Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 140

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Chapter 140: The Whole Story

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

When they saw Ling Han come in, both sisters put on guarded expressions. Just now, they could somehow still have the ability to fight, but now, they were really like fish upon a chopping block, completely at the mercy of others.


Ling Han moved a stool closer to them, sat down, and said, “Why don’t you tell me your story?”


Both girls shook their heads at the same time, and the younger sister even declared stubbornly, “Death is better than being insulted. Just kill us!”


“All right, since you two are so determined to die, then I’ll give you a hand!” Ling Han nodded and stood.


The two sisters looked like they were not afraid of death and exposed their necks to receive a killing blow, but their tightly gripped hands betrayed them—who would not be afraid when facing death?

Ling Han rubbed his chin, and said, “You two are quite good-looking. To just kill the two of you seems to be too much of a waste.”


“You, how can you be so untrustworthy!” the two sisters declared angrily, “Kill us quickly!”


Ling Han could not help being amused, and asked, “So what if I am untrustworthy?”


“You won’t get a good end!” the younger sister said with a pale face.


Ling Han laughed loudly, and asked the elder sister, “Bringing along a silly little girl like this is a lot of pressure, isn’t it?”


“You, you even insulted me?” the younger sister only felt extremely wronged. This young man either insulted her, or scared her. He was really too despicable! Moreover, he didn’t look much older than herself, yet kept referring to her as a little girl, pretending to be so much more mature.


“Tell me your names, or I will smack your bottoms!” Ling Han threatened.


“Heng, I won’t tell!” the younger sister declared stubbornly.


“I am Liu Feng Er, and she is my younger sister, Liu Ru Er,” the elder sister said.


“Sister, why did you tell him? We would rather die than submit!” the younger sister, Liu Ru Er, declared with a pout.


“What about the person you want to kill?” Ling Han asked.


“Her name is Xu Ke Xin. She used to be a member of our Falling Flower Court, but is now our enemy!” this time, Liu Ru Er snatched the chance to answer first. Since there was no possibility of ‘rather die than submit’ anymore, then there was no way that an outspoken person like her could hide any secrets.


“Why?” Ling Han asked. He truly felt that his curious nature was much too strong. This had nothing to with him at all.


“Xu Ke Xin used to be the top assassin of our Falling Flower Court, but she actually allied herself with an outsider, charged into our Falling Flower Court, and killed almost all the members of our Falling Flower Court. Although the two of us sisters are all that is left of the Falling Flower Court, we will definitely make this traitor repay with her life,” Liu Ru Er made an impassioned declaration, her head held high.


“Pa,” Ling Han flicked her forehead, which caused the young girl to hold onto her head in pain as she looked at Ling Han with murderous eyes.


“You tell me,” Ling Han turned to look at the elder sister.


“We come from Fire Country, and Falling Flower Court is an organization of assassins. Since young, us two sisters were taken in by our Grand Elder as disciples. Xu Ke Xin collaborated with the Imperial Family of Fire Country and practically massacred the entire Falling Flower Court. Elder Hua managed to save the two of us and flee, but her injuries were much too severe. She only managed to last for a few years, and died last year,” Liu Feng Er said. Her explanation was clear and methodical, unlike her younger sister’s disorganized explanation. The latter didn’t even care if her audience understood her or not.


“And the reason why Xu Ke Xin had committed such crimes… was only because she wanted to steal a treasure of the Falling Flower Court, a Staying Youth Pill. After she got it, she made her way to Rain Country, and using some unknown methods, actually became an Imperial Consort of the Rain Emperor, gifted with the honorable name of ‘Consort Yun’.


We used the token that she had left behind to lure her out, but never thought that after a mere five years, that woman actually broke through to Spiritual Ocean Tier, making our plans fail at the final step.”


Ling Han was astounded. Just for the sake of a Staying Youth Pill, she actually became hostile and cruel enough to destroy the sect that had nurtured her for years? But when he thought about it, there were indeed some women who placed as much importance on their beauty as on their very lives. For these women, they could sacrifice anything as long as they could preserve their beauty.


But this Xu Ke Xin really did have her ways to actually manage to clear her history of bloodshed and murder, and actually become an Imperial Consort of Rain Country.


“You can rest here and wait for your wounds to recover. When you are recovered, you must immediately leave. Do not drag me into this,” he said.


Liu Ru Er looked extremely surprised, and asked, “Why are you helping us?”


Ling Han laughed, and said deliberately, “Of course, it’s because the two of you are so beautiful, so you can pay me back by marrying me in future.”


“Heng, I will not accept you!” Liu Ru Er immediately declared proudly.

“Silly girl!” Ling Han shook his head. After understanding the whole situation, he had naturally lost the interest in continuing the conversation, so he turned around and left the room. The reason why he was willing to help them was because he was displeased with Xu Ke Xin. That woman actually bore killing intent towards him—of course he would have to go against her.


Although there were another two mouths to feed added like this, compared with Hu Niu’s colossal appetite, there was not much difference whether these two sisters were here or not. The amount of food consumed would not attract anyone’s suspicion.


In the blink of an eye, two days had passed. Ling Han took medicine every day and so his cultivation advanced very rapidly. However, all medicine had a poisonous component, so even though he had concocted a large amount of alchemical pills, he could only take one or two pills per day. Otherwise, the natural poison content in these medicines could accumulate in his body and the result would be unthinkable.

The Liu sisters recovered very slowly. Using the “Two Hearts Beat as One” technique to force out their potential was harmful to their foundation, and no medicine would be of any help to any wound to a person’s foundation. Even if there was, the medicine would at least have to be Earth Grade and above. Ling Han was not that generous to get some Earth Grade pills for these two sisters.


There was a slight change to the “egg” that Hu Niu had transformed into. The original white color had turned red, and he could vaguely see a crimson light flickering within, as if the little girl was about to hatch out of the egg soon.


Those who had ventured to the site of that ancient battleground also returned one by one. The godly medicine had fled, the Spiritual Tools had flown off, and they had already gotten whatever they should have gotten. Whatever they didn’t get, they had no way to get hold of anyways, so what was the use of continuing to stay there?


At night, the Third Imperial Prince earnestly invited Ling Han to join him at “Cherishing Flower Pavilion”.

Ling Han had quite a good impression of this Imperial Prince, so he decided to give the latter some face and accept the invitation.


The Cherishing Flower Pavilion was the most luxurious money-squandering establishment of the Imperial City. Anyone with any slightest bit of social status would choose to receive guests here, because there was not only food made from valuable ingredients and excellent wine here, but also female attendants who had gone through strict training. These women were all extremely beautiful, and came with various bearings.


It could be said that their bearing and beauty completely enabled them to pass themselves off as any princess of the various Great Clans. This naturally satisfied the hearts of all men who sought novelty as they chased after these female attendants.


However, there was too strict a requirement to enter into this Cherishing Flower Pavilion. Even clansmen of minor clans had no right to enter into this place. The establishment would not accept their money to lower the entry requirement. But, the more exclusive it was, the more popular the Cherishing Flower Pavilion was. One could not help but sigh at how well the owner of this establishment could grasp human psychology.


The Third Imperial Prince did not only invite Ling Han. He also invited a lot of other young elites. He had reserved a courtyard of the Cherishing Flower Pavilion for his gathering, proving how very liberal he was with money. Merely the expenses for this one night would be enough for an ordinary family to live their entire lives in comfort.


Ling Han strolled and arrived at the entrance of the Cherishing Flower Pavilion. There were two exquisitely beautiful servant girls standing at the entrance to receive customers. They were tall and slender, *******, and were very high grade in terms of appearance.


“Yi, Big Brother Ling?” A voice filled with surprise suddenly called out from behind him.


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Ling Han turned around and saw a young man and woman standing side by side. He could not help but show a smile, and said, “Li Hao, Xue Yi.”


“It really is you!” Li Hao and Zhu Xue Yi both smiled, and quickly approached him.


“Hehe, should I be congratulating you for finally winning the maiden’s heart?” Ling Han raised his clasped hands in Li Hao’s direction, causing this guy to instantly show an expression of embarrassment, but there was no way to hide his joy either.

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Chapter 140