Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 147

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Chapter 147: Cutting a Carriage in the Middle of the Street

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“Please speak, Milady. If it is within my ability, then I would of course not refuse. If it is not… then I would not dare accept such a priceless gift,” Ling Han said very calmly.


The young girl looked extremely astonished at this. After hearing the effects of this handguard, he could still remain so calm. Was this guy really a young man? Why did he seem like an old man who had suffered uncountable hardships?

Lady Yan smiled, and said, “Since it is something that I want to request your help with, then it is of course within your ability, Mr Ling. The task that I would like to seek your help with is for you to request the very able person behind Mr Ling to concoct a ‘Permanent Pill’ for me.”


“Permanent Pill?” an expression of shock appeared on Ling Han’s face, “Milady has a friend that has entered into a state of false death?”


“How did you know?” Lady Yan stood suddenly, looking very agitated.


Permanent Pill was a Black Grade high level alchemical pill, but it was very near the level of Earth Grade. The number of Black Grade high level alchemists that could successfully concoct it could be counted on the fingers of one hand. In the past, Lady Yan had also asked Fu Yuan Sheng and Wu Song Lin to help her concoct it, but the two of them did not have the slightest bit of certainty that they could succeed, and so refused her.

And now, Ling Han was able to guess the reason for her need of the Permanent Pill just from hearing its name. How could she not believe that there was a Grandmaster Alchemist behind him that was even more awesome than Fu Yuan Sheng and Wu Song Lin?


…Earth Grade alchemist!


Anything that happened in Cherishing Flower Pavilion would never escape her eyes or ears. Thus, when she found out that Ling Han had a profoundly deep friendship with the two big bosses of alchemy, she had already guessed that there was an even more capable alchemist standing behind Ling Han. Otherwise, Wu Song Lin and Fu Yuan Sheng would never have lowered themselves to befriend someone so much younger than themselves.


This caused her to be even more resolved to establish a good relationship with Ling Han, and see if she would be able to obtain the help of that grandmaster alchemist behind Ling Han to concoct Permanent Pill for her.


“I guessed,” Ling Han answered serenely. He would naturally not be telling her that he had been the Alchemy Emperor in his last life, and there was no pill formulae that he had not heard of or seen before.


The more serene he appeared to be, the higher his position became in Lady Yan’s heart. This was what confidence meant!


“Mr Ling, does the alchemist behind you have the certainty to successfully concoct the Permanent Pill?” Lady Yan asked in a slightly shaking voice.


“Yes,” Ling Han nodded and smiled.


In truth, if it had been a few days ago, he would really not have the certainty to be successful, because this was near the level of Earth Grade alchemical pills, and he could only manage to successfully concoct Yellow Grade high level alchemical pills at maximum. However, after he had fused with the Strange Fire, he had enough confidence that he would be able to concoct all alchemical pills from Earth Grade and below.

Who asked him to be the Alchemy Emperor in his last life?

“Really?” happiness came too suddenly, causing Lady Yan to feel that everything was surreal.

“En!” Ling Han nodded.


“Thank, thank you, Mr Ling!” Lady Yan bowed slightly, her beautiful eyes brimming with the light of tears.

Ling Han said, “Hand over the ingredients necessary to me, then come to the Hu Yang Academy to collect the pill three days later.”


Three days… a dilemma that had troubled her for ten years could be solved within a mere three days’ time? Lady Yan’s expression looked both pleasantly surprised and somewhat blank. She was stunned for a while before she said, “Shuang Shuang, go collect the ingredients for me.”


“Yes, milady!” the young girl beside her answered quickly. Her name was Yun Shuang Shuang, and she was an orphan who had been taken in by Lady Yan. Since little, Lady Yan had loved and doted upon her as if she was her real daughter.


Very soon, Yun Shuang Shuang returned with another wooden box. This one was much bigger than the previous one.

“Then I shall take my leave first,” Ling Han said, picking up the wooden box.


“Please allow my personal carriage to send you back!” Lady Yan pointed at the wooden box in Ling Han’s hands. It would be inconvenient for him to walk back when he had such a large box in his hands.


Ling Han actually had the Spatial Ring on him, but would naturally not use it in front of Lady Yan, so he nodded and said, “Then I shall have to trouble you, Lady Yan.”


“You’re welcome, Mr Ling.” Lady Yan had solved a huge problem, and could not help feeling very happy, showing a bright, dazzling smile, “Shuang Shuang, escort Mr Ling back for me.”


“Yes, Milady!” Yun Shuang Shuang agreed respectfully.


In the company of Yun Shuang Shuang, Ling Han stepped out of the Cherishing Flower Pavilion. There was already a horse-drawn carriage at the entrance, and the horse drawing the carriage was a handsome, completely white horse. However, there was a deer’s horn growing from the forehead of the horse.


That was the Cloud Deer Horse, a type of demonic beast. It was not very powerful, but because it was very good-looking, it was usually used to draw carriages or as a mount. It went for a very high price.

It was even more luxurious inside the carriage. There was even a soft couch on which one could lay down to rest, as well as fresh fruits and fine wine that allowed a traveler to enjoy rare luxuries even when on a journey.


“Please, Young Master Han!” Yun Shuang Shuang said. She was extremely curious about Ling Han. A young man like him could actually resolve the problem that had troubled her mistress for so many years.


Ling Han boarded the carriage, took out the handguard, and began to refine it.


Yun Shuang Shuang who was sitting at one side felt extremely depressed. She was a very beautiful young girl, and what man would not have his eyes stuck on her upon seeing her? Yet this brat completely ignored her presence, simply focusing all of his attention on that handguard.


Yes, she admitted, that handguard was very valuable, but it already belonged to him. He could look at it anytime, but was she someone that he could see at any time that he liked?


What a foolish brat.


Ling Han did not know that he had become an unromantic youth in this young girl’s heart. He continued to observe this handguard, and his palm rubbed against the patterns branded on the surface of the handguard, his face pensive.

Spiritual Tools were typically used to increase the user’s battle prowess, but it was typically done through the Spiritual Tool’s own power to achieve this means. For example, if there was the power of ice sealed into a Spiritual Tool, then once released, it would create a thousand miles of ice, and snow would fly over ten thousand miles, which was a very powerful ability.


This was not directly increasing the martial artist’s own battle prowess.


But this handguard was actually able to increase its user’s battle prowess by a single Battle Star, which attracted Ling Han’s interest. He wanted to investigate clearly the amazing properties of this Spiritual Tool. If it could be used directly within his body, then wouldn’t it be even more amazing?

He sat with utter seriousness, as if he was an immortal monk. Even if there was an extremely beautiful young girl seated beside him, it was as if he had not seen her at all.

Yun Shuang Shuang could not stop her face from twitching at being ignored, looking very much unable to accept this.


This was really too despicable! She was an extreme beauty, hey!


“Peng,” all of a sudden, the carriage actually split open from the middle. That was a flash of light from a saber, seemingly powerful enough to slice the heavens and destroy the land, that cut the carriage in half!


What person would be so bold as to make a move in the Imperial City?

Ling Han and Yun Shuang Shuang both leapt out of the overturning carriage before landing steadily on the ground. The coachman did not suffer much injury. He drove the horse and drew the other half of the carriage some distance away before finally stopping.


Ling Han and Yun Shuang Shuang both raised their heads, and not too far away, on a wall, there was a young man standing with a saber in his hand, a powerful dominating pressure emanating from him.


Feng Yan!


“Ling Han, I’ve said before that I will be giving you a thrashing tonight!” he smiled. His expression remained cold, and the pressure exuded from him was very terrifying.


This was a person that liked to break the rules.


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Or so Ling Han thought. He had also been such a person in his last life, someone who would not be shackled by any kind of rules or regulations. That was because he had enough power to disregard them—as one of the seven ultimate warriors of Heaven Tier in the world, was his status not awesome enough?


Feng Yan was not an idiot. He dared to openly oppose the Third Imperial Prince just now, and now cut a carriage in half in public. This was not merely arrogance. He must naturally have some basis for his overwhelming confidence.


“Feng Yan, you have gone too far. Are you not going to give face even to milady?” Yun Shuang Shuang asked furiously. Was this a public challenge issued to the Cherishing Flower Pavilion?

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Chapter 147