Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Fourth Layer of Body Refining Tier!

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

He could finally start cultivating!

Ling Han had been waiting for it for three long days. Add to that the long wait he had experienced for the past ten thousand years, and it was no wonder that he would immediately sit in a cross-legged position to cultivate now that he realized he could finally start cultivating.

However, just as he was about to circulate Five Elements Heaven Grade Skill, he paused for a while, stood up and opened the door to his room, entering the courtyard outside.

Liu Yu Tong was still in seclusion to break through to the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier inside the inner chamber. If he started cultivating too close to her, he would disturb the spiritual environment within this small area and affect her cultivation.

See? What a considerate master he was!

Ling Han sat cross-legged in the courtyard. This courtyard belonged to his father, Ling Dong Xing. As the Clan Head of the Ling Clan, the courtyard was naturally very big, but Ling Han had long since dismissed the servants, and would only allow someone to deliver the three meals of the day here.

Come, come, let me see the greatness of an Immortal Grade Spirit Base!

With a mental command from Ling Han, his Spirit Base immediately bloomed like a flower. A lotus of the Dao, the five elements in balance… this was the most perfect form of a Spirit Base!

“Weng!” The spiritual Qi immediately rushed over from all directions, rich beyond compare.

The Five Elements of the world—Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth—and thus five different types of Spiritual Qi rushed frantically into his body, the latter like a thirsty horse drinking from a spring.

Ordinarily, a person had no way to absorb more than one type of Spiritual Qi because it was impossible to simultaneously refine more than one type of it. That’s why cultivators usually focused only on one in their cultivation.

For example, someone could have a Spirit Base with a dual alignment of fire and earth, the fire Spirit Base being slightly stronger. It meant that the absorption rate of fire type Spiritual Qi would be higher, so he would only need to focus on refining fire type Spiritual Qi, and would not be able to obtain both it and earth type Spiritual Qi.

However, the wonderful characteristic of the Five Elements Mix Chaos Lotus was that it could take advantage of the mutual reinforcement and restraint of the Five Elements, and make the five different types of Spiritual Qi create a perfect balance. [1]

However, absorbing Spiritual Qi was one matter, refining it was another. Only Five Elements Heaven Grade Skill could achieve both.

This cultivation technique was not something just anyone could control. It required high-level multitasking and did not allow any errors or mistakes; otherwise, the Origin Power could enter the wrong pathways. A light consequence of this would be spitting out some fresh blood; the most serious consequence would be instant death.

Immortal Grade Spirit Base, Heaven Grade Skill, an extremely strong control… only with these three factors combined would one possessing the Five Elements Mix Chaos Lotus Spirit Base be able to cultivate Five Elements Heaven Grade Skill. Being able to satisfy such high requirements… Ling Han’s cultivation speed could be imagined.

Endless Spiritual Qi rushed inwards and Ling Han’s body continuously generated Origin Power, refining his blood, flesh, veins and bones.

A martial artist of the Body Refining Tier had not yet opened up his Dantian, and so could only store his Origin Power within his blood, flesh, veins and bones. Only once he stepped into the Element Gathering Tier could he open up his Dantian and form a small world within his body to accommodate his Origin Power there.

In his previous life, he was a strong warrior of the Heaven Tier, so naturally he would not make any wrong turns on the path of cultivation. As he now possessed the greatest Spirit Base in the world and cultivated the best first-rate technique in existence, the speed of his progress was naturally as if he had grown wings and taken flight.

The middle period of the second layer of Body Refining Tier… late period… peak… with only a slight tremble of his body, the hurdle for the third layer of Body Refining Tier was immediately overcome.

So fast!

Ling Han nodded secretly. In his last life, he had a High Level Heaven Grade Spirit Base, but he had still spent twelve days to get from the second layer of Body Refining Tier to the third layer of Body Refining Tier—however, it was not because a High Level Heaven Grade Spirit Base was really poor in comparison to an Immortal Grade Spirit Base, but rather because Ling Han had been cultivating a High Level Yellow Grade cultivation technique at that time.

The present him was as if standing on the shoulder of a giant—there was no way that his last life could compare to the starting point he was at now.

He had no intention of stopping there. He intently and continuously refined the Spiritual Qi from the environment, turning it into his own body’s Origin Power.

The early period of the third layer of Body Refining Tier… middle period… late period… peak… within only a few hours’ time, he had reached the limit of the third layer and thus of the early stage of the Body Refining Tier.

However, after spending such a long time cultivating, his mental energy was largely depleted. The requirements for controlling Five Elements Heaven Grade Skill were quite high after all.

If he continued cultivating, he could mis-refine his Origin Power at any moment, bringing only harm and no benefit.

Still, he had already reached this level, so no matter what, he wanted to break through to the fourth layer of Body Refining Tier today!

The third layer was still the early stage of Body Refining Tier, while the fourth layer was the middle stage; this was a large leap and not just a simple breakthrough from one layer to another.

For an ordinary person to think of breaking through twice in a short period of time, that was without doubt a complete fantasy. No matter what, to break through would require at least two or three days of accumulating Origin Power. However, Ling Han was a warrior of the Heaven Tier in his last life, so to him, there were no bottlenecks before Heaven Tier.

“Break through!” He snorted lightly, and there was a subtle change within his body; with a slight tremble of his body, he had once again broken through.

‘Fourth layer of Body Refining Tier, now this can finally be shown to others,’ he showed a slight smile. Although this layer of cultivation could not be considered really high amongst those of the same age, to consecutively break through two minor layers within a single night was still something that gave him great satisfaction.

Moreover, the cultivation technique he was using was a Heaven Grade Skill; his Origin Power was incomparably pure, its quality far higher than that of any other person’s. The power of the fourth layer of Body Refining Tier he wielded was enough to compare with the power of someone from the peak period fifth layer of Body Refining Tier, or even the sixth layer!

‘Sleep!’ He got onto the bed. Due to the large expense of his mental energy, he very quickly fell asleep. However, it was a light sleep as his consciousness was still seventy percent alert, so that he could immediately awaken at the smallest disturbance.

The night passed quickly, and he was shaken awake by a great fluctuation of Origin Power.

He immediately sat upright, revealing a very alert expression, but then immediately realized that it was not an enemy attack, but rather Liu Yu Tong who had broken through!

To break through to the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier from the eighth layer of Element Gathering Tier in three days, her talent was really quite good. For every tier, the further one got, the harder it was to break through; it was as if one was rowing a boat against the tide.

With a soft sound, the hanging curtain of the doorway opened, and he could see Liu Yu Tong walk out, a strong energy fluctuation present around her body. She had just broken through, and was still unable to control the energy swelling around her body properly.

“I broke through!” She said to Ling Han, and there was delight and pride on her beautiful face.

Three days to completely breach the gap between two layers, moreover the most difficult one between eighth and ninth layer, this was indeed something to take pride in.

She looked towards Ling Han, hoping to hear a compliment from the other’s mouth.

However, her joy and pride very quickly completely vanished. The expression on her face was as if she had just seen a ghost; pointing towards Ling Han, she said, “You, you, you… you, you’re already in the fourth layer of Body Refining Tier!”

She remembered very clearly that, before her seclusion, Ling Han was only at the second layer of Body Refining Tier; moreover, Zhu He Xin’s medicine had only been delivered yesterday morning! Carefully calculating, from the moment his Spirit Base recovered to the moment he broke through to the fourth layer of Body Refining Tier, Ling Han had only spent one day and one night!

One day and one night to break through two minor layers, under comparison, what would her spending three days just to break through one layer count as?

Everyone said that the young master of the Ling Clan was a standard piece of trash, but if someone with this kind of progress rate was still considered a piece of trash… then what would she count as? A piece of trash amongst all other trash?

“You, you, you’re now in the fourth layer of Body Refining Tier!” Even her voice had a slight tremble in it.

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…If someone had told her a day ago that she would be shocked because of someone breaking through to fourth layer of Body Refining Tier, she would have replied with nothing but a snort of contempt. However, if they added that that someone spent one day to break through from the second layer of Body Refining Tier to the fourth layer of Body Refining Tier, she would definitely find that the biggest joke in the world.

She had once thought that there would be no more miracles from Ling Han, yet she never imagined that she would once again experience such an earth-shattering shock.

Ling Han nodded, and with a calm tone, he said, “That’s right, what of it?”

‘How can you dismiss it so lightly?’ Liu Yu Tong immediately felt as if she was about to go mad.

[1] ED/N: The idea about five elements in Chinese philosophy is that each element supports one but also restrains another. So, for example, Wood amplifies (supports) Fire, but Fire is being restrained by Water.

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