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Chapter 594: Above All Lives


“But Edmond is also thinking for the sake of the Alliance. If I were to choose a mage other than the Seven Saints to be the leader of the Alliance, I would choose Edmond without hesitation. He may not be a good person, but he will be a very good leader. “Do you know what a good leader’s basic qualities are?”

Matthew blinked.

It meant that he didn’t know anything. Soria smiled gently and continued,

” That is to understand the art of compromise.

“Imprisoning Isabelle was a compromise between the Alliance and the gods. In that era, the foundation of the Alliance wasn’t stable yet; natural disasters occurred frequently in the prime material plane, and the outer planes were even more unstable.

“As one of the leaders, Isabelle never understood what compromise was.

“She thought she was Yin.

“However, she did not have Yin’s strength.

“Therefore, she became the target of compromise.

“She’s a very extreme person, so she can’t understand what we’re doing.

“She swallowed the Chaos Mystery Lock and transformed herself into a Divine Lich.

“But you must not imitate her.

“Because she has the ability to transform back at any time, but you don’t. “The two Lich Apprentices who followed her back then have long since been

reduced to ashes.”

Soria said this with a smile in his eyes and a gentle tone.

But Matthew heard a strong warning.

What she meant was-

If he cooperated with Isabelle, he would be reduced to ashes!

Matthew could only lower his head deeply, then lift it up forcefully and look at Soria.

I will make a decision that follows my heart.”

Soria smiled.

“I hope your heart is guiding you in the right direction.

“But then again, Isabelle’s idea is somewhat correct.

“After getting used to compromising.

“Some people might not be able to be tough anymore.

“If he could always sacrifice a small number of people’s interests in exchange for more of his own interests.

“Then who would be willing to fight to the death?

“To put it bluntly.

“Those whose interests were sacrificed would never have the chance to make a sound on a higher stage,

“And their predicament.

“What does it have to do with us, existences above all living beings?

“We are holy mages, legendary mages, and we hold power that they cannot look directly at.

“We can even comfort ourselves that we didn’t compromise but only made a better exchange.”

When she said these words.

A strong sense of self-mockery appeared on her face.

Matthew was a little confused.

He realized that he did not understand Soria’s position at all.

If Isabelle was a firm radical, then he had once thought that Soria was a conservative like Edmond.

But now, it seemed like…

She seemed to agree with some of Isabelle’s ideas.

Matthew could only sigh and say,

” These things are still too far away for me. I’m not much different from the common people you mentioned. Forgive me for not being able to feel the vision and structure of the common people. After all, I’m just a small mage with low magic power.”

Soria’s eyes flickered when he heard that.

‘ Not to the extent of a little mage. Although I can’t see much of your background, a person who can catch Ronan and Isabelle’s eye is definitely not an ordinary person.

“Do you think that the spells that I solidified for you are something that ordinary people can enjoy?

It’s just that Isabelle placed a bet on you, so I naturally had to follow up. In order not to arouse her disgust, I delibera tely took your money.”

Matthew was stunned.

These words implied that there was a strong tacit understanding between Soria and Isabelle.

They called each other best friends.

But that was fake.

However, on a deeper level, they seemed to still maintain a tacit understanding.

But was there a need to make it so complicated?

Just as Matthew was confused.

Soria said even more clearly,

“Actually, she asked you to come and look for me today because she wanted to send me a friendly signal.

“She wanted to ally with me against the nameless mage”Do you know the nameless mage?

“Him, Isabelle, Link, and I are the four known Holy Mages of the Alliance.

“Strictly speaking.

“I replaced Isabelle, who betrayed the Alliance and became a Heavenly Mage.

“She isn’t actually a member of the Alliance now.

“However, her prestige in the Alliance was too high, so her enemies could not completely eliminate her.

“And the most powerful enemy was the supporter behind Edmond, the nameless one who was also a holy mage.

“The nameless had no name.

“He was Yin’s descendant, but his ideology was completely different from Isabelle’s.

“The nameless Wizard was very low-key, and his strength was unfathomable. In the Alliance, you would hardly hear any legends about him.

“He was truly a nameless person.

“He is also Isabelle’s greatest enemy.

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“You don’t have to know too much about him. Just like you said, you’re still very weak. If you enter the higher-ups’ game early, you’ll be at risk of being crushed at any time.”

Of course, there’s no need for you to be frightened by what you’ve seen today. You don’t even want to eat or drink. The game between Holy Mages is dangerous, but we’re also much more tolerant than you think.

“To put it more bluntly, Isabelle’s goal will be achieved if you come to me.

“She asked you to help her kill Edmond. The symbolic meaning is greater than the actual meaning. She only wants your loyalty.

“The key to this matter is to let you come to me in the name of seeking advice..”

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Chapter 594