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Chapter 593: Above All Lives


Isabelle glanced at him and replied indifferently,

” The forces in the outer planes are much stronger than you think. They are complicated and difficult to control.

” The Seven Saint Alliance might seem powerful, but as you can see, there are many internal disputes. It’s not that we don’t want to get involved in the outer planes, but we can’t.

In the end, the outer planes are the old sphere of influence of the gods. Before the gods are destroyed, we are like birds in a cage in the Prime Material Plane, unable to fly.”

Matthew nodded, not fully understanding.

Isabelle’s words today involved the higher-ups of the Alliance.

Before this, Edmond had tried to recruit him many times and constantly hinted to him that Isabelle was a lunatic.

The struggle between the two sides could be described as fire and water.

Putting aside all these.

Matthew had probably captured some of the sources of the differences between the two sides.

That was the attitude towards the gods.

Isabelle was most likely a radical in the Alliance and advocated eliminating the Gods.

As for Edmond, he was a conservative and advocated cooperation with the gods.

Matthew did not believe that Edmond was a lackey of the gods.

On the one hand, Soria had told him about some of Edmond’s achievements.

Legendary mages, especially Superior Legends, mostly had their own strength of character.

To put it bluntly, Edmond was a mage, and benefits and alliances were highly bound. What good would it do for him if the gods returned?

Therefore, Matthew would not view Edmond as a heinous villain just because of Isabelle’s one-sided words.

It was just that he had boarded a pirate ship.

He could still pretend to paddle in the water.

So, he once again expressed his determination to Isabelle.

The latter did not comment.

A moment later.

Isabelle looked tired.

” As for the dragon-slaying thing you mentioned just now, I’ll get Soria to help you. I’ll talk to her. She’s the best at this. After all, she has a soft spot for dragons.”

Matthew thought she was being sarcastic, so he smiled and said,

“You’re so humorous.”

Isabelle glared at him and said,

“I’m not joking.

“Soria rode many dragons back then.

“Moreover, with her physical fitness, all the dragons could only stay below. One dragon could not even withstand her strength and died on the spot.

“Where do you think the ancient title of Dragon Widow came from?”

Matthew was petrified on the spot.

After a long time.

Only then did he leave the Starry Sky Cabin with his mouth agape.

However, just as he walked out of the door.

He saw a big, fat, coffee-colored cat waiting for him at the door.

Matthew was stunned.

He recognized this big fat cat. It was Ah Ji, who had previously entertained him in Soria’s Crystal Palace.

“Mr. Matthew, Ms. Soria has invited you.”

Fat cat Ah Ji’s attitude seemed to be much more enthusiastic this time.

Matthew nodded and followed him.

However, he muttered in his heart,

Was the communication between Holy Mages so smooth?

Isabelle had just said that she would greet Soria, and the latter had already sent someone to welcome him?!

Matthew had deep doubts about Isabelle’s imprisonment.

If not for the fact that Isabelle’s resentment was too deep when she was in the state of a dried corpse, she would have died.

He even felt that all of this was an act.

It was still the reception room from last time.

Soria was wearing a set of light green home clothes, and her every move was still so gentle and amiable as if she was the aunt next door.

The two holy mages gave off different feelings.

In front of Isabelle, Matthew didn’t even dare to breathe loudly, afraid of disturbing her.

Soria gave off a very friendly feeling and even a sense of dependence.

But Matthew knew very well.

A person who was on equal footing with Isabelle could not slack off, no matter how good her temper was on the surface.

Therefore, his attitude was very serious from the beginning to the end. He was just short of writing the word ‘respect’ on his face.

Looks like Isabelle hasn’t completely given up on you, has she?”

Soria handed Matthew a cup of coffee with a smile.

The latter smiled cautiously.

Soria said to herself,

“Although Isabelle is one of my best friends, she rarely asks for help.

“The last time she asked me to help her student was Blinken.

“Unfortunately, Blinken has a strong opinion of his own, and he didn’t accept my suggestion.”

Matthew was still a little curious about how Blinken came to Soria for help.

However, Soria suddenly changed the topic and stared at Matthew.

“Did she ask you to complete a deal with her?”

At that moment.

Matthew’s nerves tensed up.

He shook his head vigorously.

A gentle but suffocating pressure fell on his shoulders.

Soria stretched out a finger and made a gesture in the air. Matthew felt a finger lift his chin.

He was forced to raise his head and look at Soria.

She smiled and said,

“You lied.

Let me guess the contents of her deal with you. She must have hoped that you would help her kill Edmund, right?”

Matthew’s eyes were firm, and his lips were tightly pursed. He would not say anything_ even if he were beaten to death

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Soria let go of her hand and did not force him.

In the next moment.

She gently placed her hands on her knees and said with a nostalgic expression,

“The person she hates the most should be Edmond, but I should be ranked in the top five.

” After all, it was Edmond who first proposed the imprisonment plan. I’m also one of his supporters..”

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Chapter 593