light flickered in Ling Han’s eyes. This faction would be willing to even do jobs like kidnapping little girls, which was evidence enough of the extent of filth in its inner workings. He had already thought of obliterating this faction.

“I deduce that the Chen Clan would not resort to force, but would rather induce a price war to see if we would back out on our own. I’ll take advantage of this period of time to first deal with the Earth and Water Faction then.”

Liu Yu Tong could not help but look worried at this, and said, “The Earth and Water Faction has relations with all Eight Great Clans. If you move against the Earth and Water Faction, the Eight Great Clans may interfere.”

Ling Han was very displeased. In his last life, when had he ever experienced having his hands tied up like this? But who asked him to be only in Element Gathering Tier now? Even in a small place like Rain Country, he was not able to have a large amount of influence.

“Let’s go to Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion first. I’ve been spending money like water these days, so I need to earn some money first,” he said after a moment of thought.

Going to Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion to earn money?

A strange expression came over Liu Yu Tong’s face. Who would not be spending money at Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion? But this guy was the exact opposite, actually thinking of earning money at Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion. However, when she recalled Ling Han’s terrifying ability at alchemy, earning money at Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion seemed a very natural thing for him to do.

“Let’s go. Since someone is treating us tonight, let’s just have lunch outside as well!” Ling Han stepped out the door, Hu Niu in his arms.

“What about the two girls in the house?” Liu Yu Tong caught up with him. She was of course referring to the Liu sisters.

“Oh, I was already kind enough to take the two of them in, and I still have to take care of their daily meals? Just let them cook for themselves,” Ling Han said with a laugh.

A captivating smile suddenly appeared on Liu Yu Tong’s face. It was obvious that Ling Han had completely zero interest in the Liu sisters. Otherwise, he would not act this way. This discovery made her very happy, and even she herself felt it was very peculiar that she would be so happy.

With two beauties as company, Ling Han arrived at the Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion.

“Young Master Han!” he had just stepped onto that long and wide flight of stairs when he saw an old man in his sixties also coincidentally descending the stairs. When the old man saw Ling Han, he hurriedly approached him and greeted him very respectfully.

There were four others behind this old man, and they were all his disciples. When they saw their master act this way, an expression of utter astonishment appeared on their faces.

This was Grandmaster Yuanchu Yuan they were talking about, a genuine Black Grade middle level alchemist, someone who was just one step away from being equal with the two biggest bosses of alchemy of Rain Country. But when they saw how Yuanchu could not help but bow deeply, his face filled with utter respect, it was obviously not faked. That was indeed a completely sincere display of reverence.

If Ling Han had been Wu Song Lin, or Fu Yuan Sheng, it would not be strange. Alchemy was the same as martial arts. The gap of different levels was like the gap between Heaven and Earth, but Ling Han was only a young brat. How could they not be completely dumbstruck?

They’ve seen a ghost. They’ve definitely seen a ghost. They all rubbed their eyes harshly, completely unable to believe this scene was real.

“You are…” Ling Han only recognized this person to be one of the alchemists who had observed his alchemy techniques that day, but he did not know who exactly he was.


All of them felt like they were going to pass out. Just take a look, Grandmaster Yuanchu’s face was practically about to touch your shoes, and you f****** don’t even know who Grandmaster Yuanchu was? This really was… was… They didn’t even know what else they could say anymore.

“My name is Yuanchu, and I had the good fortune to witness Young Master Han concocting alchemical pills some time ago. I have benefited greatly from observing Young Master Han, but I was completely immersed in Young Master Han’s techniques that day and did not even know when you had left. I have committed a grave offense. Please forgive me, Young Master Han!” Yuanchu Yuan said in fear and trepidation. [1]

Hiss , everyone was once again shocked. With Grandmaster Yuanchu’s status, he was actually apologizing for not personally seeing Ling Han off. Who was this brat? He was absolutely terrifying.

Ling Han smiled, and said, “It’s all right.”

“Young Master Han, have you come to concoct alchemical pills again today?” Yuanchu asked, filled with great anticipation. He had an indescribable confidence that as long as he could watch Ling Han concoct alchemical pills a few more times, he would definitely be able to break through to become a Black Grade high level alchemist. Thus, he would of course be very proactive.

Could this old man be able to tell the future?

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Ling Han smiled, and replied, “That’s right. I want to concoct a type of alchemical pill.”

“Please! Please!” Yuanchu hurriedly said respectfully.

With Yuanchu escorting him, Ling Han quickly entered the Main Hall.

“Young Master Han!” Xiao Ying immediately came over to receive him, her face filled with pleasant surprise. As she had already been promoted to the position of a minor manager, she no longer needed to greet customers at the door. However, she had long wanted to see Ling Han again, and so had kept standing guard at the door recently. Finally, she had gotten her wish.

Ling Han nodded at her, causing the corners of Liu Yu Tong’s lips to rise slightly—this guy was really an expert at making women fall for him!

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Chapter 156