Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 153

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Chapter 153: Feng Yan’s Background

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

Early that morning, the imperial guards arrived at the Academy to apprehend Feng Yan, but encountered resistance from him. In the end, it became a big issue that even alerted Lian Guang Zu who placed his full support behind Feng Yan and expelled the imperial guards from the Academy grounds.

It was either the Third Imperial Prince’s command or Lady Yan’s complaint that caused the imperial guards to come today to apprehend Feng Yan. Feng Yan had committed a great offense against these two high-ranking individuals just the day before, after all.

Yet Feng Yan was actually so recklessly bold as to resist arrest, and Lian Guang Zu actually defended him fully. This was really such a great shock that no one could believe it.

Where did Feng Yan get such courage from? And why would Lian Guang Zu protect him to the point that he did not mind going against the Imperial Family?

Since neither Feng Yan nor Lian Guang Zu said a word, everyone could only make their wild guesses. Could it be that Feng Yan was Lian Guang Zu’s illegitimate son?

It was only barely over half a day, and this kind of gossip had already spread throughout the Academy.

After that, Feng Luo even issued a warrant to collect all the evidence that proved Ling Han’s criminal behavior and misdeeds. Anyone who was willing to volunteer with information would be given a reward.

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan had yet to know what had happened last night, so they were both puzzled and indignant.

“Is this Feng Luo a cockroach or something? He is obviously just a piece of trash, yet can always manage to frolic around.” Ling Han was also at a loss for words. Feng Luo was undoubtedly expelled out of the Academy, yet in the blink of an eye, he was enrolled back in again.

“That’s because of Feng Yan,” Liu Yu Tong pointed out.

“Whom exactly has this guy managed to cling to that even Old Man Lian would protect him to this extent?” Ling Han said uncomprehendingly, “Even if he really was the old man’s illegitimate son, he should not be doting on him to this extent.”

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan both rolled their eyes at him. Only Ling Han would dare say something like that about a Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite.

“Now, Feng Luo declares that he will be collecting the proof of your misdeeds, obviously intending to embarrass you,” Li Si Chan said. Feng Luo did not have an official rank in the government, and the proof that he was collecting would not be considered valid at all. Thus, he was only planning to embarrass Ling Han, and bring dishonor to his name.

Ling Han rubbed his nose, and said, “Looks like Feng Yan really considers me quite important. He not only wants to kill me, but also wants me to be completely defeated and fallen from grace.”

Both Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan frowned. Now that Lian Guang Zu was covering for Feng Yan, even the Rain Emperor would have to give him some face. Thus, as Feng Yan did not break the laws of the Empire openly, such as committing murder in the streets of the Imperial City or something like that, he would be able to act like a tyrant, and it would be overlooked.

Ling Han could actually do the same as well. He had the two big bosses of alchemy standing behind him, and in truth, had more confidence he could do so than Feng Yan.

But it was obvious that Lian Guang Zu was not Feng Yan’s main backer.

“Feng Yan’s support should come from outside Rain Country,” Ling Han said with a tone of certainty at the end.

Feng Yan had once said boastfully that he would even be able to kill Ling Han in public after three months. What did that imply? It meant that he did not even care about the authority of the Rain Emperor.

There was a powerful warrior of Flower Blooming Tier overseeing things for Rain Country, but since Feng Yan was able to ignore the Imperial Family of Rain Country, that obviously meant that the backer behind him would at least be in Flower Blossoming Tier, and there was no other person at this cultivation level in Rain Country aside from the mysterious member of the Imperial Family.

Ling Han rubbed his chin. Should he go and get a license for an Earth Grade alchemist?

If he had the status of an Earth Grade alchemist, even powerful warriors of Spiritual Infant Tier would have to treat him courteously, what more a mere Flower Blossoming Tier martial artist. However, the highest level of license that could be achieved in Rain Country was Black Grade high level, because there was no alchemist at a higher level than that. Thus, there was no one able to bear witness to his ability.

‘Temporarily, the rank of Black Grade high level alchemist should be enough. I believe that even a Flower Blossoming Tier elite would have to give them some face,’ Ling Han thought. If he had the status of an alchemist to protect him, then at least no one would dare to oppose him openly.

‘I had not planned to return to the path of alchemy in this life, but who asked me to be so eye-catching that I have already attracted big trouble at the mere level of Element Gathering Tier.’ He heaved a sigh, but there was only an uncaring expression on his face.

In his last life, he had been an ultimate warrior of Heaven Tier, and in the last period of his life, he travelled to various dangerous historical sites, where he encountered dangers that were all a hundred times more serious than what he was facing now. Yet, he had still managed to survive till now.

As for Feng Yan, he would be only a small bump on his path to maturity.

There were only a few things that Ling Han would care about now. The first one was that mysterious black tower, the second would be the Spirit Base in Hu Niu’s Dantian that had actually taken the form of a magnificent beauty who could even open her eyes, and the third would be what those four disciples of his had encountered.

“That Feng Luo is really too despicable. He is obviously a vile character. I will ask master to take action and expel him. I don’t believe that Master Lian would persist in taking him back into the Martial Arts Department,” Li Si Chan said, unwilling to give in.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, “No need, no need. I want to take a look at what kind of tricks these two brothers can come up with!”

Since Feng Yan wanted to kill him, he had no reason to be reserved. When he had accumulated enough power, he would be sure to kill Feng Yan and his brother. He would also deal with Hu Bo, who had dared to kill so many at the Ling Clan Residence—how could Ling Han spare him after such an offense?

Aside from these three, there was also Chen Yun Xiang.

It was also about time to sort this old man out.

Ling Han turned to Liu Yu Tong, and asked, “What kind of business does the Chen Clan do?”

“Clothing,” Liu Yu Tong answered instantly. Obviously, she had done her own research, and was still guilty about how she hadn’t been able to deal with Chen Yun Xiang previously.

“Do something for me. In front of every store belonging to the Chen Clan, open a clothing store and sell the products at ten percent below cost price,” Ling Han said as he handed over some money to Liu Yu Tong.

Liu Yu Tong immediately understood his purpose. He was planning to strike down the Chen Clan financially. The reason why Chen Yun Xiang had been able to succeed so many times was because of the wealth of the Chen Clan which allowed him to hire the members of the Earth and Water Faction to help him kidnap little girls.

If he lost all his wealth, then the Sun Clan would only deign to grant him safety.

“All right. I know what to do,” she said with a nod, “However, this could possibly be a bottomless pit. Are you sure you want to use up your money like this?”

Ling Han smiled, and said, “Don’t worry. Money is not a problem for me.”

For a high-ranking alchemist, money would of course be no issue. He would only need to concoct a few Black Grade high level alchemical pills, and it was guaranteed that people would be fighting over them.

Liu Yu Tong was finally relieved. She was about to say something else, when she suddenly wrinkled her nose and inhaled deeply, before asking, “Why is there female fragrance here?”

“Oh, I just took in two homeless girls,” Ling Han said causally.

“En?” Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan exchanged a look before putting on vigilant expressions. They asked at the same time, “Where are they?”

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Yi, when did they become so coordinated?

“Greetings, ladies!” Liu Feng Er and her sister walked out together. Four such great beauties all gathered in one space seemed to make the whole house a considerably brighter place.

The four girls chattered continuously, and Ling Han was soon bored by their conversation. He walked out and xiu , Hu Niu suddenly raced out from somewhere to hang onto him. She kept swinging back and forth from her hold on his body like a monkey.

“Play! Play!” the little girl kept waving Ling Han’s arm, her expression pleading.

“All right, let’s go play,” Ling Han laughed loudly. He had just stepped outside and was about to leave when he saw a young man approach him. Upon seeing Ling Han, the young man immediately bowed down in respect, and greeted, “Zhu Wu Jiu hereby pays respect to Master!”

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Chapter 153